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Cougar Town

Cougar Town - Season 2 Episodes

Cougar Town - Season 2

Cougar Town - Season 2

Now that Travis has left for college, how will Jules (Courteney Cox) cope with an empty house? With the help of her friends and a whole lot of wine. Things are just as happening as ever on the cul-de-sac, so drop in every week. There's something for everyone in Cougar Town.

Cougar Town S2E1
Episode 1

All Mixed Up

Jules finds an instant connection with her new shrink, Glenn (Aniston), until she discovers the unfortunate but hilarious truth about her method of treatment; Ellie is jealous over Jules’ fondness for Glenn; a bet between Laurie and Travis leads to a sweet sibling-like moment; and Bobby acts out his frustrations that Jules and Grayson are dating.

Cougar Town S2E2
Episode 2

Let Yourself Go

The big day is finally here. Travis is leaving for college. How will Jules handle it? We’re thinking not gracefully.

Cougar Town S2E3
Episode 3

Makin' Some Noise

Grayson becomes the center of Jules' attention as she adjusts to living by herself; Travis tries to redefine himself; Ellie wants to avoid befriending her new nanny.

Cougar Town S2E4
Episode 4

The Damage You've Done

Grayson decides to tell Jules about him and Laurie; Travis begins to doubt Kylie's devotion; Laurie proclaims her love for Smith.

Cougar Town S2E5
Episode 5

Keeping Me Alive

Bobby tries to stop relying on Jules for financial support; Smith and Laurie break up.

Cougar Town S2E6
Episode 6

You Don't Know How It Feels

Jules' father (Ken Jenkins) visits and hits it off with Grayson; Laurie reminds Travis how fun Halloween can be.

Cougar Town S2E7
Episode 7

Fooled Again (I Don't Like It)

Laurie and Grayson team up to win Jules' contest for her best birthday gift; Travis introduces Bobby to a Neti pot.

Cougar Town S2E8
Episode 8

Little Girl Blues

Travis brings his new girlfriend, a grad student, home to meet Jules; Grayson's house becomes the gang's new place to hang out.

Cougar Town S2E9
Episode 9

When the Time Comes

Jules wants to host a "romantic'' Thanksgiving with Grayson.

Cougar Town S2E10
Episode 10

The Same Old You

Jules wants to help Bobby regain his confidence; Ellie tries to dig up dirt on Grayson.

Cougar Town S2E11
Episode 11

No Reason to Cry

Jules starts to question her relationship with Grayson; Travis' girlfriend throws Bobby off his golf game.

Cougar Town S2E12
Episode 12

A Thing About You

Jules gives Laurie a place to stay, despite her shortcomings as a houseguest; Bobby is jealous that Travis asks Grayson for advice.

Cougar Town S2E13
Episode 13

Lost Children

Jules comes up with a new game for the crew; Ellie complains about doing what Jules wants to do; Bobby introduces his new friend to the group.

Cougar Town S2E14
Episode 14

Cry to Me

Jules wishes Grayson would share his feelings with her; Ellie insists she doesn't want to do anything for Valentine's Day; Andy makes a date with Bobby; Travis asks Laurie for help with his gift for Kirsten.

Cougar Town S2E15
Episode 15


When Jules starts meddling in Travis' life, Ellie tells her to back off; Bobby and Laurie want to expose the world to Penny Can; Grayson learns about friendship from Andy.

Cougar Town S2E16
Episode 16

Baby’s a Rock ‘N’ Roller

Ellie tricks Jules into baby-sitting on her own for a day; Bobby gets a chance to play golf for free; Andy offers to be Laurie's wingman.

Cougar Town S2E17
Episode 17

You're Gonna Get It

Travis joins his father and Andy at a professional golf tournament; Jules faces her fear of public humiliation; Ellie and Grayson are impressed by Laurie in a trivia game.

Cougar Town S2E18
Episode 18

Lonesome Sundown

Jules tries to not interfere when Travis contemplates a big decision; the gang tries stop taking advantage of each other.

Cougar Town S2E19
Episode 19

Damaged by Love

Jules and Bobby don't know what to do when Travis gets his heart broken; Grayson stands up to Jules; Andy's flirty sister-in-law (Nia Vardalos) visits.

Cougar Town S2E20
Episode 20

Free Fallin'

As Travis' downward spiral continues, Jules decides to give him some tough love; Andy and Lou Diamond Phillips give Laurie and Bobby advice.

Cougar Town S2E21
Episode 21

Something Good Coming (1)

After Travis abruptly moves to Hawaii, the gang decides to go on vacation there; Grayson tells Jules that he wants to have kids; Laurie tries to lure Travis back home.

Cougar Town S2E22
Episode 22

Something Good Coming (2)

Laurie tries to lure Travis back home.

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