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CSI: Miami - Season 7 Episodes

CSI: Miami - Season 7

CSI: Miami - Season 7

This season on CSI: Miami, the team faces one of its toughest cases yet: solving the case of who shot Horatio Caine. In addition, the CSIs must investigate crimes involving gasoline siphoning, taking on the Russian mob, the unexpected return of Horatio's ex, Julia Winston (Elizabeth Berkley), and Delko and Calleigh's lives being put in jeopardy while trying to protect a witness in danger. The show marks its 150th episode this November.

CSI: Miami S7E1
Episode 1

Resurrection (2)

We pick up from where we left off in Season 6 with Horatio being shot as the team comes to grips with his death.

CSI: Miami S7E2
Episode 2

Won't Get Fueled Again

The team is investigating the murder of Chelsea Marsh, Daughter of Dr. Rachel Marsh, after she is found dead in her mother’s home office.

CSI: Miami S7E3
Episode 3

And How Does That Make You Kill?

he team is investigating the murder of Chelsea Marsh, Daughter of Dr. Rachel Marsh, after she is found dead in her mother's home office. The list of suspects includes some of Dr. Marsh's patients, family members and an ex-boyfriend, Shane Huntington.

CSI: Miami S7E4
Episode 4

Raging Cannibal

When teen Kim Walderman dies in an explosion while trying on clothes in the dressing room of a high end boutique, Horatio and the team investigate the source of the blast.

CSI: Miami S7E5
Episode 5


When teen Kim Walderman dies in an explosion while trying on clothes in the dressing room of a high end boutique, Horatio and the team investigate the source of the blast.

CSI: Miami S7E6
Episode 6

Wrecking Crew

William Campbell, a prime witness who is about testify against big time gangster Joe Salucci, is murdered when a huge crane crashes into the high rise safe house that he's staying at.

CSI: Miami S7E7
Episode 7

Cheating Death

Steve Howell is found stabbed to death in his hotel room. The primary suspect is Christina Dodd who was lying next to him in bed unharmed, with no recollection of what happened. While a drug test proves Steve drugged Christina with GHB, the CSIs learn she is not as innocent as she claims to be. The hotel concierge attests Christina was consenting in the act, which forces her confession of being a housewife who recently started sleeping with men for money. And when evidence leads to another housewife, Lisa Radley, with a similar story involving Steve, the team makes a shocking discovery: Steve was hired by a madam to seduce, drug, and rob the "soccer moms" in an effort to scare them off and keep them from cutting into her profits. Since Steve targeted married women, the team must look not only at his scorned one night stands but also their husbands to find the killer.

CSI: Miami S7E8
Episode 8

Gone Baby Gone

When a couple snatches a baby, Sophie Walsh, away from her mother, Jill Walsh, and disappears in the resulting chaos, the CSIs are called in to help follow the evidence to find Sophie. The case takes a turn when a DNA test proves Sophie's biological father, Brad Garland, is not Jill's husband, but instead a neighbor who Jill had an affair with. While Brad denies knowing Sophie is his, the CSIs find evidence that proves Brad hired someone to kidnap his daughter. But when the man he hired disappears with the Sophie, the CSIs have to race to find the kidnapper before he sells Sophie to a higher paying buyer in another country.

CSI: Miami S7E9
Episode 9

Power Trip

When a young co-ed is found electrocuted with her pupils fully dilated, making her blinded by light and unable to fight back, the team suspects it's the work of a killer from a year ago. Suspicion falls on the ophthalmologist who was the lead suspect in the first murder case, but when the detective, Reggie Mastow, who worked the first case and has since been put on restrictive duty for assaulting the ophthalmologist, becomes hell-bent on pinning the murder on the ophthalmologist and interferes with the team’s investigation, the team questions if he's trying to deter the case because he's the killer. In order to prove who the real killer is, the team uses technology on overlapping prints that didn't exist a year ago when the first murder took place.

CSI: Miami S7E10
Episode 10

The DeLuca Motel

In the morning hours shots ring out at a run down motel, leaving a young man floating face down in the pool. But what makes this case different is that Delko is taking refuge in this motel and he was grazed by one of the bullets. While Delko downplays why he's living in a motel, Ryan finds evidence that raises questions about Delko's actions. After the team determines the young man's death was an accident but that there was a second shooter targeting Delko, Delko is forced to reveal he has been looking into his family's past and his real father's identity, and someone out there isn't happy about it. With his father having possible ties to the Russians, Horatio and the team search for who is will to kill in order to keep the truth from being exposed.

CSI: Miami S7E11
Episode 11

Tipping Point

The CSIs investigate the murder of a neighborhood do-gooder who was known on the streets as Reverend Mike for his work trying to keep kids out of gangs. The team runs into a roadblock until an anonymous crime "tipster" comes forward with key evidence which points to a local gang, Los Craneos. But when the Craneos discovers the identity of the tipster, Horatio has to race to save her before a rigged bomb blows. After rescuing her, Horatio discovers the tipster has been working for a secretly reformed gang leader, Hector Salazar, who is trying to restore old school dignity and safety to the neighborhood. Unfortunately, he's gunned down by the Craneos, the very gang he used to lead. As Hector dies in his arms, Horatio promises to finish the job and make the streets safe again.

CSI: Miami S7E12
Episode 12

Head Case

When a man covered in blood thinks he killed someone but has no memory of how he got blood on him, Horatio and the team have the tough job of filling in his memory. The man, Doug Benson, has amnesia brought on by a traumatic event. Unsure if he is the killer, the team processes him and with each new clue, it triggers a memory. Blood evidence on his clothes reveals a father, mother and daughter have been murdered. As hazy memories start to return, the CSIs find the dead family as well as the murder weapon with Doug’s prints on it. It appears Doug is indeed the killer, until evidence at the murder scene proves the presence of another person and that Doug was forced at gunpoint to kill people he didn’t even know. Also, Delko takes a personal interest in the case after having his own bout with amnesia following the shooting.

CSI: Miami S7E13
Episode 13

And They're Offed

The team delves into the world of horseracing when a racehorse owner, Robert Banyon, is killed at the track. Video of the race shows Banyon’s horse, an odds on favorite to win, slowed up before the finish line, leading the team to suspect the race was fixed. Meanwhile, a member of the Russian mob breaks in to the house of Ryan’s friend, who is also the track veterinarian. But before Horatio can get any information from the intruder, he slits his own throat, taking his secrets to the grave. After determining the Russian mob tried to strong arm the veterinarian into doping the horse, Horatio soon suspects Ivan Sarnoff, the Russian mob boss (#704), is behind fixing the race. Not wanting to let Ivan get away with another crime, the team looks for iron clad evidence that ultimately proves Ivan doped the horse and has made millions fixing races.

CSI: Miami S7E14
Episode 14

Smoke Gets in Your CSI's

While Calleigh and Ryan are investigating a dead body in the attic of a foreclosed home, they are caught of guard by a shooter who opens fire on the attic floor and sets the house on fire with an improvised bomb. After narrowly escaping the fire, with the dead body, the team sets out to find the person who tried to destroy the crime scene and our CSIs.

Shortly following her return to work, Calleigh suffers a delayed reaction to the smoke inhalation and is rushed to the hospital where Alexx Wood, a part-time doctor on staff, manages to save her life. After determining the attic victim was a surgeon, Dr. Donald Phelps, and was addicted to heroine, evidence reveals his drug dealer set the house on fire so Calleigh and Ryan wouldn’t find his stash. But when evidence proves the drug dealer didn’t kill Phelps, and the team discovers Phelps was performing illegal surgeries in his garage, the case takes a turn into the world of black market organ transplants.

CSI: Miami S7E15
Episode 15

Presumed Guilty

After the CSIs testify in the murder trial of a woman killed at a country club and a jury reaches a guilty verdict based on the team’s evidence, Horatio finds new evidence that suggests the convicted killer, Alfonso Reyes, is innocent. While the team re-opens the investigation and starts over from square one, their job is made even more difficult by a hot shot federal prosecutor, Derek Powell (special guest star, Sean Combs) , who will do whatever it takes to win. But when a pattern in the victim’s blood points suspicion on a prominent business man and Powell shows up as his lawyer, the CSIs suspect Powell setup Reyes to take the fall and that they’re investigating a larger cover-up behind the girl’s murder.

CSI: Miami S7E16
Episode 16

Sink or Swim

Derek Powell (special guest, Sean "P.Diddy" Combs), is throwing a party on his yacht when a man and a woman come aboard and hijack the boat. They rob all the passengers but when two of the guests try to stop them, mayhem ensues and Derek's fiancee, Nadine, is shot and killed. The CSIs now have to help the man who almost stood in the way of justice during their last case. As they investigate they discover that someone went to great lengths to set up the robbery on the boat and hired someone else to shoot Nadine from the water. The evidence leads to Paul Garland, the father of the girl murdered in the previous case where Derek was defending the suspect and covering up for the real killer. Meanwhile, Delko's citizenship comes into question when his Cuban birth certificate is found on Powell's computer. He and Horatio must go to his real father, Russian mobster Alex Sharova for help even though Sharova just put out a hit on Delko.

CSI: Miami S7E17
Episode 17

Divorce Party

Amy Lansing is celebrating her divorce from her husband Roger with a ceremony much like the one in which she was married to him. She is in for the shock of her life when his body comes tumbling out of the wood canopy and hangs, dead in front of her. The CSIs now must search the entire "divorce party" to find who hated Roger enough to kill him. As they dig deeper, they find Roger had secrets of his own - he was living a double life, complete with another wife and daughter. When his son with Amy and his daughter with his other wife, Katherine Faber, meet and fall in love, they have their own secret they would kill to keep safe. Horatio insists on taking care of his son, Kyle Harmon and says goodbye to Julia Winston. He gives Kyle an internship working with Tara but when a vial of prescription drugs goes missing, he comes under suspicion.

CSI: Miami S7E18
Episode 18

Flight Risk

Passengers in the baggage claim area of the Grove International Airport are in for a big surprise when one of the flight attendants comes tumbling out with the baggage, dead. The team discovers that SUZANNE GRADY was completely intoxicated and drugged at the time of her death. As they question the other attendants, it becomes no secret that Suzanne used her looks to get ahead and score the best flights and the first class cabin. Upon further investigation, the team discovers that Suzanne died on the conveyor belt when a baggage arm tore her carotid artery and she bled out. The team digs deeper to figure out how she got onto the conveyor belt and when they find a bag of Dormol pills, they believe Suzanne stumbled upon a drug trafficking operation that no one wanted her to reveal.

CSI: Miami S7E19
Episode 19

Target Specific (1)

Personal chef to the rich and famous, MEGAN HAMILTON is found stabbed within an inch of her life inside her apartment. A print on the knife used leads Horatio to Partick Garrity who specializes in import & exports. Claiming the knife was stolen and a lot of other things as well, the CSIs discover robberies in a lot of the wealthy homes. When Calleigh is attacked in Megan's house again and the perp gets away, she's able to capture the "scent" of her attacker. With that and a piece of bulletproof clothing found in Megan's dog's mouth, leads the team to Tony Ramirez, trainer to the stars and behind all of the robberies. They find he had help - one of Ivan Sarnoff's henchman and a photographer that is casing all of the homes through his pictures. Upon closer look, it becomes clear that Ivan is also keeping tabs on Horatio's team, as he said he would and Ryan Wolfe is kidnapped and tortured.

CSI: Miami S7E20
Episode 20

Wolfe in Sheep's Clothing (2)

After being tortured by one of Ivan Sarnoff's henchman, Ryan is released with the stipulation that unless he helps them make a robbery-homicide go away, they will kill Billy Gantry (from Episode 713). He agrees but is unsure of what's in store for him. Meanwhile, Calleigh and Delko start their day after spending the night together. They are soon called in to a robbery-homicide of foreign currency exchange broker IAN WARNER. He was found shot in his office and his safe was broken into and emptied. As the team investigates, Ryan hides a shell casing he found from the bullet and doctors a fingerprint to help push the investigation to a suspect - the guard Ben Porterson. When no other evidence supports this, Calleigh and Delko become suspicious. Horatio confronts Ryan and he comes clean about Billy Gantry being kidnapped and held hostage unless Ryan helps Sarnoff. Horatio takes it upon himself to save the boy and Ryan releases the evidence he was holding but is unsure if the team will ever trust him again as they just barely solve the case.

CSI: Miami S7E21
Episode 21


Tyler Marr is sick of his neighbor's construction crew constantly waking him up at 8 in the morning. He finally goes to confront him on it, using his video camera for back up, only to discover the source of the noise is the wood chipper and someone's inside! The team questions Stephen Corbett, the owner of the house but he claims he never left that morning. They find the body belongs to plastic surgeon Ethan Reeger. Questioning his daugther, Lauren, Horatio and Delko discover he never recovered from his wife's tragic car accident and just focused on his work, becoming more and more obsessed with his patients. When they talk to his business partner, Sean Loftin, he tells him that Ethan only concentrated on two of his patients, one of them being Stephen Corbette's wife. When they go to see her, they find her hiding out, unable to show her face to anyone and how she felt Dr. Reeger turned her into a monster - enough reason to kill him perhaps? Ron Saris returns from the "dead" as one of Dr. Reeger's patients & slips through Horatio's fingers once again.

CSI: Miami S7E22
Episode 22

Dead on Arrival

Horatio and the team enter the bizarre world of reality television when they investigate the murder of one of the final contestants in a “bachelor” style competition in which thirteen women vie for the affection of one man. But, our team finds an enormous suspect pool, multiple motives with a variety of potential killers that includes everyone involved in the production of the show. Diedrich Bader (Office Space, The Drew Carey Show) guest stars.

CSI: Miami S7E23
Episode 23

Collateral Damage

When a grenade is thrown into Miami restaurant, Tisano's, kills two people and injures others, the CSIs are brought in to investigate. Warren Ekerson was one of the dead and when his body is brought to the morgue another grenade falls out, almost killing Wolfe, Tara and Kyle. Horation questions the wife and son of Emerson & she remembers seeing a yellow car zoom out of the scene just after the explosion. This leads them to Ken Jarvik and none other than the victim's son, Steve Emerson. The two of them were working with the restaurant manager in counterfitting credit cards, using customers' receipts. The three of them were cutting in on the Russian mafia business and they decided to teach the three a lesson. Horation helps a waitress in the restaurant, Tonya Rush, get custody of her children back when the manager sets her up with child services after she refuses to help him with his credit card scheme.

CSI: Miami S7E24
Episode 24


Horatio goes head to head with Ron Saris, now a criminal informant, when the person, Jimmy Castigan, at who's house he's staying, falls into the pool and is boiled to death by a highly toxic acid. Ron insists he had nothing to do with it and even claims he's the one who was probably targeted, most likely by Julia Winston, who blames him for scarring her face. Horatio looks into the truth of what Ron says about Julia and discovers she's gone off her meds. The CSIs investigate and the evidence leads them to them back to Ron Saris when they find cigar remnants that Saris had at a scene with two dead bodies decomposing in plastic barrels. He claims the cigars were Jimmy's and admits that Jimmy was bragging about a murder with a partner, Sean Echols. Ron actually leads them to the right direction and they find a third body at Sean's house. They link all of the bodies to missing people a woman says are her husband, brother-in-law and sister-in-law. Jimmy was bragging too much about shooting the three of them when they mug their car. Sean shut him up the same way they disposed of the bodies. Ryan finally turns Tara in for her oxycotin addiction and Hoatio encourages Julia to stay off her meds this time so she be deemed incompetent to stand trial for pulling a gun on the crime lab.

CSI: Miami S7E25
Episode 25

Seeing Red (1)

Ivan Sarnoff is poisoned at the prison cafeteria. The ambulance, taking him to Dade General is stopped and then t-boned by an SUV, forcing it into the path of an incoming train.

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