Cops - Season 23 Episodes

Cops S23E1
Episode 1

800th Episode Milestone

Cops S23E2
Episode 2

California Border Patrol Special Edition

Cops S23E3
Episode 3

Roadside Crimes Special Edition

Officers of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police break up a fist-fight over a financial discrepancy that leads to a juvenile heading to a detention center. Meanwhile, the Portland Police Bureau in Oregon arrests suspects in a stolen vehicle, and sheriffs in Florida make a drug bust in a strip-mall parking lot.

Cops S23E4
Episode 4

Couples in Crime Special Edition

Cops S23E5
Episode 5

Weapons Drawn #2

Officers respond to a “shots fired” call.

Cops S23E6
Episode 6

U.S. Marshals Special Edition

Cops S23E7
Episode 7

Probable Cause Special Edition

Cops S23E8
Episode 8

Morons on Parade #3

Cops S23E9
Episode 9

Coast to Coast #175

Florida police plan an undercover operation.

Cops S23E10
Episode 10

Ho! Ho! Ho! #8

Officers pursue a suspect on foot.

Cops S23E11
Episode 11

Coast to Coast # 176

Officers deal with uncooperative suspects.

Cops S23E12
Episode 12

Taken into Custody Special Edition

Cops S23E13
Episode 13

Coast to Coast #177

A man with a gun goes on the run from sheriffs.

Cops S23E14
Episode 14

Street Patrol #2

A rock-throwing neighbor is assaulted with a rock.

Cops S23E15
Episode 15

Dazed and Confused #3

Cops S23E16
Episode 16

Morons on Parade #4

Cops S23E17
Episode 17

Coast to Coast #178

Officers pursue a man on foot.

Cops S23E18
Episode 18

Odd Arrests #3

Officers go undercover.

Cops S23E19
Episode 19

Home Assaults Special Edition

Cops S23E20
Episode 20

Coast to Coast #179

Suspects steal from a high school.

Cops S23E21
Episode 21

Coast to Coast #180

Cops S23E22
Episode 22

Coast to Coast #181