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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Season 8 Episodes

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Season 8

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Season 8

In the season finale of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, television's No. 1 scripted series, Sara was kidnapped by the miniature killer and left for dead under a car. In the Season 8 premiere, we'll finally learn the answer to the burning question - "Does Sara live or die?" One thing's for sure - the graveyard shift will never be the same again. Actress Jessica Lucas (The L Word) guest stars in four episodes as Veronica (aka "Ronnie") Lake, a young, overzealous new CSI-in-training who's about to discover that in searching for the perpetrator of a crime, she could easily become his next victim.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation S8E1
Episode 1

Dead Doll (2)

Grissom and the team are in a desperate search to find Sara, who was recently kidnapped by the miniature killer: Natalie Kimble. Their only clue to Sara's whereabouts is a mysterious miniature that shows Sara trapped beneath a flipped red Mustang somewhere in the vast desert surrounding Las Vegas.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation S8E2
Episode 2

A La Cart

A man’s body is found shredded into pieces on a highway outside of Vegas. His decapitated head is found inside a football helmet, a distance away from the other parts of his body. This gruesome case leads the CSI team to a go-cart track where they discover that a group of teenagers were racing their high powered go-carts down the highway. It turns out the victim was torn apart by an exploding tire from an 18 wheeler during a race. The team recreates the accident by using a ballistics gel man filled with bones.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation S8E3
Episode 3

Go To Hell

The CSIs stumble upon a grisly multiple murder related to a girl who has been through an exorcism. The victims are parents of Amy, a 12-year-old wild child, and they had attempted to rein her in when they discovered that she was in a relationship with a 23-year-old man. Eventually the parents became convinced that their daughter was possessed, and sought the help of a fly-by-night exorcist. Unfortunately for them, the exorcism failed, and they end up murdered. Amy is still missing.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation S8E4
Episode 4

Case of the Cross Dressing Carp

When a young man is found hanging from a tree strangled to death, the CSIs move in to find the killer. It appears that the man, Brian, was taking hormone injections in preparation for a sex reassignment surgery. But as usual, there's more to the story. Brian lived near a local water treatment reservoir where children often swam and fished. The recycled reservoir water was considered "grey," meaning purified, though it was not meant to be drunk.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation S8E5
Episode 5

The Chick Chop Flick Shop

A horror film studio loses its main star when scream queen Weatherly Adams is murdered after a night of filming. The CSI team moves in and questions a number of suspects, including Weatherly's former boyfriend, Oliver Zarco, a one-time film crew member who was recently disfigured in an on-set accident. The two studio owners, Vincent and Mason Lafoon, also come under scrutiny when Mason sets Vincent up to take the fall for the murder.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation S8E6
Episode 6

Who and What

When a woman and a young boy are murdered in a house, CSI processes the scene, but they get a special visitor from the FBI: Jack Malone. Malone flew in because there was a hit on VICAP to a palm print found in the house that echoes a NY kidnapping case six years back. An adopted boy was taken from his home and his babysitter was murdered. He's been missing ever since.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation S8E7
Episode 7

Goodbye & Good Luck

The team lands the case of a young girl, Kira, pushed from her dorm window. When a connection to an old case comes up, Sara grabs the chance to put away the man she believes is a killer: Marlon West. His sister Hannah publicly confessed to a prior murder, but secretly told Sara that her brother Marlon was the real culprit. Now Sara wants to put the guy, a student at the university, away for good. But 14-year-old Hannah is on the scene too, a student at the graduate school where her brother attends college. Sara is certain Hannah is manipulating the situation.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation S8E8
Episode 8

You Kill Me

Hodges requests Wendy's assistance in what he's calling a "thought experiment," in which he presents scenarios of various CSI lab rats getting offed in the lab by a fellow technician.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation S8E9
Episode 9


The team arrives one man short when they cover the aftermath of a garbage truck run amuck in Vegas. Warrick is late, popping pills and on the phone with an irate Tina, who he's divorcing. Once he arrives, he joins in to cover a truck that dumped a trail of trash for miles. When the driver ran from police, he was struck and killed by a car. Inside the truck was the dead body of Jason Crews, a 27-year-old club owner. His mother, Kate, was the wife of a famous mob man, Anthony Pezzulo, but she changed her identity when her husband was whacked 23 years before. She offloaded her husband's garbage truck business to Lou Gedda back then, and told Lou to forget that she and her son Jason ever existed.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation S8E10
Episode 10

Lying Down with Dogs

Warrick is suspended for 2 weeks for trying to intervene in the murder of Candy from the club.

A woman is found dead amongst some dogs that are tied to gangsters, and it is soon found out that the victim was a leader in dog fights, and the CSI suspect a rival dog fighter to be the culprit, but it turns out that a young worker at the kennel who was a dog lover was responsible for her murder.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation S8E11
Episode 11


A bull rider is found dead, and his cheating girlfriend and former pimp turn up dead not long thereafter. The girlfriend's fiance confesses to killing the pimp, having believed him to be intervening in their wedding plans, and 2 men unrelated to either suspects/victims turn out to have killed the bull rider on accident, and later ran down the girlfriend.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation S8E12
Episode 12

Grissom's Divine Comedy

Grissom and his team return to duty after long and bad bouts of the cold. Grissom is called on by DA Maddie Klien to be an expert witness in a Grand Jury case against very dangerous Las Vegas gang - the La Tierras. They are terrorizing and murdering witnesses and it is escalating. Grissom is reluctant, but Maddie insists he is the only one for the job.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation S8E13
Episode 13

A Thousand Days on Earth

The CSIs find a dead little girl in a box behind a club. They have to trace where the box came from and everyone that handled the box before it ended up there as well as find the identity of the girl. The case is very upsetting for Catherine as she becomes personally involved, while Grissom urges her to remain professional about it. First they are led to a man who has a child molestation background but turns out he had nothing to do with it. They then come to the conclusion that it was the ex con step father only to discover in the end that it was a horrible accident.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation S8E14
Episode 14

Drops' Out

Grissom and Nick are first at the scene after a platinum blonde woman is shot in a dark room. The vic has two entry wounds, two exit wounds, both through-and-throughs. There are seven empty bullet casings on the floor. The CSIs suspect that she might have interrupted an armed burglary because the drawers have been rifled through. Gil sees a strange, circular blood drop on the floor, far from the victim that dropped to the floor through a whole in the ceiling. Nick orders the rest of the CSI team check the apartment above.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation S8E15
Episode 15

The Theory of Everything

This is the weird science episode. As the CSI's interrogate a suspect, he makes a run for it, gets tazed by an officer, and subsequently bursts into flames. The investigators look into this incident, which leads them to a string of people who all have green blood form a certain medication they are taking. Investigators also find a couple dead in their bed -- both with pace makers -- but they determine the cause of death has to do with squirrel poison.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation S8E16
Episode 16

Two and a Half Deaths

A diva star in a sit-com is murdered in Vegas and the entire writing staff is under suspicion along with both her loser husband and her stand-in. Hilarity ensues as Grissom and Brass try to figure out the wacky world of Hollywood comedy. Ultimately, the killer turns out to be an angry, struggling actor who was fired from the show, but there's a twist -- the the diva's co star was secretly poisoning her as well.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation S8E17
Episode 17

For Gedda (1)

Lou Getta is found dead from gunshot wounds, and Warrick is the prime suspect, having "awoken" at the scene of the crime.

While being questioned, he denies involvement, but admits to hiring a P.I. to investigate Getta against employee policy.

The empathetic interrogator wants Warrick to lie about something to assist in his defense, but Warrick only wants a lawyer.

A dirty cop is found responsible for both the murder and framing of Warrick, and Warrick goes free, only to be shot in the neck by the Undersheriff who was also involved with Lou Getta's ring of crooks.

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