Chicago Hope

Chicago Hope

Chicago Hope - Season 2 Episodes

Chicago Hope S2E1
Episode 1

Hello Goodbye

Geiger performs a risky heart operation on a young woman who dislikes him.

Chicago Hope S2E2
Episode 2

Rise from the Dead

A woman seeks to conceive a child with her comatose husband.

Chicago Hope S2E3
Episode 3

A Coupla Stiffs

Watters severely injures an opponent during a boxing match.

Chicago Hope S2E4
Episode 4

Every Day a Little Death

Doctors clash over the transplant of an African-American youth?s heart into the body of a bigoted white teenager.

Chicago Hope S2E5
Episode 5

Wild Cards

Geiger clashes with Austin over a potentially defective heart valve.

Chicago Hope S2E6
Episode 6

Who Turned Out the Lights?

A power outage strikes the hospital on Halloween.

Chicago Hope S2E7
Episode 7

From Soup to Nuts

Birch and Watters defend the hospital?s record before a televised State Senate hearing.

Chicago Hope S2E8
Episode 8

Leave of Absence

Geiger desperately attempts to save Birch?s life after he is senselessly gunned down by street thugs.

Chicago Hope S2E9
Episode 9


Shutt approves an unorthodox procedure to treat a man suffering from Multiple Sclerosis.

Chicago Hope S2E10
Episode 10

The Ethics of Hope

Austin accidentally kills a twenty-year-old patient by making an error during surgery.

Chicago Hope S2E11
Episode 11

Christmas Truce

As Christmas approaches...Nyland and Hancock aid a wounded man trapped in a neighborhood under siege by gang members.

Chicago Hope S2E12
Episode 12

Transplanted Affection

A man keeps his comatose wife on life support to save their unborn baby?then donates her heart for use in a transplant operation.

Chicago Hope S2E13
Episode 13

Three Men and a Lady

Austin asks Kronk to assist with experimental heart laser surgery.

Chicago Hope S2E14
Episode 14

Right to Life

Hancock comes under fire after he performs an emergency abortion to save a woman?s life.

Chicago Hope S2E15
Episode 15

Hearts and Minds

A heart transplant recipient suspects the organ donor?s past life is influencing the way he thinks. A pregnant Mexican woman with strange burn marks is rushed to the emergency room.

Chicago Hope S2E16
Episode 16

Women on the Verge

Konstadt?s manic-depressive behavior jeopardizes her patient?s chances of receiving radical treatment for a mental disorder.

Chicago Hope S2E17
Episode 17

Life Lines

Konstadt?s condition deteriorates as doctors perform brain surgery on Eric.

Chicago Hope S2E18
Episode 18

Sexual Perversity in Chicago Hope

A woman accuses a doctor of raping her. Grad and Kronk assist a heart-attack victim and his bride with their sex life.

Chicago Hope S2E19
Episode 19

Sweet Surrender

A couple?s divorce adversely affects their chronically-ill daughter.

Chicago Hope S2E20
Episode 20

The Parent Rap

Dressed as a clown, Geiger entertains patients at the hospital.

Chicago Hope S2E21
Episode 21

Quiet Riot

A young man with aspirations of becoming a doctor joins Kronk for a day in the emergency room.

Chicago Hope S2E22
Episode 22

Ex Marks the Spot

Shutt performs radical brain surgery on a quadriplegic.

Chicago Hope S2E23
Episode 23

Last One Out, Get the Lights

Austin?s ex-husband announces he is buying the hospital.

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