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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Season 11 Episodes

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Season 11

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Season 11

Season 11 of the hit drama CSI picks up where it left off - with Langston on the floor of a jail cell bleeding profusely - and ends with the team solving the mystery surrounding the explosion of a van during a funeral ("Shock Waves"). Future episodes contain grisly crimes involving a shark attack in the crowded pool of a casino ("Pool Shark") and the decapitation of a young man found in the woods ("Blood Moon"). Other cases involve the knife attack of a legendary vegas icon ("Sqweegel") and the CSI's reopen a cold case involving two young girls who went missing five years ago.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation S11E1
Episode 1

Shock Waves

We pick up where we left off from the season 10 cliffhanger, Langston is on the floor of Haskell's cell bleeding to death and is rushed to the hospital where he is stablized. Nick goes to Officer Clark's funeral (killed in episode #1023) to pay his respects but watches from a distance since the officer's family feels he is partly to blame for his death. While waiting in his car, Nick notices a ticking sound coming from a nearby van. Almost simutaneously the officers castket explodes, then another explosion. Family members and officers are running from the explosions right toward Nick who is trying to warn them not to come his way when the van explodes. As the team investigates the attack, Brass and Langston, who is helping with investigation from his hospital room, initially think Haskell is involved. With the help of the new BABE (Ballistics, Arson, Bombs, Explosive technician), Kacey Monahan, the team pieces together the remniants of the bomb and the cell phone detonator. They trace the cell phone back to a radical anti-government group who attack Brass, Sara and a team of officers when they arrive at the groups community center; Brass takes everyone in for questioning. A young boy in the group, Jason McCann (Justin Bieber), has something to hide. Nick befriends Jason and Jason finally tells him that his brother Alex was the bomber. The team tracks down Alex who pulls a gun on Nick and the team. They are forced to open fire and kill Alex. Just when everyone thought it was over, Catherine, Vartann and Greg get called to an abandoned warehouse where they find a murdered homeless man has been booby trapped. Catherine watches Vartann and Greg get caught directly in the explosion. Catherine knows this isn't over.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation S11E2
Episode 2

Pool Shark

Hysteria ensues when a shark attacks a woman in the pool of a Las Vegas Casino while hundreds are attending a very popular "day club". CSIs are called in to figure out how a Tiger Shark got into a Las Vegas casino pool. The casino owner, Earnest "Booze" Boozell, has had a long-standing rivalry with another casino owner, Danny Macklin, whose "day club" across the street is Booze's competition. Langston and Dr. Robbins notice that the victim's flesh is white not pink at the point where the shark attack occurred and realize she was dead prior to the attack. A puncture wound in the victim's back and surveillance video lead the team to a career thief who drugs her victims before robbing them. This time she unintentionally gave the victim a "hot shot" and killed her before she robbed her. The question still remained - how did a shark get into the pool? Langston examines the shark with the Aquatic Veterinarian Dr. Holloway and realizes Holloway is lying to them about the shark's origin. Before Catherine can interrogate him, he is murdered after someone tampered with his scuba gear. The evidence leads to Booze, theorizing he may have placed the shark in his own pool in order to blame and bring down his rival. The tag number found on the shark actually showed that Macklin was the one trying to set up his rival to get him out of the way so he could make his lucrative "day club" even more profitable.

Catherine is reminded of her father in several flashbacks when Booze brings back fond memories for her since Catherine's father and Booze where friends back in the days of "old school" Vegas.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation S11E3
Episode 3

Blood Moon

A young man is found decapitated in the woods and the CSIs believe the killing was ritualistic. Hodges finds the victim, Michael Wilson, has residue from a recent body wax and the team traces the wax to a hotel on the strip. Wilson was staying at the hotel and when the CSIs search his room they discover he was in town for his wedding which is taking place today. Langston, Catherine and Nick go to the hotel chapel to notify the wedding party of the victim's death but they receive a shock of their own when they find a room full of real-life vampires. Wilson and his fiancée Julie were practicing vampires who wanted to get married at the annual vampire and werewolf convention; where they met a year before. Vampires and werewolves are mortal enemies and when wolf hair is found in the victim's mouth the team traces it to the deceased pet of a practicing werewolf, Kurt Francis. DNA found on a yellow contact lens in the victim's hotel room is also linked to Francis. His truck is examined and the CSIs find not only the victim's blood but digestive enzymes from someone suffering from porphyria, also known as "vampire’s disease". It turns out, Wilson held a secret - he was a werewolf. Wilson originally belonged to Francis' werewolf pack but when he saw Julie at the convention, he instantly fell in love and changed who he was for her. Francis recognized Wilson dressed as a vampire and confronted him. Francis also told a fellow vampire, Thomas Stewart, and both decided to work together to kill him. Thomas managed to also convince Wilson's fiancée Julie that he betrayed her and she was the one that delivered the first deadly blow.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation S11E4
Episode 4


A legendary icon on the Vegas strip, Margot Wilton, is attacked with a blade in her bedroom but survives. When the CSI team is called to the scene, they discover the attacker has been watching his victim from within the house for sometime but oddly they find no DNA or prints from the attacker. Soon a high-profile community activist is attacked in the same manner as Wilton except this victim is killed. The husband of the newest victim says his wife was also attacked, just a few months prior, with a blade but survived. The attacker kept repeating the same phrase "I know what you did, confess!". His wife acted as if she didn't know what the attacker was talking about but the team soon finds she was cheating on her husband while posing as a model citizen. Based on clues the attacker left at Wilton's home, Langston knows she has something to hide and goes to speak with her but she refutes the assurtion that she is not telling the whole truth. Against Langston's advice, she returns to her home and the Mayor of Las Vegas threatens Brass and the CSIs with harrassment lawsuits if they come near her. They know she is in danger but need the greenlight from Ecklie in order to protect her. Meanwhile, in Wilton's house, the mystery attacker appears and tells her that he gave her the chance to confess but she didn't take it. She struggles with the attacker and when the team hears gunshots they rush in. Wilton is badly bleeding and the attacker has vanished into thin air once again but has left behind the proof of Wilton's secret. She murdered her disabled son before she became famous because he was a burden on her career. The team also finds the body of a local EMT who had fresh healing blade wounds on his body. It turns out, the EMT who had recently been praised in the press as a hero for saving children from a burning building was actually the one that was starting the fires. Langston and the team know that the killer is punishing those that don't confess to their crimes and must find him before he kills again.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation S11E5
Episode 5

House of Hoarders

The CSIs find the dead body of a woman in her mother’s home. The mother suffers from a condition called “hoarding” and has attempted to hide all her family secrets under piles of trash. The team is called in when a horrible stench is coming from the house in a downtrodden neighborhood. Once they arrive, they realize they have a hoarder on their hands. A woman who has lived under tons and tons of trash is found to also be hiding dead bodies. Awful family secrets are slowly uncovered by our CSIs and it is revealed that the woman's daughter had a darkside and had been killing young men so her mother, trying to save her from herself, chained her up and held her captive.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation S11E6
Episode 6

Cold Blooded

The cold case of two young girls, Whitney Kohler and Pam Beck, who went missing five years ago is reopened by our CSIs when Whitney's father is found murdered and Pam's mother is suspected of the murder. Pam's mother, Carly has disappeared but the team finds a picture of what looks like Whitney's remains in Carly's home. A trail of items that Carly pawned, including an expensive watch owned by Phil, leads them to Carly; who is making a money drop. Carly claims she had nothing to do with Phil's murder and had recently recieved a letter from Henry Holt, the man sent to prison for the girls' murders. The letter said Holt was willing to tell her where the girls' were buried if she paid him a large sum of money. Nick and the CSIs examine the documents and determine that they were printed in the prison but sent to Carly from an outside mailbox. When visiting the prison they are surprised to learn Holt tried to commit suicide a week ago and has been in a coma ever since. A disgruntled prison guard came upon Holt as he was hanging himself and decided to make a quick buck by extorting the families out of money if they wanted info about their daughter's bodies; which was left in Holt's suicide note. The prison guard killed Phil when he thought he would use his money and power to investigate where the letters can from and expose the guard's extortion plot.

Langston investigates the death of a young WLVU Paleontology student who was seemingly killed by a T-Rex. The student, Brian Barry, and his girlfriend, Jane Lewis went to see the "Walking with Dinosaurs" show and video surveillance shows that Jane and another student, Travis Kilborn, were making out during the show while Brian went to get a snack. It turns out, the trio got drunk and broke into the arena after-hours to see the dinosaurs up close. Brian climbed up a Brachiosaurus, slipped and fell onto the teeth of the T-Rex. Jane and Travis panicked and dropped him in the desert but Langston discovers that Jane may have helped in creating this accident and is not as sweet and innocent as she appears.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation S11E7
Episode 7

Bump and Grind

The shredded remains of a man are found in the back of a dump truck and our CSIs must piece together the evidence in order to find out the identity of the victim and his killer. Checking the truck's manifest, the team traces the dump trucks pick-up to a local shredding company. Shreds of credit cards found with the body are pieced together and establish they belong to Larry LaMotte, the owner of an identity protection firm. Larry and his head of security, Julius Kaplan claim they know nothing about the crime but Langston knows something isn't right. They find Julius is not who he claims and is actually a former mob hit man. Evidence in his home links Julius to our victim; the team also finds Julius shot to death. The gun found near Julius is also linked to another shooting in Reno six years ago. Forensics matches the bullet fragments from that shooting to fragments found on our shredded victim, meaning the gun that killed Julius attempted to kill our victim six years earlier. Our CSIs finally discover the shredded victim's true identity; his name is Larry LaMotte. The identity protection pitchman, Larry LaMotte, is a fraud whose real name is Arlo Karden. Arlo uses the identity protection firm to steal his client’s identities. Our shredded victim is the real Larry LaMotte and Arlo's former partner in crime before he sent Julius to try to kill Larry six years ago. The real Larry tried to blackmail his former partner and in the ultimate twist Julius and Arlo's assistant conspired to kill the real Larry and steal the pay-off money Arlo was giving him for his silence. The assistant got greedy and killed Julius as well so she could keep all the money for herself.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation S11E8
Episode 8


Our CSIs investigate the murder of two men who were about to expose a natural gas conglomerate of poisoning residents in a farming town. When a Natural gas company leases land to poor ranching families outside of Vegas, the water starts to poison the population. people start getting terrible cancers, and dying off. The two men who try to investigate the company are both murder in a pay off by the big corporation. Langston and Nick attempt to solve these murders, and at the same time encourage Ecklie to go after the corporation. Ecklie will not have it -- not their jurisdiction. In the end they solve the murders, and find out that that man who was paid off by the big gas company was also murdered.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation S11E9
Episode 9

Wild Life

A man plummets to his death from a Las Vegas hotel and the two women he was in the room with that night, Stacey and Dana, claim they have no memory of what happened. Both women are found to have had engaged in sexual activity that night, Dana with the victim and Stacey with a mystery man. Dana initially claims she was raped but once our CSIs layout the evidence showing she was relatively sober the night of the murder, she confesses that she and the victim met each other in the hall after he helped her get away from the mystery man who had slept with her friend and then tried to rape her. They were instantly attracted to one another and while engaging in a Kama Sutra sex position on the balcony, the man accidentally fell off. Meanwhile, Sara and Greg investigate the deaths of a couple where the evidence doesn't seem to point to anyone else being present in their house at the time of their deaths. The team soon discovers that all the evidence actually points to a couple of unlikely suspects - the couple’s pets. The husband was giving their parrot a bath and their cat spooked him and the parrot, causing the man to slip and hit his head in the tub. The wife heard the commotion while cooking and when she went to investigate the spooked bird leaped out at her, causing her to fall backwards into the coffee table and accidentally stabbed herself in the chest.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation S11E10
Episode 10


The wife of an FBI agent is murdered in a supermarket parking lot and his two children appear to have been kidnapped by a serial pedophile who the agent has been after for years. Our CSI team soon finds the agent was involved in his wife's murder and race to find the little girl when they realize her schizophrenic brother has taken her. The agent and his wife were in the middle of a messy divorce and he wanted her out of his life. The agent who obsessively tracked a serial pedophile for years tries to frame the pedophile for his wife's murder. The pedophile is found dead and the team realizes the agent's schizophrenic son killed him and took his little sister fearing for her safety when he began to have hallucinations that the pedophile was after them and killed his step-mom.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation S11E11
Episode 11

Man Up

A dead woman's photo is posted on a website and our CSIs work to trace the woman's last night in hopes of finding her killer. The woman is a former prostitute who her boyfriend says left that life to be a legitimate model. Nick and the team find that her last night was spent in the back of Carrot Top's limo and he claims he was kidnapped by the three men with the young woman. Forensics leads our CSIs to three men who were reliving a moment in their college days when they created an adult scavenger hunt where the final task was to "kill a hooker". The men claim they never killed the woman and just paid her to take that picture so two of the men could win the game and get the third man to pay for the Vegas trip. The team soon discovers that the third man was so desperate to one-up the others, when he found out it was all a joke, he killed the hooker and tried to pin the murder on the other two in order to prove he was the real winner. Meanwhile, Hodges finds the motorcycle he bought at a swap meet has its own bloody mystery when a severed thumb and blood are found in the exhaust. Langston helps Hodges investigate and they discover the bike has replacement parts that came from a local salvage yard. One of the owners of the salvage yard sold off the pieces of what was left of a motorcycle that was recently caught in the middle of a horrendous two bus accident. Hodges finds the motorcycle victim's former girlfriend, who looks remarkably like Wendy. She claims her ex-boyfriend bought a motorcycle after she left him and he wanted to go out on the road in order to forget about her but died in the accident just a half mile into his journey. This story resonates with Hodges and he decides to let his dream of riding the open road go and possibly move on from Wendy.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation S11E12
Episode 12

A Kiss Before Frying

The CSIs link a body with severe burn marks to possible execution by electric chair - and to a legendary Vegas murder.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation S11E13
Episode 13

The Two Mrs. Grissoms

When the Dean of a deaf college dies in a suspicious car accident, our CSIs delve into the deaf community and uncover both an imposter and a killer. Grissom's mother is a professor at the deaf college and Sara happened to be at a scholarship event with her the night the Dean was murdered. Sara meets a professor, Julia Holden, at the event and finds that she is not only the prime murder suspect but a former girlfriend of Grissom's who her mother-in-law adores. Julia appears to have something to hide when she lies to our CSI team about her whereabouts when the car accident/bombing occurred. As Sara continues to investigate Julia, Nick and Langston follow the evidence trail the bomb, which killed the Dean, left behind. They discover parts from a smoke detector used in each room at the college and trace it back to the room of a disgruntled student. The student feels he was the one truly entitled to the scholarship fund but was edged out because Julia's "golden-boy", Sean Wyatt, was her favorite and pushed the Dean to give him the scholarship. Our team discovers Julia was actually a victim, being played by Sean and her personal interpreter, in order for them to cash in on the substantial scholarship prize money.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation S11E14
Episode 14

All That Cremains

A dismembered body is found in several boxes at a thrift store and our CSIs work to figure out John Doe's identity and why someone would murder him so brutally. Our team discovers the victim died of asphyxiation when the killer shoved the cremated remains of his dead wife down his throat after tying him to the bed then dismembering his body in the bathtub before bagging and leaving boxes of the body for the thrift store to pick-up. All the evidence points to his former live-in girlfriend but our team is shocked when they find the victims 12 year-old daughter killed and dismembered her father. After years of neglect by both her parents, when her father's girlfriend, who she grew to love like a mother, suddenly breaks it off with her father, it sends the young girl over the edge and she murders her father so she can go live with his former girlfriend and get the love she never really had before.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation S11E15
Episode 15

Targets of Obsession

Justin Bieber returns as Jason McCann.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation S11E16
Episode 16

Turn On, Tune In, Drop Dead

The body of a young man is brought into the Coroner's office and David is about to perform an autopsy when the dead man gets up and walks out the door. Our CSIs investigate how a man pronounced dead can turn into a walking zombie.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation S11E17
Episode 17

The List

An ex-cop, Vance Tolsom, who was convicted of killing his wife, Anne-Marie, has been murdered in prison.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation S11E18
Episode 18

Hitting for the Cycle

A string of deaths, including a gamer found dead on his couch and a newly divorced man at the bottom of a pool, instigate a bet among the CSIs as to whether they've "hit for the cycle" - a homicide, a suicide, an accidental and a natural death all in one night.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation S11E19
Episode 19


A woman is found at dead at the bottom of a remote hillside having been half eaten by a mountain lion.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation S11E20
Episode 20

Father Of The Bride (1)

In this episode we find out that Nate Haskell is holding his bride Vivian hostage and demanding ransom from her parents. We later find out when her father kills himself that he was having an incestuous relationship with Vivian which damaged her enough to trust Haskell and his other bride, Tina. Tina kills Vivian and dumps her body at the old farm house where we learn Nate has been hiding other bodies. Our team discovers Haskell has seen a plastic surgeon who they suspect has altered his appearance but find his bride Tina murdered them too. In the mean time, Langston is doing everything he can to keep up with Nate's game. In the final moments of the show we learn that the team has figured out that Haskell is in Los Angeles. What they do not yet know is that Haskell is planning to kidnap and torture Langston's ex-wife Gloria.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation S11E21
Episode 21

Cello and Goodbye (2)

Picking up where we left off in episode #1120. Our CSIs head to L.A after Nate Haskell takes Langston's ex-wife Gloria hostage. They are called to a crime scene where they find the body of Gloria's husband, Phil who has been stabbed multiple times but there is no sign of Gloria. Langston's world is turned upside down as he tries to follow the steps of a madman. Langston pretends to head back to Vegas because he simply is too close to this case, but when he goes rogue, Nick tracks him down and helps Langston connect the dots. The team finds out that Tina has been killed by Haskell -- as he just uses the brides and discards them one by one. Langston is the only one who realizes that Haskell has headed back to Vegas and he follows him back to the old farmhouse. Langston discover Gloria is the farmhouse barely alive as Haskell’s true identity is revealed. The episode ends in a stand-off between Langston and Haskell.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation S11E22
Episode 22

In a Dark, Dark House (3)

In this season finale, Langston and Haskell’s stand-off ends with Haskell dead. Our CSIs must investigate one of their own when much of the evidence points to the theory that Langston intentionally murdered Haskell. The bulk of the episode centers on the CSIs investigating the scene at the old farmhouse, where Langston and Haskell came to final blows. Haskell was thrown from the balcony, and there is some question as to whether or not it was an accident. Suspicion peaks, when there are cuff marks found on Haskell's wrists, but no cuffs found at the scene. In the end it is revealed to the audience that Brass knows what Langston did, and protected him. The season ends with Langston saving his ex wife Gloria, and ending up in front of Internal Affairs.

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