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Cold Case

Cold Case - Season 6 Episodes

Cold Case - Season 6

Cold Case - Season 6

Season Six of Cold Case, an American television series, began airing on September 28, 2008 and concluded on May 10, 2009. Season Six regular cast members include Kathryn Morris, Danny Pino, John Finn, Thom Barry, Jeremy Ratchford and Tracie Thoms.

Cold Case S6E1
Episode 1

Glory Days

A former football hero’s death is reopened from 1973 when a football fan uncovers new evidence he bought on Ebay which may prove the athlete may have been murdered the night before the big game instead of that morning as originally reported.

Cold Case S6E2
Episode 2

True Calling

Rush reopens Laura McKinney's 1991 murder case when a former student of hers (now a teacher) brings in a set of car keys he found in an old desk at the inner-city school where she taught.

Cold Case S6E3
Episode 3

Wednesday's Women

Cold Case investigates the 1964 death of Miriam Forrester, a young housewife whose most adventurous move was to sell Tupperware.

Cold Case S6E4
Episode 4

Roller Girl

A new witness comes forward with information about a young girl who was found at the bottom of a ravine in 1978.

Cold Case S6E5
Episode 5

Shore Leave

The skeleton of a body is found in an oil drum during the cleanup of an industrial waste area.

Cold Case S6E6
Episode 6

The Dealer

The body of a young woman is found in the trunk of a car slated for demolation turns out to be a young single mother who went missing in 1981 and Rush and the Cold Case team delve into the sometimes seedy and sexist world of car salesmen to solve her murder. Donna was a 22-year-old single mother with no education. Though her job prospects were dim, she worked hard as a car-dealership receptionist and pushed to become a saleswoman. Turns out she was exceptional at the job but ruffled a lot of feathers, including her boss who had his own scam going, as well as her fellow salemen, who felt she was taking away they're opportunities.

Cold Case S6E7
Episode 7

One Small Step

When a homeless man turns in a homemade rocket he found in the park, bearing the name of a young murder victim, the retired cop, who never let go of the idea they convicted the wrong man asks Rush and her team to reopen, the brutal murder of a 12-year-old boy killed on the night of the Apollo moon landing, July 20th, 1969. Everyone was obsessed with the moon landing, particularly Danny Finch, a nerdy kid with few friends. However, his love of rockets helped him bond with a trio of boys and led them on an adventure to build and launch their own rocket. Danny was brutally beaten and his murder had lifelong consequences on his new friends.

Cold Case S6E8
Episode 8

Triple Threat

Rush and the team open the 1989 murder of a young Russian opera prodigy who bravely defected with her family just before the Berlin Wall fell. Det. Vera takes a personal interest in the case because he was a brand new patrol officer on duty the night the Nadia Koslov and her family came into the station asking for protection as they defected. Nadia attended Philadelphia's highschool for the performing arts and struggled to connect her training and talent with emotion. The more she connected with her feelings and American friends, the more angry her father became, making him a key suspect. Despite her father's initial disappointment, he didn't kill her and his only regret is not telling Nadia how much he appreciated her new connection to music. Unfortunately, Nadia's success made her the unwitting subject of both artistic and romantic jealousy.

Cold Case S6E9
Episode 9

Pin Up Girl

Rita Flynn was a successful local pin-up girl in 1953, who was tragically shot down just as her career was taking off. When a crime scene photo is recently published, a long-time fan realizes he has a similar photo that provides key evidence to solve her murder. Valens gets advice from Frankie, a cute technician in the police A/V Unit, and they learn that Rita took the photo brought in by the fan and she had secret aspirations of being a photojournalist. Rush and the team find old friends of Rita's and learn she wasn't just a vapid pin-up girl, she had heart and really supported her friends; unfortunately, her rising fame and happy-go-lucky attitude was too much for one of them and they killed her in a fit of rage.

Cold Case S6E10
Episode 10

Street Money

Rush and the team reopen the case of the 2005 murder of Dex Collins, a young, black, up-and-coming politician, running to oust the incumbent for a seat on the City Council. His promise was to clean up the lower class neighborhood he grew up in, ridding them of the drug dealers who prey on children; but when he was gunned down, they found vials of crack on him, leaving his supporters feeling betrayed. Reexamining Dex’s life, leads our cops to several surprising suspects including the corrupt incumbent City Councilman who feared not being reelected; his campaign manager who seemed like she would do anything to get him elected, but was spurned by him romantically; childhood friends who became drug dealers and don’t like Dex’s attitude; even his supporters who didn’t think Dex stood up enough.

Cold Case S6E11
Episode 11


In 1960, the world of airline stewardesses was one of glamor and prestige. Ally Thurston (21), loved the adventure and the travel but when she disappeared, her family and friends were left wondering. Rush and the team get called to an aging hotel being converted to condos when Ally's bones are found in an old incinerator. Just before Ally disappeared, she was being recruited by a gem smuggler and it looks as if he might have arranged her death to cover his tracks. But the smuggler has an alibi, so Rush focuses more on the realities behind Ally's life: women were second class citizens in this seemingly glamorous world, and could get fired if they didn't maintain weight, got married, rebuffed a pilot's advances or turned 33. Ally was leading the charge to fight the establishment but her determination irritated the pilots she worked with as well as her fellow stews. She was successful in her initial fight, which made one of her coworkers kill her.

Cold Case S6E12
Episode 12

Lotto Fever

The team investigates the 2007 murder of Ed Dubinski, a kind-hearted auto mechanic who's life was changed when he won eight million dollars in the state lottery.

Cold Case S6E13
Episode 13

Breaking News

In 1988, the news business was changing and topical world events were being pushed aside for fluff pieces all in the name of high ratings. Jane Everett was a young, beautiful up-and-coming anchor for the top-rated news station in Philadelphia.

Cold Case S6E14
Episode 14

The Brush Man

In 1967, American society was caught in between an idealistic view of the perfect suburban lifestyle and the harsh changes all Americans were experiencing with the onset of the Vietnam War.

Cold Case S6E15
Episode 15

Witness Protection

When Rush encounters a frantic mother that comes into the precinct looking for her missing teenage son, she soon realizes this is much more than the usual missing persons case.

Cold Case S6E16
Episode 16


When a distraught father, who was just released after serving a 30 year prison sentence, brings Rush a newly discovered photo of his then seventeen year old daughter shortly before she was found murdered in 1976 and a mysterious, faceless biker with the notorious "Jackals" street gang symbol on his jacket.

Cold Case S6E17
Episode 17

Officer Down

After a late shift, Vera and Jeffries stop at a local corner store run by a tough but good-hearted local shop owner known as Pops.

Cold Case S6E18
Episode 18

Mind Games

When the former college roommate of a schizophrenic man, Pete Scanell, comes to Rush with evidence he believes implicates Pete in the 2003 murder of his former psychiatrist, Dr. Julie Ramirez, Rush and the team scour the city in search of this now homeless suspect.

Cold Case S6E19
Episode 19


Rush and the team reopen the case of the 1958 murder of a talented and up-and-coming real estate mogul, Julian Bellowes.

Cold Case S6E20
Episode 20

Stealing Home

The team re-opens the 1999 murder of a Cuban baseball star who fled to the U.S. after being fired from his team.

Cold Case S6E21
Episode 21

November 22

When the murder weapon from a 1963 case is unearthed, the team re-opens the murder of a pool hustler who was shot the same day President Kennedy was assassinated.

Cold Case S6E22
Episode 22

The Long Blue Line (1)

In the first part of the two-part season finale, the team re-opens the case of the first ever female cadet in a local military school who was murdered in 2005.

Cold Case S6E23
Episode 23

Into the Blue (2)

In the second part of the finale, the investigation into the female cadet's murder continues. As the team finds more and more clues, the killer tries to stop the investigation to remain hidden.

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