ChuckleVision - Season 12 Episodes

ChuckleVision S12E1
Episode 1

No Pets Allowed

The duo's host is allergic to animals so they try to remove the Rhino they discover in the Paul's bedroom.

ChuckleVision S12E2
Episode 2

Lotta Bottle

Paul and Barry attempt more than one kind of delivery when they get jobs as milkmen.

ChuckleVision S12E3
Episode 3

Spaced Out

There's a close encounter with the X Files when Paul investigates the paranormal and Barry meets a man from Venus.

ChuckleVision S12E4
Episode 4

Well Suited

Paul and Barry decide they need a change of image and purchase some suits from a second-hand shop. They discover that there's something special about Barry's - it won't stain! Any marks just disappear. Paul names their discovery Pauloline and they take the suit to show fabric giant, Harold Stone. He is very interested and it soon becomes clear he wants the suit for himself and to cut the Chuckles out of the deal...

ChuckleVision S12E5
Episode 5

King of the Mill

It's not all plain sailing when Paul and Barry take over the running of the windmill!

ChuckleVision S12E6
Episode 6

The Maltby Falcon

Paul and Barry look after their Aunt Hilda's flat and chance upon an international jewel smuggling racket.

ChuckleVision S12E7
Episode 7

Mayor Today, Gone Tomorrow

Working as assistants at the Town Hall, Paul and Barry resolve that today they're going to do everything perfectly.

ChuckleVision S12E8
Episode 8

Where's Aunty?

Paul and Barry take Mrs Pringle for a stroll in the park and meet up with No Slacking and his aunt.

ChuckleVision S12E9
Episode 9

Out For The Count

Paul and Barry enter the Transylvanian garlic hunting competition and stay in an eerie castle.

ChuckleVision S12E10
Episode 10

Fete Accompli

Paul and Barry set up a white elephant stall and meet up with an unscrupulous bric-a-brac dealer.

ChuckleVision S12E11
Episode 11

Double Trouble

Paul tries to get a job as a movie star and Barry meets his doppleganger.

ChuckleVision S12E12
Episode 12

Watch The Birdie

Paul and Barry discover a rare Macaw when they attempt to put up a radio mast.

ChuckleVision S12E13
Episode 13

Food For Fort

Paul and Barry take charge of a cake stall in the Sahara and get their just desserts.

ChuckleVision S12E14
Episode 14

The Real Dan

Paul and Barry have a job delivering invisible glass and Dan the Van opens an exhibition.

ChuckleVision S12E15
Episode 15

The Good, The Bad, And The Chuckles

Paul and Barry tangle with an infamous outlaw and find out what made the West 'wild' when they visit a genuine cowboy town.

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