Childrens' Hospital

Childrens' Hospital

Childrens' Hospital - Season 3 Episodes

Childrens' Hospital S3E1
Episode 1

Run, Dr. Lola Spratt, Run

The Childrens Hospital Crew is called in on a Saturday to rescue a child sinking in quicksand, but Dr. Lola Spratt's return is delayed.

Childrens' Hospital S3E2
Episode 2

Ward 8

Detective Chance Briggs (Nick Offerman) turns up looking for access to Ward 8, ward of criminally insane children, from Dr. Owen Maestro. Dr. Blake Downs returns to his roots in order to help his old girlfriend Britches (Sarah Silverman). Dr. Glenn Richie, now injured after catching his hand in his own car door, has a fling with The Chief.

Childrens' Hospital S3E3
Episode 3

Black Doctor

Dr. Blake Downs' new landlord kicks him out for being a clown, so he needs a place to stay. Meanwhile, Dr. Brian (Jordan Peele) returns to Childrens Hospital after leaving his job as a consultant on the medical drama "Black Hospital." Also, Dr. Valerie Flame is attracted to a naked Dr. Cat Black.

Childrens' Hospital S3E4
Episode 4

Home Is Where The Hospital Is

When the group realizes space is limited in their apartment, they resort to having to kick someone out, and Glenn and Lola want to tell the group about their relationship. Meanwhile, Sy has been forced to live in an out-of-order restroom at the hospital. In the end, Glenn and Lola announce their relationship, and decide to move into a room together, solving the space problem in the apartment, while Sy is left hanging after almost getting to stay with the group.

Childrens' Hospital S3E5
Episode 5


A new plastic surgeon named Tugg makes Owen and Glenn jealous and eager to get rid of him, until he could possibly solve a mix-up in the maternity ward (where parents are getting the wrong babies). Eventually, Tugg has to leave after taking the blame for the mix-up. Meanwhile, Blake confronts Valerie about her raping of him the previous year, but she just puts him down.

Childrens' Hospital S3E6
Episode 6

The '70s Episode

It's the "Lost Episode" from 1976. Glenn returns from the Vietnam War to be an abortionist. Lola becomes a female doctor and gets no respect. Americans value their hot dogs. Disco!

Childrens' Hospital S3E7
Episode 7

Father's Day

Lola and Brian try to reunite Cat with her father. Blake waits for a criminal to be executed so that he can cut out his heart and bring it to the hospital before a minor turns 18, at which point Childrens can no longer treat them. Sy runs a urine drive.

Childrens' Hospital S3E8
Episode 8

Stryker Bites The Dust

After a beloved doctor passes away, Sy treats all the doctors to therapy sessions and forbids them from doing any work until they're well again. Meanwhile, Blake deals with the controversy of circus clowns versus city clowns, and the Chief struggles with her strange new hearing aid.

Childrens' Hospital S3E9
Episode 9

Children's Hospital: A Play In Three Acts

Childrens Hospital presents a very special episode that will take you back to simpler times, when ladies wore dresses, men wore top hats and clowns knew their place.

Childrens' Hospital S3E10
Episode 10

Munch by Proxy

Owen shocks everyone when his secret wife (who doesn't believe he's actually a doctor) brings their injured baby daughter to the hospital for treatment. The Chief is horrified by this news, not least because it may lead to her attending a wedding with Chet the paramedic. And Valerie Flame finds herself playing a very high-stakes chess game against a man who could be the Grim Reaper!

Childrens' Hospital S3E11
Episode 11

The Night Shift

Frustration abounds at the hospital when the doctors are assigned to work the night shift where they learn the ropes from a European doctor that has joined the team, and tragedy strikes at the hospital when a doctor faces death.

Childrens' Hospital S3E12
Episode 12

The Chet Episode

The episode focuses on Chet the paramedic (Brian Huskey) and fellow paramedic Shane (Joe Lo Truglio) who gives Chet advice on asking Chief (Megan Mullally) out, even causing Chet to believe he is a woman due to Shane's smooth talking. However, as the episode progresses, Chet begins to question if Shane is real or imaginary after Shane seemingly disappears after giving advice and when things go wrong. The episode climaxes when Chet, having run down a young girl to return to Childrens Hospital on "official business", walks into a hostage situation and is shot. The doctors begin to assess Chet's injuries before growing bored and Chet appears to pass on. He is revived by Shane and questions how Shane can save him if Shane is imaginary. He then decides he must kill Shane to "be free". He shoots Shane, who the doctors try and revive, and Chet apologizes stating he thought Shane was fake. Shane passes away and Chet wakes up in a hospital bed to, what appears to be Chief finally accepting his awkward advances. As they prepare to embrace he is interrupted by Dr Spratt who seems not to know who Chief is. It is revealed that Chief was a figment of Chet's imagination.

Childrens' Hospital S3E13
Episode 13

Party Down

A food poisoning incident at a bar mitzvah brings in a large group of patients, prompting Dr Ritchie to have an adult bar mitzvah to make up for his own being cancelled when he was young. Rabbi McJewjew (David Wain) comes by to help out and re-kindles his affair with Valerie. Owen decides to have his foreskin re-attached when Chief mentions that women prefer it because it's more 'masculine'. When his father (Stephen Root) tells him he hasn't got his foreskin, Owen tries to fool Chief into attaching a piece of balogna only to be stopped just in time by his father (a tailor) who reveals he was never circumcised – just hemmed. Meanwhile, it's Blake's day off.

Childrens' Hospital S3E14
Episode 14


It's the second Newsreaders special with Louis LaFonda. In this special, all those sexy actors get their very own spinoff specials. Plus dolphins and whales are back! And last but not least, the continuing interview with Kate Walsh!

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