Combat Hospital

Combat Hospital

Combat Hospital - Season 1 Episodes

Combat Hospital - Season 1

Combat Hospital - Season 1

A plywood and canvas building, held together with duct tape, COMBAT HOSPITAL is in the middle of a war zone where its 140 degrees in the shade. Here, an international team of doctors, nurses and medics deliver the best battlefield surgical care anywhere to wounded soldiers, civilians caught in the crossfire, even the enemy. Welcome to the Medical Unit at Kandahar Airfield, Southern Afghanistan. Welcome to COMBAT HOSPITAL.

Combat Hospital S1E1
Episode 1

Welcome to Kandahar

Two new doctors arrive at the NATO Role 3 Medical Unit at Kandahar Airfield and must face rocket attacks and waves of wounded soldiers and civilians all in their first 48 hours.

Combat Hospital S1E2
Episode 2

Enemy Within

When a sick soldier is brought in, the bacteria that he is infected with quickly spreads to others in the hospital, forcing a quarantine.

Combat Hospital S1E3
Episode 3

It's My Party

Col. Marks has to ask for a walking blood bank; Simon reconnects with a former flame (Tia Carrere); Rebecca must plan a staff party.

Combat Hospital S1E4
Episode 4

Wrong Place at Wrong Time

Rebecca must perform emergency neurosurgery on a patient; Bobby and Pedersen try to help an Air Force officer with his insomnia.

Combat Hospital S1E5
Episode 5

Hells Bells

Members of a wedding party are injured when they are caught in Taliban crossfire; Rebecca searches for the missing bride.

Combat Hospital S1E6
Episode 6

Inner Truth

Seven injured soldiers anxiously anticipate the arrival of their lucky charm, 19-year-old Pvt. Henry Flax; Rebecca makes a confession to Simon.

Combat Hospital S1E7
Episode 7


A soldier dies after Rebecca refuses him treatment, causing her to second-guess her decision.

Combat Hospital S1E8
Episode 8

On the Brink

Bobby makes a decision that creates controversy between the doctors and nurses.

Combat Hospital S1E9
Episode 9

Shifting Sands

One of Vans' friends comes under suspicion when he is injured by a bomb.

Combat Hospital S1E10
Episode 10

Reason to Believe

An Army chaplain must deal with her lapse of faith when she is ordered to hold vigil with Simon during a surgery.

Combat Hospital S1E11
Episode 11

Brothers in Arms

The annual friendly hockey game between allied forces turns violent when Bobby loses his cool. Simon's painful past is put on display in a prank gone wrong. Pedersen's professional & personal ethics are compromised when she's asked to question emotionally scarred children who may hold information about a suicide bomber.

Combat Hospital S1E12
Episode 12


Rebecca takes control of triage when an explosion injures Colonel Marks.

Combat Hospital S1E13
Episode 13

Do No Harm

An attack on the women's clinic takes its toll; the Role 3 hospital contends with significant losses while fighting to save a wounded assailant's life.

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