Chicago Hope

Chicago Hope

Chicago Hope - Season 3 Episodes

Chicago Hope S3E1
Episode 1

Out of Africa

Budget shortages threaten to close the hospital for good. Grad and Kronk fight to save a baby’s life in the African wilderness. Wilmette has Austin arrested for kidnapping their daughter.

Chicago Hope S3E2
Episode 2

Back to the Future

Wilkes faces criminal charges after he helps a badly injured drug dealer escape prosecution. Austin comforts her dying father. Watters asks an old friend, Dr. Jack McNeil, to head the Orthopedics Department. Grad returns from Africa.

Chicago Hope S3E3
Episode 3

Papa's Got a Brand New Bag

A groom is rushed to the emergency room when his parachute stunt turns tragic. Grad begins making rounds - only to encounter a difficult patient who makes her life miserable. A bag containing the cremated remains of Austin’s father is stolen by a thief.

Chicago Hope S3E4
Episode 4

Liver Let Die

Watters uses a risky technique to freeze a patient’s cancerous tumor. A young female cyclist’s athletic career is jeopardized after she is diagnosed with arthritis.

Chicago Hope S3E5
Episode 5

Liar, Liar

Shutt takes sole credit for inventing an important new medical device despite Carr’s invaluable input. Austin performs a delicate heart transplant operation on a newborn. A film crew encroaches on the surgeons’ space during the shooting of a commercial.

Chicago Hope S3E6
Episode 6

Higher Powers

Kronk returns from Africa—only to be threatened by a gang member whose brother was critically injured in a shooting. A couple decide to carry their baby to term despite the child’s terminal condition.

Chicago Hope S3E7
Episode 7

A Time to Kill

Shutt grapples with an ethical dilemma when a Death Row inmate requests that his life be terminated during an upcoming operation. Watters unwittingly befriends an amnesiac. Romance blossoms between McNeil and an old girlfriend.

Chicago Hope S3E8
Episode 8

A Day in the Life

Doctors attempt to determine whether an organ donor who was apparently killed in a fall is brain dead; a young woman clings to life as she awaits a lung transplant.

Chicago Hope S3E9
Episode 9

Divided Loyalty

Kronk suspects his longtime friend may have shot a police officer. Hancock asks Wilkes to volunteer his time at a free clinic. Wilder exacts revenge on McNeil. A resident resigns from the hospital.

Chicago Hope S3E10
Episode 10


Austin is torn by an ethical dilemma when a woman from an Old World Japanese family is diagnosed with terminal cancer. A jockey asks McNeil to perform a risky operation to save his career.

Chicago Hope S3E11
Episode 11

Mummy Dearest

McNeil attempts to graft an accident victim’s left hand onto his right arm. Armed guards deliver a mummy to the hospital. A woman finds herself attracted to her brutish ex-husband after he suffers memory loss.

Chicago Hope S3E12
Episode 12

Split Decisions

Wilkes proposes a radical surgical procedure to save the life of a suicidal man stricken with cancer. McNeil befriends a young patient whose father apparently has little time for his family.

Chicago Hope S3E13
Episode 13


A woman faces losing both her children after her automobile is involved in a hit-and-run collision. A couple decides to see their baby to term despite the health risk it poses to the mother. Hancock’s shooter is brought to trial.

Chicago Hope S3E14
Episode 14

The Day of the Rope

White supremacists seize a group of hostages inside a grocery market. Kronk and Austin put themselves in harm’s way to save the life of a supremacist’s son. Nyland, McNeil, Wilkes and Shutt operate on a policeman injured during a shoot-out.

Chicago Hope S3E15
Episode 15

Take My Wife, Please

Shutt’s old friend, a practical jokester, claims he is dying of cancer; Wilkes’ wife has a miscarriage; Shutt encounters Geiger in a hotel lobby; and a patient dies after Nyland and Wilkes clash over a diagnosis.

Chicago Hope S3E16
Episode 16

Missed Conception

Austin’s friend undergoes fertility treatments. Shutt opts for experimental gene therapy when Stockton’s health deteriorates. A cancer patient requests marijuana to ease her pain.

Chicago Hope S3E17
Episode 17

Mother, May I?

Austin and Wilmette travel to Washington where they attend a Senate Sub-committee conference on the nation’s health care crisis. The opportunity arises for Marina to adopt a baby from a pregnant teenager.

Chicago Hope S3E18
Episode 18

Growing Pains

Watters and Shutt’s proposal for operating Chicago Hope angers many doctors. A whiny, rotund patient with dubious symptoms tests Wilkes’ patience. Kronk fibs on an insurance report.

Chicago Hope S3E19
Episode 19

The Son Also Rises

Shutt meets his real father. Watters and his estranged son aid a wounded gangbanger. Austin befriends a dying eleven-year-old genius.

Chicago Hope S3E20
Episode 20

Second Chances

Nyland is seriously injured in a car accident. Austin fights to save the life of a Pulitzer Prize-winning author in need of a heart transplant. McNeil loses the last of his savings in a poker game.

Chicago Hope S3E21
Episode 21

Positive I.D.s

A woman who tested positive for a breast cancer gene requests a double mastectomy. Nyland empathizes with an unconscious Jane Doe. Austin pressures her daughter to apply to a private all-girl school.

Chicago Hope S3E22
Episode 22

Leggo My Ego

A newspaper reporter authors a profile on Austin. McNeil’s gambling addiction influences his decision to operate on a dying infant. Kronk and Grad have second thoughts about their engagement.

Chicago Hope S3E23
Episode 23

Colonel of Truth

Sara’s friend is fatally injured during a baseball game. Watters’ former commanding officer in Vietnam refuses treatment for severe arthritis. Shutt guest-hosts a television talk show. Wilkes catches Ricky taking medical supplies from the hospital.

Chicago Hope S3E24
Episode 24

Lamb to the Slaughter

An Assistant State’s Attorney launches an investigation after the mother of a mortally-wounded gangbanger accuses the hospital of letting her son die.

Chicago Hope S3E25
Episode 25

Love on the Rocks

Nyland is charged with murder. Grad tells Kronk that she and Shutt kissed. A loopy teenager thinks McNeil is his father. Emma asks Watters if he will move with her to Paris.

Chicago Hope S3E26
Episode 26

Hope Against Hope

Geiger and Austin perform a highly experimental heart operation. Kronk asks Grad to help him end his ailing father’s life. A woman claims to have experienced a holy vision in the hospital lobby.

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