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Criminal Minds - Season 6 Episodes

Criminal Minds - Season 6

Criminal Minds - Season 6

The BAU (Behavioral Analysis Unit), a team of elite FBI agents, has plenty of twisted criminal minds to apprehend this season. Future episodes include a missing girl vacationing in Atlantic Beach, two married couples who are brutally murdered after being forced to have sex, and two Midwestern families with no clear connection to each other who are killed just miles apart.

Criminal Minds S6E1
Episode 1

The Longest Night

We pick up moments after the season 5 finale, when the Unsub Flynn kidnapped Spicer's daughter Ellie, leaving Spicer fatally shot, Kristin, his sister badly hurt and Morgan beaten unconscious. The rest of the BAU team struggles to get through the traffic and find Morgan and Spicer in the midst of a city-wide blackout. They reach Morgan and Kristin and with her help, they are able to put more of the profile together about Flynn. Meanwhile Flynn is using Ellie as a ruse to get to his next victims - she tries to escape from him by getting to another house and he is right behind her when they let her in. Since Spicer is always listening to the radio, JJ has the idea of trying to get through to him using the Emergency Broadcast System and to jump through a lot of hoops in figuring out who has the authority to give her access. Flynn forces Ellie to work with him in torturing another family and has her take the son to the closet per his usual MO. What Flynn doesn't know that Ellie discovers is that there's another son in the family. She lets him escape and tells him to run and call the police in every house down the block. When the neighborhood starts to come after him, he escapes with Ellie into the family's car and drives away. The BAU arrives and is able to put more of their profile together. They discover the Ellie is the key - she's who Flynn was after all along. It was his version of being a grandfather and he was going to keep her and continue his delusion. Garcia discovers who he is and updates the team about his childhood and history. JJ finally gains access to the Emergency Broadcast system and breaks through to start talking to Flynn. She gets through to him and he lets Ellie go. He goes into another house and wants Morgan to come in after him. Morgan finds him holding another couple at gunpoint and in the end, Morgan has no choice but to shoot Flynn. Morgan gets back to Ellie and can rest knowing that she is finally safe.

Criminal Minds S6E2
Episode 2


The BAU team is called in when a girl, Kate Joyce, is reported missing while vacation in Atlantic Beach. Her roommates say she never returned to her hotel room after leaving the Sea-crets nightclub with two men, Syd Phillips and Jim Barrett. The town and entire police force believe these two guys did something to Kim but the two guys aren't talking and it's been almost three days - they have only 12 hours left before they're released. Our team comes in to use their master profiling skills and observe the two guys' non-verbal cues to see if they can get something out of them. Through their questioning and an important find by JJ, the team is able to create a more specific timeline that ultimately causes Jim Barrett to slip up. In the final hour, the Coast Guard finds Kate, alive, clinging to a buoy, and reunites her with her family.

Meanwhile, JJ can no longer ignore the repeated job offers from the Department of Defense and Director Strauss tells her she has no other choice but to leave the BAU and take the job to liase for the DOD. Hotch does his best to try and stop it and keep JJ but ultimately, the team has to say goodbye to one of their own.

Criminal Minds S6E3
Episode 3

Rememberance of Things Past

Every profiler has an old case that haunts him. For Rossi, it's a sexual sadist who, 30 years ago, the same year the BAU was formed, tortured and brutally killed dozens of young women in a Virginia suburb. When the killings start again, locals believe it's a copycat killing, but Rossi leads our team to discover that this is the work of the original UnSub, who now suffers from Alzheimers. With the help of his son, this heinous criminal has started killing again in order to relive his last murder, which is slowly fading from his memory. Now Rossi must come face to face with his ailing nemesis, mentally break him down and find his son who is moments away from striking again.

Criminal Minds S6E4
Episode 4

Compromising Positions

When two married couples are brutally murdered after being forced to have sex, the team investigates. They profile an UnSub frustrated by impotence, who’s crimes follow the pattern of sexual fantasies he used to enact at swingers clubs. More are killed as the man’s mental state deteriorates. Garcia struggles to take over JJ’s responsibilities but ultimately helps identify the UnSub, leading the team to a tense confrontation where Prentiss uses herself as bait to keep the killer from opening fire on a bar full of civilians.

Criminal Minds S6E5
Episode 5

Safe Haven

When two Midwestern families with no clear connection to each other are killed just miles apart, the team is called in to find the family annihilator before he strikes again. At first, they are stumped: it seems that both sets of parents let the killer into their house, fed them dinner, and even left them alone with their children without any fear of danger. It’s not until the third body – that of Minister Louis Hannum – is discovered dead in his truck on the side of the road that the team figures out that the UnSub is actually a young teenage psychopath. The BAU team discovers that he was left at a hospital in Omaha by his fearful mother due to a misunderstanding of a loophole in the state’s safe haven law, which at one point allowed parents to abandon any child under 18 and have them become a ward of the state. Now, young Jeremy Montgomery is killing his way home - where he will attempt to exact his final revenge on the mother who left him behind.

Meanwhile, young Ellie (Ep. 601) has run away from her foster home and flown to DC in the hopes that Morgan can find her a better place to live. With some help from Garcia, he manages to secure a hearing with Child Protective Services to transfer her to Virginia so she can be closer to him.

Criminal Minds S6E6
Episode 6

Devil's Night

In Detroit, the three nights surrounding Halloween are collectively known as Devil’s Night. Vandals take over the city, smashing windows and lighting fires. For the past three years, UnSub Kaman has used the mayhem as a cover for his abductions and murders. Our team only has the three nights of Devil’s Night to catch Kaman before he disappears again for another year.

Criminal Minds S6E7
Episode 7

Middle Man

When the police discover a series of women found dead in rural Indiana cornfields, the BAU is brought in to find the serial killer. As it turns out, the UnSub is actually a pack of three murderous college students. As the FBI closes in, our team must find the pack before the leader kills his two partners and eludes the law for good.

Criminal Minds S6E8
Episode 8

Reflection of Desire

The BAU gets involved with a local murder in Georgetown due to the disturbing nature of the crime: the victim is a girl, Kelly, who was taken captive for three days and killed. When her body is found dumped in an alley, the police are astonished to find that her lips have been cut off.

Criminal Minds S6E9
Episode 9

Into the Woods

When a family of hikers on the Appalachian Trail comes across the body of an 8-year-old kid, the BAU are brought in to profile and find the serial child abuser and murderer before he strikes again.

Criminal Minds S6E10
Episode 10

What Happens At Home

In the gated, New Mexico community of Oak Tree Hills, an UnSub has been killing women in their homes at night. When the security camera footage reveals that no one entered or left the community around the time of the killings, it becomes clear that the killer is someone in the neighborhood who everyone trusts.

Criminal Minds S6E11
Episode 11

25 to Life

25 years ago, Don Sanderson was convicted of killing his wife and daughter and sentenced to life in prison. Since then, he has maintained his innocence while acting as the model inmate. Morgan, who has been monitoring Don for years, recommends him for parole and the board agrees. Don is set free.

Criminal Minds S6E12
Episode 12


In a barrio of Miami, an UnSub practitioner of a dark Afro-Caribbean religion has been killing people, cutting off their hands, and stuffing shells in their mouth and eyes. The BAU team flies to Florida to stop him before he kills again.

Criminal Minds S6E13
Episode 13

The Thirteenth Step

In a story reminiscent of Natural Born Killers, two young lovers, Ray Donovan and Sydney Manning, go on an interstate murder spree. The BAU races to stop them.

Criminal Minds S6E14
Episode 14

Sense Memory

The BAU flies to LA when the cops discover an unusual string of murders - overweight women who were drowned and then dumped all over town. Even odder, each body has a small chunk of flesh removed from their feet.

Criminal Minds S6E15
Episode 15

Today I Do

Self-affirmation turns dark when Molly Grandin is kidnapped and psychologically tortured by a disturbed woman posing as her life coach. As the BAU team delves into the UnSub’s dark past, it becomes clear that Molly’s only chance at survival is to play into her captor’s delusions of martyrdom. If the UnSub’s sense of self is challenged she becomes incredibly dangerous. As the team races to prevent Jane’s murder, however, the kidnapped woman decides to fight back. Meanwhile, Prentiss gets word from Tsia in France that Jeremy, their old team member, is dead. More certain than ever that Doyle is tracking them down, Prentiss tells Tsia to flee France and come back to the US.

Criminal Minds S6E16
Episode 16


When Billy Sparks, an autistic boy, is the only witness to the violent abduction of his parents, the BAU team must travel to coastal Louisiana in order to solve the crime. What they find is a community that is financially devastated by the oil spill and a frightened, mute Billy who can only communicate through his piano. As the UnSub drags Billy's mother to banks and check cashing shops in the hopes of collecting as much cash as possible, the team begins to wonder if they're dealing with a true psychopath or a man pushed to the brink by the economic collapse.

Criminal Minds S6E17
Episode 17


Prentiss’ struggle with terrorist Ian Doyle takes center stage as the BAU investigate a series of suspicious house fires in Washington, D.C. At first, it seems like the fires are unrelated – one caused by a gas leak, the other covering up a murder/suicide. But as the team uncovers a connection between the victims and a secretive international organization, Prentiss begins to realize that Doyle is the UnSub. Ultimately, she must decide whether to tell the team her dangerous secret or face Doyle alone.

Criminal Minds S6E18
Episode 18


For agent Emily Prentiss, the time has come to deal with Ian Doyle once and for all. Meanwhile, the BAU must profile one of their own in order to prevent the terrorist from shattering their family.

Criminal Minds S6E19
Episode 19

With Friends Like These...

When it appears that a gang of violent UnSubs are brutally murdering a new victim each night, the BAU team flies to Portland to stop the slayings. On the ground, however, the evidence begins to contradict itself. Even though the victims are being stabbed and bludgeoned dozens of times from multiple angles with different objects, other facts point to a solitary killer. As the sun sets, our team must solve the mystery before anyone else dies.

Criminal Minds S6E20
Episode 20

Hanley Waters

Guilt and grief turn into violence when a Floridian woman, distraught over the death of her son, goes on a killing spree. The murders seem random at first, but the BAU team eventually learns that the UnSub is targeting heroes – police, firefighters, and EMT first responders. As the team races to uncover the mysteries surrounding our UnSub’s tragic past, she attempts to exact vengeance on a world that was unable to save her baby boy.

Criminal Minds S6E21
Episode 21

The Stranger

The team flies to San Diego in order to catch a deranged UnSub who is attempting to avenge his childhood trauma by stalking and killing college-aged babysitters. As the UnSub's violence increases with each kill, the BAU agents must find the root of his anger before the death toll rises any further.

Criminal Minds S6E22
Episode 22

Out of the Light

A southern tourist town is rocked when a young woman throws herself off a cliff and onto a road. When the bruises on her body lead police to suspect she was escaping a sexual sadist, the BAU is called down to investigate. Our team learns that the woman had a friend - a young girl who went missing along with the victim. She is still in the UnSub's clutches, and time is running out.

Criminal Minds S6E23
Episode 23

Big Sea

The BAU is Florida-bound to investigate bodies discovered buried in the ocean floor off Jacksonville, but the case rattles Morgan when his aunt suspects that her missing daughter is one of the victims.

Criminal Minds S6E24
Episode 24

Supply and Demand

The bodies of two missing persons are found in a car trunk, and the BAU suspects that an interstate human trafficking ring is at work. Also, Hotch warns the team of possible changes, and they are surprised when a beloved team member returns.

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