Cougar Town

Cougar Town

Cougar Town - Season 3 Episodes

Cougar Town - Season 3

Cougar Town - Season 3

In season 3, Jules and the cul de sac crew find themselves involved in everything from weddings to babies and everything in between.

Cougar Town S3E1
Episode 1

Ain’t Love Strange

Jules is miffed when Grayson (who has an ulterior motive) calls her predictable.

Cougar Town S3E2
Episode 2

A Mind With A Heart Of Its Own

Jules asks Laurie and Ellie to be her co-maids of honor.

Cougar Town S3E3
Episode 3

Lover's Touch

Jules spends all her time on wedding plans until an accident lands Travis in the hospital; a new game turns dangerous.

Cougar Town S3E4
Episode 4

Full Moon Fever

Bobby falls for Travis' photography professor; Laurie begins a romance with a soldier in Iraq; Jules and Andy clash with a gang of kids on bikes who are rampaging through the cul-de-sac.

Cougar Town S3E5
Episode 5

A One Story Town

Jules and Co. coax Bobby to put the moves on his new girlfriend, Angie. Meanwhile, Ted is on his way to Disney World for an audition with his singing group. "Scrubs" alums featured in this episode include Sarah Chalke, Sam Lloyd and Ken Jenkins

Cougar Town S3E6
Episode 6

Something Big

Grayson runs into an old flame and learns he's the father of a baby girl, which won't make life any easier for Jules as she tries to come to terms with her fiancé's wild past.

Cougar Town S3E7
Episode 7

You Can Still Change Your Mind

Jules, who wants a perfect wedding, gets worried when Travis wants to be their photographer; Bobby wants to take his relationship with Angie.

Cougar Town S3E8
Episode 8

Ways to Be Wicked

No one believes Ellie when she tries to convince them that her seemingly lovely mom, Betsy (guest star Susan Blakely), is actually a sociopath; Grayson decides to help Laurie with her dream of opening a cake business, but her reaction isn't what he expected; and Bobby and Chick (Ken Jenkins) help Travis and his buddies in their plan to steal the campus cougar statue.

Cougar Town S3E9
Episode 9

Money Becomes King

Jules and Grayson can't see eye to eye when it comes to joining their finances, but they're both going to have to make some sacrifices if they actually want to get married -- and that is not going to be easy. Meanwhile, Laurie's Krazy Kakes business is doing surprisingly well, and Travis convinces her to make some grown up decisions of her own.

Cougar Town S3E10
Episode 10

Southern Accents

Jules has a hard time accepting that Holly (guest star Briga Heelan) is part of her life, a situation that does not improve after she finds out that Holly and Travis made out; Andy wants to run for mayor so he can change the town rules against weddings on the beach (something Jules has her heart set on), but Ellie won't let him; and Laurie tries to convince Bobby he's just socially inept, not prejudiced, after he blurts out some awkward comments at the cake shop.

Cougar Town S3E11
Episode 11

Down South

A hurricane blows into town, so that means it's time for a hurricane party at Jules' house. But there's more than one storm brewing, as Travis wants to make a play for Laurie, now that she's broken up her Skype romance with soldier Wade (guest star Edwin Hodge), and Jules is determined to keep them apart.

Cougar Town S3E12
Episode 12

Square One

Grayson moves in with Jules after the hurricane damages his house, but the sudden togetherness makes them wonder if they're going to make the same mistakes in their upcoming marriage that they made in their past relationships. Meanwhile, Ellie and Laurie bicker about which of them is the sexiest, dragging Travis into the argument, and Jules and Bobby dare each other to a "white shirt challenge" - to see who can wear the same while shirt longer without spilling something on it.

Cougar Town S3E13
Episode 13

It'll All Work Out

When Jules realizes that the cul-de-sac crew didn't celebrate Thanksgiving together, she decides to celebrate the holiday, even though it's spring. But the family spirit is shattered, in more ways than one, when Little Stan gets his hands on Big Carl and Jules questions Ellie's parenting skills. Meanwhile, Travis struggles to write Jules' wedding vows and asks Bobby and Laurie for help, and Grayson helps a nervous Andy practice for the annual pizza toss for candidates running for mayor.

Cougar Town S3E14
Episode 14

My Life

Grayson convinces Jules to elope, but their friends tag along.

Cougar Town S3E15
Episode 15

Your World

Grayson convinces Jules to elope, but their friends tag along.

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