China Beach

China Beach

China Beach - Season 4 Episodes

China Beach S4E1
Episode 1

The Big Bang

China Beach S4E2
Episode 2

History Part II-She Sells More Than Sea Shells

Still in 1985, Karen learns how her natural mother, KC, coped with her pregnancy by turning to Boonie for help.

China Beach S4E3
Episode 3

You, Babe

In Saigon in 1967, KC gives birth with McMurphy's help and gives the baby over to a foster mother.

China Beach S4E4
Episode 4


While attending his father's funeral in 1985, Beckett reflects on his childhood and his tour of duty in Vietnam with the Graves Registration Unit.

China Beach S4E5
Episode 5


In 1970, McMurphy returns home to Lawrence, Kansas to make peace with her mother and try to settle down into civilian life, but finds both goals beyond her grasp.

China Beach S4E6
Episode 6


In 1972, Dr. Richard and his nurse take a romantic trip to Florida, where they run across a hard-livng McMurphy working at an orange-juice factory.

China Beach S4E7
Episode 7

One Giant Leap

In 1969, China Beach watches from afar as the first men land on the moon. McMurphy simmers jealously as Dr. Richard falls for a new nurse. Beckett entertains a group of USO singers in his G.R.U. hut. A disturbed Boonie meets with a tragic accident.

China Beach S4E8
Episode 8

One Small Step

Suddenly back home and missing one leg, Boonie begins a slow and painful re-entry into civilian life with the comfort of a loving nurse.

China Beach S4E9
Episode 9

The Call

Frankie returns to Chicago in 1969 to try her hand at being a standup comic but runs into the tragically funny trial of the infamous Chicago Seven. Back in Vietnam, McMurphy tries to help Dodger convince some Montagnard tribes people to evacuate their homes.

China Beach S4E10
Episode 10

I Could Have Danced All Night ... But Didn't

McMurphy meets a sympathetic drummer at a 1983 wedding and recalls the 1969 wedding of Lila and Sarge Pepper, as well as the end of her relationship with Dr. Richard.

China Beach S4E11
Episode 11

100 Klicks Out

The imminent fall of Saigon reunites KC with her daughter as she struggles to get the little girl out of Vietnam and safely to America and a waiting Boonie. In the 1980s, a cynical McMurphy tries to prevent further child abuse in New Mexico.

China Beach S4E12
Episode 12

The Always Goodbye

The arrival in Bangkok in 1969 of a hard-drinking McMurphy and a young private disrupts KC's carefully developed new life and brings back unwanted memories.

China Beach S4E13
Episode 13


In 1976, McMurphy helps KC re-enter the country and find her daughter before heading out to Montana to visit Dodger, who's coping with a disabled father and raising his son Archie alone.

China Beach S4E14
Episode 14


In 1985, Karen begins a videotape project interviewing China Beach veterans about their experiences in Vietnam and their memories of her natural mother.

China Beach S4E15
Episode 15

Through and Through

In 1985, an increasingly angry Colleen torments herself and her husband until she discovers she's suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome and seeks help to deal with the memories of her final weeks in Vietnam.

China Beach S4E16
Episode 16

Hello Goodbye (1)

China Beach S4E17
Episode 17

Hello Goodbye (2)

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