Cops - Season 22 Episodes

Cops S22E1
Episode 1

Odd Arrests #2

All-new suspects are featured on the season premiere.

Cops S22E2
Episode 2

Liar, Liar #4

All-new suspects are featured on the season premiere.

Cops S22E3
Episode 3

Domestic Distrubances Special Edition

Cops S22E4
Episode 4

Dazed & Confused #2

A Las Vegas officer is called in to a fast food restaurant for a disturbance call. Next, a Palm Beach Deputy checks the welfare of person inside a parked vehicle. Lastly, a San Bernardino County Deputy responds to a domestic call in which the fight is in the street.

Cops S22E5
Episode 5

Family Ties #2

Illegal activities sever the ties that bind.

Cops S22E6
Episode 6

Neighborhood Busts #2

All suspects are innocent until proven guilty.

Cops S22E7
Episode 7

In Denial #3

Officers engage in a high-speed chase.

Cops S22E8
Episode 8

Dangerous Arrests

Officer Jason Vallad from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department helps pursue a robber in a car chase through the streets of Vegas.

Deputy Derek Pederson of the Victorville California Police Department responds to a call from an armed man threatening to shoot innocent bystanders outside his apartment. Palm Beach County, Florida's Sheriff's Deputy Sean McMichael happens upon a man who has passed out, sitting in his truck at an intersection.

Cops S22E9
Episode 9

Stupid Behavior #4

Simple calls turn into bigger busts.

Cops S22E10
Episode 10

Slacker Crimes Special Edition

Cops S22E11
Episode 11

Coast to Coast #158

Officers protect and serve.

Cops S22E12
Episode 12

Coast to Coast #159

Officers investigate a paranoid suspect.

Cops S22E13
Episode 13

Ho! Ho! Ho! #6

Officers trail suspects on Santa’s naughty list.

Cops S22E14
Episode 14

Bad Girls #13

COPS from California, Florida, and Nevada. This week's stories include: San Bernadino County, California, Sheriff's Deputy Jason Whitsell responds to a domestic disturbance call between an out of control woman and her mother. Brevard County, Florida, Sheriff's Deputy Juan Vargas discovers a woman who says she has a late night meeting with her physician, only he finds out she planned a burglary of a random house. Las Vegas Metro Police Field Training Officer Tullio Pandullo takes a burglary call involving a woman thief.

Cops S22E15
Episode 15

Coast to Coast #160

Officers deal with difficult women.

Cops S22E16
Episode 16

Coast to Coast #161

Police dogs sniff around for suspects.

Cops S22E17
Episode 17

Coast to Coast #162

Suspects fight the law and each other.

Cops S22E18
Episode 18

Chases, Stings and Rescues

Officers investigate cases of beer-battered assault.

Cops S22E19
Episode 19

War on Drugs #3

Officers in Houston detain a driver after he attempts to flee from a known drug area.

Cops S22E20
Episode 20

Drugs & Driving

Cops S22E21
Episode 21

Coast to Coast #163

The Las Vegas PD arrives at a house with a man who thinks the cops are out to kill him.

Cops S22E22
Episode 22

Coast to Coast #164

Suspects go off the deep end.

Cops S22E23
Episode 23

Coast to Coast #165

Simple traffic stops turn serious.

Cops S22E24
Episode 24

Coast to Coast #166

Cops S22E25
Episode 25

Street Patrol #1

When officers in Texas pull over a suspicious vehicle, an on-foot chase ensues.

Cops S22E26
Episode 26

Coast to Coast #167

Officers stop a long car chase and uncover a drug bust.

Cops S22E27
Episode 27

Police Pullovers #6

Past relationships cause present trouble.

Cops S22E28
Episode 28

Resisting Arrest #5

Police officers deal with intoxicated suspects.

Cops S22E29
Episode 29

Coast to Coast #168

Suspects get busted for foul play.

Cops S22E30
Episode 30

Coast to Coast #169

Officers pursue slow-motion suspects.

Cops S22E31
Episode 31

Coast to Coast #170

Simple traffic stops turn serious.

Cops S22E32
Episode 32

Coast to Coast #171

Simple traffic stops turn serious.

Cops S22E33
Episode 33

Morons On Parade #2

Cops S22E34
Episode 34

Coast to Coast #172

Officers try to contain teens gone wild.

Cops S22E35
Episode 35

Coast to Coast #173

A routine traffic stop turns into a serious drug bust.

Cops S22E36
Episode 36

Coast to Coast #174

A border patrol sting leads to a drug bust.

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