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Covert Affairs

Covert Affairs - Season 2 Episodes

Covert Affairs - Season 2

Covert Affairs - Season 2

Covert Affairs stars Golden Globe (R)-nominated Piper Perabo as Annie Walker, a young CIA operative whose exceptional linguistic skills make her invaluable to the Agency in missions that span the globe. While quickly becoming a seasoned field operative, Annie's career continues to intrude on her personal life, and she strives to for the perfect balance of "normal" with her high-octane adventures as a covert operative.

Covert Affairs S2E1
Episode 1

Begin the Begin

Season two starts where the first one left off, with Annie and Ben escaping danger together again. This time, they barely survive an ambush at a hospital in Guam.

Covert Affairs S2E2
Episode 2

Good Advices

It's Annie's birthday and Auggie is back with the team.

Covert Affairs S2E3
Episode 3

Bang and Blame

Joan and Auggie approach Annie in the hospital parking lot. They have an emergency of their own.

Covert Affairs S2E4
Episode 4

All the Right Friends

While in Argentina attempting to exchange a spy, an assassin attacks Annie and the spy, Carlo Reni.

Covert Affairs S2E5
Episode 5

Around the Sun

With Auggie starting his new job running the Office of Congressional Affairs, Annie adjusts to working with a new tech operative, Reva Kline, as they investigate a potential leak within NASA that could cripple the country's spy satellite fleet. Guest starring: Jaimie Alexander; Mark Moses.

Covert Affairs S2E6
Episode 6

The Outsiders

When Annie and Reva are sent to deploy surveillance cameras on the Poland-Belarus border, they are taken captive by members of the Belarusian Secret Police. As they work to escape their captors and make their way back to friendly soil, Joan sends Jai to Belarus to lead a covert rescue operation. Guest starring: Jaimie Alexander.

Covert Affairs S2E7
Episode 7

Half a World Away

While at the Istanbul Jazz Festival, Auggie hears something he never expected to hear again - the voice of the man who blinded him. As Auggie tracks him down, Annie learns the full story behind Auggie's injury.

Covert Affairs S2E8
Episode 8

Welcome To The Occupation

Pablo Delgado and three other armed eco-terrorists have stormed a conference room in Mexico City and taken a group of oil executives hostage.

Covert Affairs S2E9
Episode 9

Sad Professor

A CIA case officer, codename Moonlight, was killed in the line of duty. The agent turns out to be Annie's language professor from Georgetown University, Dr. Mark Ramsay.

Covert Affairs S2E10
Episode 10

World Leader Pretend

Shen Yue is a brilliant hydro-electric engineer and a Chinese national who plans to defect to the United States during a conference in Washington D.C. Annie wrote the file on Shen so she will be facilitating his defection and serving as his point person for intelligence retrieval. Annie attends the conference banquet to extract Shen, and before dessert is served, she and Jai release him into freedom.

Covert Affairs S2E11
Episode 11

The Wake-Up Bomb

After failing a mission in Rio, Annie finds herself with no active operations, and begins to experience just how lonely being a CIA operative can be. But she’s quickly provided with a new assignment when she meets a chef with ties to the Basque separatist movement, ETA.

Covert Affairs S2E12
Episode 12


When one of Arthur's former female Cold War assets emerges during one of Annie's missions, he immediately flies to Berlin to help, which sparks Joan's curiosity about their past relationship.

Covert Affairs S2E13
Episode 13

A Girl Like You

Annie is assigned to find out why Mossad agent Eyal Lavine is in Washington, but both get in big trouble when his mission gets a CIA asset killed.

Covert Affairs S2E14
Episode 14

Horse to Water

Arthur suspects that an imprisoned spy who betrayed the U.S. may have gotten a Russian asset killed, which leads Annie to a mission to investigate his two daughters.

Covert Affairs S2E15
Episode 15

What's The Frequency, Kenneth?

Annie allows herself to be recruited by an MI6 operative in the hopes of finding out why MI6 is spying in the United States.

Covert Affairs S2E16
Episode 16

Letter Never Sent

While on vacation in Stockholm with Danielle, Annie is asked to courier a package to a gala for the CIA. But after Danielle is mistaken for Annie at the event, it becomes clear that Annie's mission has put both their lives in jeopardy

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