Chicago Hope

Chicago Hope

Chicago Hope - Season 6 Episodes

Chicago Hope S6E1
Episode 1

Team Play

A patient who underwent routine liposuction surgery is found dead in the recovery room; surgeons operate on a priest whose sex organ was bitten off; Geiger refuses to operate on a dying boy.

Chicago Hope S6E2
Episode 2

Y'Gotta Have Heart

Geiger and Watters clash over which dying patient should receive a donor heart: a wealthy philanthropist about to give millions to the hospital or a humble newsstand vendor.

Chicago Hope S6E3
Episode 3

Oh, What a Piece of Work is Man

A surgeon afflicted with Tourette syndrome prepares to operate on a newborn; Hanlon’s patient hopes plastic surgery will transform her into a Barbie lookalike; a man donates Albert Einstein’s brain to the hospital.

Chicago Hope S6E4
Episode 4

Vigilance and Care

A risk management committee investigates McNeil’s amputation of a young baseball player’s arm; Shutt deals with a young unidentified girl who is unable to speak.

Chicago Hope S6E5
Episode 5

Humpty Dumpty

Cacaci attempts suicide by jumping off the hospital’s rooftop, prompting doctors and ex-wives to reflect upon their feelings about the enigmatic doctor.

Chicago Hope S6E6
Episode 6

Upstairs, Downstairs

Alberghetti and an obstetrician attempt to impregnate a patient after the woman miscarries and her husband dies of a heart attack; the hospital finds itself in the midst of a rodent crisis.

Chicago Hope S6E7
Episode 7

White Rabbit

An outbreak of a deadly disease forces the hospital to be quarantined.

Chicago Hope S6E8
Episode 8

The Heart to Heart

As Thanksgiving approaches…Geiger and Alberghetti fight to save a patient’s life by watching a satellite feed of a surgeon in Sri Lanka performing an experimental procedure.

Chicago Hope S6E9
Episode 9

The Golden Hour

An armed man traps McNeil and Shutt in a warehouse with critically injured gunshot victims; Hanlon and Alberghetti fight to save the life of a stabbing victim.

Chicago Hope S6E10
Episode 10

Hanlon's Choice

Hanlon attempts to convince a Laotian refugee to undergo cancer surgery; a man with a heart condition believes his body jewelry protects him from harm.

Chicago Hope S6E11
Episode 11

Faith, Hope & Surgery

A woman believes her comatose husband is a conduit for the Lord; in his quest to fund a new coronary unit, Geiger discovers a doctor experimenting with human cloning in the hospital’s basement.

Chicago Hope S6E12
Episode 12

Letting Go

Wilkes’ estranged aunt attempts to save a man infected with tuberculosis; Simon is stymied by a patient whose ailment cannot be identified.

Chicago Hope S6E13
Episode 13

Boys Will Be Girls

The surgeons assist a castrated teenager whose parents raised him as a girl; Simon uses an experimental treatment on an Alzheimer’s sufferer.

Chicago Hope S6E14
Episode 14

Gray Matters

A man must choose which of his two children is to receive a liver transplant; police charge McNeil with involuntary manslaughter after one of his patients dies after taking Viagra; Simon suspects Rose Weber is addicted to her seizures.

Chicago Hope S6E15
Episode 15

Painful Cuts

Geiger juggles two crises simultaneously when his daughter is diagnosed with a life-threatening heart ailment and hospital board members demand drastic budget cuts; Hanlon performs an appendectomy on co-joined twins.

Chicago Hope S6E16
Episode 16

Simon Sez

Simon comes to the aid of a mentally challenged couple who wish to start a family.

Chicago Hope S6E17
Episode 17

Cold Hearts

Shutt and Simon fight to save the life of an eleven-year-old girl with a seemingly inoperable brain aneurysm; steroid use catches up to a female pro-wrestler; Wilkes and his son come to the aid of an ailing tarantula.

Chicago Hope S6E18
Episode 18

Devoted Attachment

Doctors fight to the save the lives of co-joined twins when one is diagnosed with cancer; McNeil’s childhood mentor seeks help for a gunshot wound and asks McNeil to keep quiet about how it happened.

Chicago Hope S6E19
Episode 19

Miller Time

Charismatic Hugh Miller takes over the hospital when it is sold to an HMO; Simon and Shutt attempt to save the life of a fetus with an enlarged head by performing surgery in the mother’s womb.

Chicago Hope S6E20
Episode 20

Thoughts of You

Simon and Shutt wire a paralyzed patient’s brain to a computer; McNeil encounters a mountain of HMO bureaucracy when one of his patients requires hip replacement surgery.

Chicago Hope S6E21
Episode 21

Everybody's Special at Chicago Hope

While recovering from a heart attack, Miller befriends a dying patient whose survival depends on cutting through HMO red tape; a woman regains consciousness after being in a coma for fifteen years.

Chicago Hope S6E22
Episode 22

Have I Got a Deal For You

When the hospital is put up for sale, Miller purchases stock in a company owned by a paralyzed computer genius who is about to undergo an experimental operation that utilizes his company’s technology, leaving hospital’s ultimate fate in McNeil’s hands.

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