Chuck - Season 5 Episodes

Chuck - Season 5

Chuck - Season 5

The fifth and final season of the American action-comedy television series Chuck was announced on May 13, 2011. It included 13 episodes. The season premiered on October 28, 2011 and concluded January 27, 2012 with a two-hour finale.

Continuing from the eponymous cliffhanger ending of the fourth season finale, "Chuck Versus the Cliffhanger", the fifth season featured the series returning to its roots. With their new-found wealth, Chuck and Sarah Bartowski own the fictional big-box store Buy More, as well as their new freelance spy organization, Carmichael Industries, which includes John Casey and Morgan Grimes. Meanwhile, Morgan acts as the human possessor of the government database known as the Intersect, and Chuck is forced to act as Morgan's protector in the same way that Sarah and Casey were to Chuck in past seasons.

Chuck S5E1
Episode 1

Chuck Versus the Zoom

Chuck, Sarah, Casey and an Intersect-enabled Morgan start their own spy firm. Mark Hamill and Craig Kilborn guest star.

Chuck S5E2
Episode 2

Chuck Versus the Bearded Bandit

Chuck, Sarah, Casey and an Intersect-enabled Morgan start their own spy firm.

Chuck S5E3
Episode 3

Chuck Versus The Frosted Tips

"Chuck vs. the Frosted Tips" (TV-PG) Morgan's super abilities are going to his head; Awesome makes a stunning discovery about Jeff.

Chuck S5E4
Episode 4

Chuck Versus the Business Trip

With a hit out on Morgan, Chuck and Sarah must smoke out an assassin at a Buy More convention.

Chuck S5E5
Episode 5

Chuck Versus The Hack Off

With Casey under arrest, Chuck channels his hacker past in an uncomfortable bargain with Decker.

Chuck S5E6
Episode 6

Chuck Versus The Curse

Chuck and Sarah fight a deadly computer virus while Ellie and Awesome unwittingly become spies for a night.

Chuck S5E7
Episode 7

Chuck Versus the Santa Suit

Chuck and Sarah must stop an old enemy determined to destroy them as they prepare to celebrate Christmas.

Chuck S5E8
Episode 8

Chuck Versus The Baby

Sarah is forced to confront a secret from her past, one that even Chuck can't know.

Chuck S5E9
Episode 9

Chuck Versus the Kept Man

Verbanski's back - and she's got a very special assignment for John Casey.

Chuck S5E10
Episode 10

Chuck Versus Bo

Morgan's wayward past with the Intersect comes back to haunt the team when Bo Derek shows up.

Chuck S5E11
Episode 11

Chuck Versus The Bullet Train

Chuck's held hostage on a Japanese bullet train as Casey and Sarah must go to unprecedented lengths to save him.

Chuck S5E12
Episode 12

Chuck Versus Sarah

After a harrowing mission, Sarah returns to Chuck with a huge secret. Meanwhile, Ellie and Awesome are presented with a new opportunity that could change their lives.

Chuck S5E13
Episode 13

Chuck Versus the Goodbye

Chuck enlists his family, friend and some unexpected allies as he races to stop Nicholas Quinn from destroying everything Chuck has built over the past five years.

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