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Criminal Minds - Season 5 Episodes

Criminal Minds - Season 5

Criminal Minds - Season 5

Hotch takes a brief leave of absence, and Rossi investigates a case in his hometown. Some of the more gruesome crimes involve a killer who keeps the eyes of his victims as a souvenir and a woman who kills to satisfy a rather childish obsession. Gavin Rossdale guest stars as a performer suspected of murder, in the show's 100th episode, C. Thomas Howell and D.B. Sweeney return as "The Reaper" and US Marshall Kassmeyer as the BAU team race to help Hotchner save his family before it's too late.

Criminal Minds S5E1
Episode 1

Nameless, Faceless

A local doctor receives a threat from a killer stating that he will kill the doctor’s son. Until his son is dead, the killer will murder one person a day. Facing a ticking clock, the team must protect the doctor and his son while they track the UnSub.

Criminal Minds S5E2
Episode 2


A troubled man experiences a psychotic break and has left five people dead in his wake. The BAU must figure out what triggered the break and find him before he kills again.

Criminal Minds S5E3
Episode 3


The BAU investigate a judge who’s hired a hitman to go after criminals that got away when he served on the bench.

Criminal Minds S5E4
Episode 4


The BAU track a pack of suspects who randomly murder their victims for the thrill of the kill.

Criminal Minds S5E5
Episode 5

Cradle to Grave

When a young woman who has very recently given birth is found dead, the team believes it has uncovered a horrific baby-selling ring. But they soon discover a pattern that suggests something much bigger, a killing team who abducts women to be surrogates for their own children.

Criminal Minds S5E6
Episode 6

The Eyes Have It

Criminal Minds S5E7
Episode 7

The Performer

The BAU team follows a trail of murders that seem to align with the tour pattern of a popular rockstar. The dark, vampire-like stage persona presented by the aging star seems to point to him as the killer, but the team struggles with so simple a solution, and begins to build a profile that not only looks at the troubled rocker, but also focuses on his circle of sycophantic followers and hangers on as well.

Criminal Minds S5E8
Episode 8


Criminal Minds S5E9
Episode 9


Criminal Minds S5E10
Episode 10

The Slave of Duty

A club valet attendant copies the keys of women then waits for them in their home. A psychologically-haunting home invasion story about self-delusion and loneliness, the Unsub convinces himself he's part of the women's lives. But ultimately the BAU profiles their way to the fact that connection is only in the Unsub's mind.

Criminal Minds S5E11
Episode 11


Morgan and Prentiss are in pursuit of Dale Schraeder, a recently paroled bank robber, now wanted for murder and kidnapping his own daughter. Schraeder is apprehended and placed under arrest. As Prentiss and Detective Bunting escort a handcuffed Schraeder to the station, their car is hit by a truck and tumbles down a ravine. Injured and unable to move, Prentiss watches as Schraeder strangles Bunting. The driver of the truck approaches their car, frees Schraeder and prevents him from killing Prentiss. Both men escape before Morgan arrives on the scene. The team is now hunting Schraeder and his partner, Joe Mueller, an undercover cop being forced to help Schraeder. Years earlier, Joe's testimony put Schraeder behind bars. Upon his release, Schraeder kidnaps Joe's family and uses Joe to obtain the key for the money he hid in a safety deposit box before his incarceration. Before the men can make it to the bank, they are stopped by Prentiss and Morgan. When Schraeder threatens Joe's life, Prentiss kills him. The team helps Joe rescue his kidnapped family.

Criminal Minds S5E12
Episode 12

The Uncanny Valley

The BAU tracks an Unsub who's created a collection of real life dolls by abducting women and keeping them in a state of conscious paralysis.

Criminal Minds S5E13
Episode 13

Risky Business

Hotch’s first case back since his attack by Foyet finds him and the team in Louisville on the trail of Darrin Call who killed 8 people and injured 3 others at a pharmacy, before escaping on foot Weaned off his anti-psychotic meds, Darrin suffered a mental break triggered by another’s touch. Trying to make sense of the flashbacks he’s having, Darrin goes to his doctor, but kills his doctor’s patient and his doctor in the process. With his medical file in hand, he tries to make sense of his past. When Darrin was younger, he helped his father abduct boys and then after his father killed them, he disposed of their bodies. But he helped one boy named Tommy escape. In the present and in his delusional state, Darrin mistakes a boy at an orphanage for young Tommy and kidnaps him. They wind up at his father’s house where Darrin demands answers from his father for what he did. The team finds Darrin there and with nothing to lose, Hotch walks unarmed into the house where Darrin has a gun trained on his father. Hotch is able to distract Darrin enough to get the kidnapped boy out of the house, but does little to stop Darrin from killing his father.

Criminal Minds S5E14
Episode 14


The BAU tracks a con artist whose lost control and instead of just stealing the money of his wealthy victims he now kills them.

Criminal Minds S5E15
Episode 15

Public Enemy

The BAU investigates a serial killer who targets random victims in highly visible places, the latest being in a church.

Criminal Minds S5E16
Episode 16

Mosley Lane

After an Amber alert goes past the critical 24th hour without success, a woman known to JJ claims this current case is identical to her son's disappearance eight years ago. But it's a claim she has made numerous times over the years. JJ uncovers a crucial link between the cases which makes her believe there's a connection and she persuades the team to investigate. To the horror of our BAU team, they discover the owners of a crematorium have been abducting children and keeping them alive for over ten years.

Criminal Minds S5E17
Episode 17

Solitary Man

A truck driver is killing women in his search to find a replacement mother for his daughter.

Criminal Minds S5E18
Episode 18

The Fight

The team is called to San Francisco to investigate the murders of homeless men who are kidnapped and forced to fight to the death or be killed. Hotch and company join forces with another BAU team whose leader believes that a series of additional murders of father and their teenage daughters are tied to the first case.

Criminal Minds S5E19
Episode 19

Rite of Passage

The team tracks an Unsub who is killing illegal immigrants trying to cross into the U.S.

Criminal Minds S5E20
Episode 20

...A Thousand Words

In a warehouse filled with photos and clippings of missing women, the serial killer who abducted and murdered these women takes his own life. Our team arrives on scene and sees that the killer's body is covered in tattoos. Every tattoo corresponds to the photos of the missing women, except one, Rebecca Daniels who vanished three weeks ago. The team profiles the dead serial killer in the hopes that Rebecca is still alive.

Criminal Minds S5E21
Episode 21

Exit Wounds

Garcia plays a crucial role in a case when she travels to Alaska with the BAU team to investigate the murders of several members of a small town.

Criminal Minds S5E22
Episode 22

The Internet Is Forever

The team goes to Boise, Idaho to pursue an Unsub preying on victims through social networking sites. By the time the team arrives, three women have gone missing in a year. They interview friends and relatives of the last victim and discover that the Unsub, by following their lives online, gains entry to his victim’s homes when they’re out and installs hidden cameras so he can learn their security codes and routines. The Unsub puts the viral videos of the intrusion and killings live online for anyone to stream. He’s good with computers and proves challenging for Garcia to trace the video’s origin. Through the victims’ pictures, Reid discovers a facial pattern throughout them and believes the Unsub’s facial structure is the same. After they deliver the profile, a key detail they withhold from the press conference is leaked and the Unsub accelerates his process, expressing rage in his next live video stream. Garcia is unable trace the video, but traces the chat room while the team watches him take his next victim. In the Unsub’s haste, he leaves fiber optic cable which reveals he’s working for an internet installation company, his way into his victim’s home. Looking over his client list, they find the woman with the same facial structure, but she’s gone. With Garcia’s chat room trace, they discover that one of his followers built the Unsub a freezer that he stores his bodies in. Now with the Unsub’s address, the team stops the next killing.

Criminal Minds S5E23
Episode 23

Our Darkest Hour

A series of rolling blackouts in the city of Los Angeles lures a serial killer out of hiding, giving him renewed opportunities to continue his killing spree.

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