Cheers - Season 8 Episodes

Cheers - Season 8

Cheers - Season 8

Worried following erotic dreams of Sam, Rebecca allows herself to be swept off her feet by wealthy businessman Robin Colcord (Roger Rees) in the season 8 premiere episode "The Improbable Dream". Cliff deals with mailman ethics in "How to Marry a Mailman" and Lilith goes into labor during Rebecca's elaborate party for the 100th anniversary of Cheers in "The Stork Brings a Crane". Carla learns a dark secret about Eddie in "Death Takes a Holiday on Ice."

Cheers S8E1
Episode 1

The Improbable Dream (1)

Just as Rebecca fears for her sanity because of the erotic dreams she's been having about Sam, multi-millionaire Robin Colcord sweeps her off her feet.

Cheers S8E2
Episode 2

The Improbable Dream (2)

Rebecca quickly forgets about Sam after she agrees to go to California with Robin Colcord.

Cheers S8E3
Episode 3

A Bar is Born

Rebecca prepares herself to spend her first night with Robin Colcord while Sam takes the first step towards owning the bar again.

Cheers S8E4
Episode 4

How to Marry a Mailman

The young woman Cliff turned in for stealing a Post Office vehicle returns from Canada with an offer that literally blinds Cliff.

Cheers S8E5
Episode 5

The Two Faces of Norm

Norm invents a strict curmudgeon of a partner to boss around his easygoing paint crew while Sam goes crazy with concern after selling his precious 'Vette.

Cheers S8E6
Episode 6

The Stork Brings a Crane

Lilith spoils Rebecca's elaborately planned celebration of Cheers' 100th anniversary by going into labor.

Cheers S8E7
Episode 7

Death Takes a Holiday on Ice

Carla learns that Eddie led a secret life when a second widow shows up at his funeral.

Cheers S8E8
Episode 8

For Real Men Only

Frasier and the guys cringe over plans to attend his son's circumcision while Rebecca struggles to throw an interesting retirement party for a very dull corporate employee.

Cheers S8E9
Episode 9

Two Girls for Every Boyd

Woody has trouble with the love scenes for his first starring role and the guys have a beard-growing competition.

Cheers S8E10
Episode 10

The Art of the Steal

Rebecca and Sam are trapped overnight in Robin Colcord's deluxe security apartment while the gang passes the time playing Monopoly.

Cheers S8E11
Episode 11

Feeble Attraction

Rebecca searches for a hidden treasure inside a gift from Robin.

Cheers S8E12
Episode 12

Sam Ahoy

Robin lends Sam and the gang his yacht for a race in a regatta, but the motley crew discovers a bomb in the refrigerator, right next to the beer.

Cheers S8E13
Episode 13

Sammy and the Professor

Rebecca's professor comes to town and has an affair with Sam.

Cheers S8E14
Episode 14

What is... Cliff Clavin?

Cliff gets hauled off the stage when he's a contestant on Jeopardy.

Cheers S8E15
Episode 15

Finally! (1)

Tonight might be the night that Rebecca and Robin finally get together, despite Sam's presence.

Cheers S8E16
Episode 16

Finally! (2)

Rebecca finds out that she' not the only woman in Robin's love life.

Cheers S8E17
Episode 17

Woody or Won't He

Kelly's mother makes sexual advances towards Woody.

Cheers S8E18
Episode 18

Severe Crane Damage

Lilith makes a guest appearance on a talk show to promote her new book.

Cheers S8E19
Episode 19

Indoor Fun With Sammy and Robby

Sam and Robin get into a heated rivalry while playing competitive games at the bar.

Cheers S8E20
Episode 20

50-50 Carla

Carla has a chance to cheat Eddie's other widow out of his insurance policy.

Cheers S8E21
Episode 21

Bar Wars III: The Return of Tecumseh

The Cheers gang mistake a missing statue as a prank from their rival bar.

Cheers S8E22
Episode 22


Woody gives Kelly a promise ring when her father arranges for her to go to Europe.

Cheers S8E23
Episode 23

The Ghost and Mrs. Lebec

Carla is convinced that Eddie's ghost is haunting her on her first date.

Cheers S8E24
Episode 24

Mr. Otis Regrets

Rebecca tries to check out her competition for Robin at a high society ball.

Cheers S8E25
Episode 25

Cry Hard (1)

Robin can do no wrong in Rebecca's eyes, despite his track record.

Cheers S8E26
Episode 26

Cry Harder (2)

Sam turns Robin over to the authorities for insider trading.

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