CNBC Originals

CNBC Originals

CNBC Originals - Season 1 Episodes

CNBC Originals S1E1
Episode 1

The Big Lie

Inside The Rise And Fraud Of Worldcom

CNBC Originals S1E2
Episode 2

The Kingdom Built On Oil

The Kingdom Built On Oil

CNBC Originals S1E3
Episode 3

Inside American Airlines

A Week In The Life

CNBC Originals S1E4
Episode 4

Big Brother, Big Business

This Emmy Award winner for Outstanding Documentary examines the big business of the technologies that allow companies to monitor our every move and record our private personal info.

CNBC Originals S1E5
Episode 5

The Age of Wal-Mart

Inside America's Most Powerful Company

CNBC Originals S1E6
Episode 6

Greenspan: Power, Money And The American Dream

Alan Greenspan,former Chairman of the Federal Reserve, talks about making some of the difficult decisions that shaped our economy.

CNBC Originals S1E7
Episode 7

The Billionaire Inside: Donald Trump

Donald Trump gives sage advice on how to think like a successful entrepreneur.

CNBC Originals S1E8
Episode 8

How I Made My Millions

Ordinary People. Extraordinary Stories.

CNBC Originals S1E9
Episode 9

American Greed

A notorious heist. A crime that shook the art world. Historic works were stolen from the Gardner Museum in Boston. Paintings by Rembrandt, Vermeer and Manet have now been missing for almost two decades!

CNBC Originals S1E10
Episode 10

For The Love Of Money

The Death Of Seth Tobias

CNBC Originals S1E11
Episode 11

American Originals: Budweiser

American Originals: Budweiser

CNBC Originals S1E12
Episode 12

Marijuana Inc.

Inside America's Pot Industry

CNBC Originals S1E13
Episode 13

House of Cards

The Definitive Look At The Origins Of Today's Global Economic Crisis

CNBC Originals S1E14
Episode 14

The Money Chase: Inside Harvard Business School

In this CNBC Original, correspondent Carl Quintanilla takes you inside the ''West Point of capitalism'' as it commemorates its centennial.

CNBC Originals S1E15
Episode 15

Scam of the Century? Bernie Madoff & The $50 Billion Heist

CNBC investigates the public unraveling of investment manager Bernard Madoff's alleged multi-billion dollar 'ponzi scheme.'

CNBC Originals S1E16
Episode 16

NEWBOs: The Rise of America's New Black Overclass

A generation of self-made, young, black multimillionaires is emerging from sports, media, and entertainment to live the American Dream. It's a world of opportunity, opulence, and overwhelming pressure to give back to the community.

CNBC Originals S1E17
Episode 17

Cruise Inc: Big Money on the High Seas

With unprecedented access, CNBC takes you inside the $30 billion dollar cruise industry. Watch as correspondent Peter Greenberg reveals the delicate balance between profits and losses on the high seas.

CNBC Originals S1E18
Episode 18

Ford: Rebuilding an American Icon

Go inside a ride through one of the most remarkable and harrowing comebacks in business history

CNBC Originals S1E19
Episode 19

The Entrepreneurs

From start-up to success, CNBC takes you inside Spanx and FEED Granola. Hosted by Donny Deutsch.

CNBC Originals S1E21
Episode 21

Cigarette Wars

Not so long ago, General Motors was the largest corporation in the world and the reigning symbol of American industrial might. Today, it is a company in turmoil. Go inside GM and see the company's dramatic struggle to survive.

CNBC Originals S1E22
Episode 22

Untold Wealth: The Rise of the Super Rich

In 1985, there were 13 American billionaires. Today, there are over 1000. CNBC takes you inside how the richest 0.001% live. David Faber reports.

CNBC Originals S1E23
Episode 23

As Seen on TV

Act Now! See the $150-billion dollar industry hiding in plain sight.

CNBC Originals S1E24
Episode 24

India Rising: The New Empire

India is home to over a billion people and business is booming. Now, this Asian tiger is at a crossroads. CNBC's Erin Burnett takes you inside India, the new empire.

CNBC Originals S1E25
Episode 25

Run For The Roses: The Kentucky Derby and The Business of Horse Racing

Go behind-the-scenes at the crown jewel of horse racing, the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs, for an inside look at the multi-billion dollar industry.

CNBC Originals S1E26
Episode 26

The Oprah Effect

Carl Quintanilla reveals Oprah's secrets to success and how she turns 'no names' into brand names.

CNBC Originals S1E27
Episode 27

Made In China: The People's Republic of Profit

China's capitalist revolution has produced a thriving new business class that includes over 400,000 millionaires - entrepreneurs and innovators - who are helping to make the country a global economic powerhouse. Melissa Lee reports.

CNBC Originals S1E28
Episode 28

Dollars and Danger: Africa, The Final Investing Frontier

CNBC's Erin Burnett examines the risks and rewards of investing in Africa, one of the richest but most dangerous places in the world.

CNBC Originals S1E32
Episode 32

Porn: Business of Pleasure

It was once too taboo to talk about, but not anymore. It's the other Hollywood. A $13-billion industry. In this CNBC Original, Melissa Lee reports on PORN: BUSINESS OF PLEASURE.

CNBC Originals S1E33
Episode 33

Secrets of the Knight: Sir Allen Stanford and the Missing Billions

CNBC's Scott Cohn investigates Sir Allen Stanford's destructive financial scheme as Stanford prepares to stand trial for defrauding investors out of $7 billion.

CNBC Originals S1E34
Episode 34

Dirty Money: The Business of High End Prostitution

Lucrative, provocative, and completely illegal, take an inside look at the business of high-end prostitution with CNBC's Melissa Francis.

CNBC Originals S1E35
Episode 35

The Ultimate Power Lunch: 50 Years of the Four Seasons

CNBC takes you inside the home of the ?Power Lunch,? the Four Seasons, giving you an unprecedented look inside the famed restaurant as it celebrates 50 years of feeding the biggest names in finance, politics and fashion.

CNBC Originals S1E36
Episode 36

Meeting of the Minds: The Future of Health Care

The Future of Health Care gathers the biggest names in industry and government to propose solutions to America's health care crisis.

CNBC Originals S1E37
Episode 37

Ultimate Fighting: Fistful of Dollars

CNBC goes inside the octagon with front man Dana White, the fighters and the billionaire backers who turned the league from a dying franchise into a global sensation.

CNBC Originals S1E38
Episode 38

Fastest Growing Companies of 2009

CNBC and Fortune Magazine present the Fastest Growing Companies of 2009. See which companies are posting sizzling profits in a slow-growth world.

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