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CSI: Miami - Season 8

CSI: Miami - Season 8

Inspired by the top-rated series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, CSI: Miami is a drama that follows a South Florida team of forensic investigators who use both cutting-edge scientific methods and old-fashioned police work to solve crimes. Horatio Caine, a former homicide detective, heads a group of investigators who work crimes amid the steamy tropical surroundings and cultural crossroads of Miami.

CSI: Miami S8E1
Episode 1

Out of Time (2)

Eric Delko's life hangs in the balance, having been found in the Glades, barely alive. He immediately went into surgery to remove the bullet that remained in his head from the first time he was shot and slips into a coma after it's completed successfully. We flashback to 1997 and how the team came together, with Eric, a salvage truck driver, finding a submerged car with a dead woman inside. He calls Detective Horatio Caine who comes to investigate with the help of Calleigh Duquesne, on her first day at the Special Investigations Unit. Back then, science took a back seat to on foot detective work but with the help of Calleigh, a young tech Natalie Boa Vista and Jesse Cardozo, on his last day, they figure out who was responsible for the murder of the woman. It turns out that she was being stalked by her gardner. Even though her husband looked good for the crime, through blood DNA analysis, Horatio finds a match and can place the gardner with the woman. Eric finally wakes up at the end of the episode with Horatio, Calleigh and the rest of his CSI team by his side.

CSI: Miami S8E2
Episode 2

Hostile Takeover

Jesse Cardoza returns to Miami and the Crime Lab just as a masked man takes it over. The man, calling himself Ted, takes Jesse, the receptionist and two lab techs hostage, asking only to speak to Horatio Caine. When Caine gets there, Ted tells him that he wants justice. He shoots the receptionist and Horatio gets in there and takes her out, discovering that Jesse is there. Matthew directs him to a check cashing place where they should get $100,000 dollars for him. They do so but this turns out to only be a clue from Ted as to the justice he wants. The money is counterfeit and the owner of the check cashing place, Darren Ripley, used to be his business partner and completely bankrupted him and ruined his marriage. The owner identifies Ted as really Matthew Sloan. When he calls Horatio to check up on the fate of Darren, he tells Horatio that he's not finished with getting justice. They discover he's going after his ex-wife, now remarried as Rebecca Arrington. The CSIs remove her, her son and new husband only to find that Matthew still breaks into their house but leaves immediately. Or so they think. Upon investigation, they discover that Rebecca's new husband was actually the one to break down the door to frame Matthew. Jesse also discovers that Matthew lost his son due to accusations of child abuse but they probe and find out, Rebecca was responsible for it. Horatio arrests both Rebecca and her husband and reunites Matthew with his son for one moment before he as well gets taken into custody. Horatio got justice once again.

CSI: Miami S8E3
Episode 3

Bolt Action

Three out of four guys playing for a charity volleyball tournament get electrocuted from a current in the sand during the game. Jesse and Calleigh discover an electric cable running beneath the sand and carbon crystals under the court that conducted the electricity. The sole survivor was saved from his rubber soled sand shoes. The tournament was a charity event hosted by Amanda Collins, a rich older woman, who happened to be sleeping with two of the guys. We dive into the world of "cougars" and their "cubs" and one husband especially doesn't like his wife running around so publicly with younger guys. Amanda's husband, using golf clubs as a lighting rod, sets out to only cause an accident but instead causes a triple murder. Calleigh and Delko testify in front of IA and from Calleigh's testimony, they recommend bringing the case before a grand jury. Delko also refers to Calleigh as his "former girlfriend" in his testimony and Calleigh finds out. He ends things with her after telling her he's been suspended.

CSI: Miami S8E4
Episode 4

In Plane Sight

A Bernie-Madoff type of character, Howard Burgess, is found murdered in the bathroom of his private plane after police are called in when a repo man tries to take it from the airstrip. Having bankrupted hundreds of Miami's citizens, anyone is potentially a suspect. The team questions Howard's wife, Allison, who now is forced to sell designer sunglasses at a kiosk and helplessly watch as the Feds and repo men confiscate everything they own. A joint is found in the bathroom of the plane which casts suspicion onto Howard's son, Daniel. When Jesse and Tripp talk to Daniel, he admits to helping his father escape his house arrest and file off the tracking device ankle bracelet. He and Allison admit there were millions of dollars Howard had stashed away somewhere but they both have no idea where. Horatio and Ryan discover Howard's ledgers but no clue as to where the money is. When Jesse and Calleigh discover Howard was killed with a chain hanging from a winch in the airplane hangar, they also see someone once again in the plane. Jesse grabs him and the guy tells them he's there to seize the property on behalf of the owner, Gary Archer. who owns a fleet of private jets. The team investigates the paperwork from the first repo man and figure out that Allison was the one who hired him in the hopes to get something back they owned. No evidence comes back from the chain but when they look at the toilet again, they discover a contact lens. While Jesse looks for the owner, Horatio finds the car that Howard escaped in with tires slashed. It comes out that his son discovered he was going to flee with the money that was supposed to go back to the investors. He swears to Horatio the only thing he did was slash his tires and is proved innocent when Jesse and Calleigh match the contact lens to Gary Archer, who was just discovered to also be a victim of Howard's money schemes. Ryan, having cracked the code on the ledgers, figures out the money was stashed on the plane and Horatio gets there to find Daniel already there. The truth comes out that Daniel thought he and his father were going to run away together only to find his dad was going to leave him behind and that's why he slashed the car's tires. The police take Daniel away and Horatio encourages Allison to petition the Feds that the found money be given back to Howard's victims.

Jesse helps one of Howard's victims get a job by calling in a favor.

CSI: Miami S8E5
Episode 5

Bad Seed

When a girl, Lauren, brought into the ER pale and unconscious, dies from complete organ failure, Alexx Woods believes she was murdered from an unknown poison. The main suspect is her boyfriend, Ethan, who was planning on proposing to her. Horatio and the team test everything in her apartment for any sort of poison. When the boyfriend collapses during Delko's questioning, they discover Lauren was poisoned with a deadly strain of E-coli. The team investigates the restaurant where Ethan and Lauren last ate but are directed to the farm where the produce comes from, as E-coli starts with the grower. Ryan, Jesse and Walter get resistance from the farm but manage to test the crops and come up with nothing. They investigate other methods the strain could have infected the crops and discover everything is controlled by a larger corporation, Bixby Organic Foods. They secretly go back and test the irrigation system and discover the water tests positive for E-coli as it goes right through a manure invested cattle field. They discover the corn that's feeding the cows is a perfect breeding ground for E-coli but when Alexx tells them that Ethan doesn't have an E-coli infection they have to dig deeper as to what the source is. Bixby was growing genetically engineered corn to make easier to digest and Ethan had eaten some of that corn, showing symptoms of botulism and succumbs to it. Horatio confronts the CEO of Bixby but he claims a few deaths is worth feeding an entire nation. Although Horatio can't press charges, he has enough evidence for Ethan's family to file a law suit. Delko is overwhelmed by not being able to save either Lauren or Ethan and leaves the team.

CSI: Miami S8E6
Episode 6

Dude, Where's My Groom?

In the vein of "The Hangover" a groom and his two groomsmen have one last night together before the big day. On the day of the wedding the groom is nowhere to be found and his groomsmen are found cuffed together, unconcious, in a fountain, covered in blood. They have no recollection of what happened and blood toxicity reports show they had been drugged. The team uses the evidence to retrace their steps to a strip club, a bail bondsman and an exclusive Miami party thrown by a real estate billionaire. It's here where the team discovers the 2 groomsmen stole the billionaire's limo, not knowing there was a very valuable stolen painting inside. The billionaire sent his security man after them but, in their drug-addled state, they attack him and one of them kills him. With that mystery solved, the team now just needs to find what they were searching for all along -- the groom.

CSI: Miami S8E7
Episode 7

Bone Voyage

The first part of the CSIs crossover trilogy:

Horatio is called to find a mother's missing daughter. When her car is found near the Glades, the team searches the trees and swamps until they find a severed arm and leg. They identify the arm as belonging to the missing girl, Ashley Tanner, but the leg is discovered to be from an unidentitified Jane Doe that has radioactive sand on it only found in Las Vegas. They get a lead when they find Ashley's credit card has been used recently. Following the trail, they find another girl, Madeline Briggs, who claims she found the card on the side of a hightway. Madeline seems to be a dead end. Meanwhile, Horatio puts a call into Ray Langston who figures out the leg belongs to his missing girl, Samantha Matthews. He travels to Miami where he and Horatio work to find the killer of these girls. To their horror they discover both were seduced by the promise of making it in the world of modeling and exposed to prostitution. What they didn't count on was the fact that the girls were killed by two different men - a professional "rock star" butcher and Ashley's model manager-turned-pimp. Funding both of these men and pulling all the strings is a mysterious group called the "Zetas", crime syndicate working out of Miami, which leads Ray and Horatio to believe this is bigger than they ever thought.

CSI: Miami S8E8
Episode 8

Point of Impact

We're in the middle of the aftermath of a terrible car accident between an Escalade and a Bentley. Jesse and Calleigh arrive on the scene to find one of the passengers of the Escalade dead, Karen Ballard but her two children, Greg and Lily alive. The team investigates whether or not a crime has been committed or if it was just an unfortunate accident. Victor Emparo at first seems like a heroic passerby who pulled Greg from the Escalade but the team discovers he was actually the driver of the other car that they find to be stolen. Victor insists that his sister was dating the owner of the car, they had gotten into a fight, she took it and he was simply returning the car. Victor's sister backs up his story but during this, Vicitor falls unconscious and dies from an undetected brain fracture caused by the crash. The investigation leads the team to believe Karen was driving under the influence and tracking her whereabouts before she picked up her kids, they find she was having an affair but wasn't drinking. They try recreate the events of the crash and discover that Lily was actually the driver. When they question her, she admits to being the driver but tells them the car was acting strangely and lost control. The team finds a puncture in the hose of the power steering which drained all the fluid, making it impossible to drive. Sadly, there was no crime committed. The team also finds a stash of pot underneath the hood. Greg admits to hiding it there and inadvertently punctured a hole in the hose. It was an unfortunate accident that lost two lives - a family without a mother and a sister without a brother.

CSI: Miami S8E9
Episode 9

Kill Clause

A janitor falls to his death in a jellyfish-filled aquarium at a charity benefit he's working. CSI is called in to investigate and discovers his life insurance policy pays out to the CEO and company the man worked for. Horatio becomes suspicious when the team checks the records of the company and discovers a lot of employee deaths and similiar life insurance policy that were taken out on them. They look deeper into an apparent suicide of one of the employees and discover that she was actually strangled instead of dying by hanging herself. The team finds evidence of the CFO on the rope used and he finally confesses to working with the CEO taking out the life insurance policies on their employees and collecting on their life insurance payments after he carries out their deaths.

Jesse seems to have an intense interest in a beautiful woman he followed to Miami from Los Angeles.

CSI: Miami S8E10
Episode 10

Count Me Out

A car chase ends with a dead census taker found in the trunk. The driver, Kevin Hensley, is captured but the male passenger escapes. Kevin insists he was forced at gun point to take the body and drive. Tracking the neighborhood where the census taker was last scene, Ryan and Natalie look into an foreclosed house that has the same insulants that were found on the body. Once inside, they discover a meth lab and barely make it out alive when Natalie trips the pipe bomb causing an explosion. Horatio discovers the owner of the house is registered to Kevin Hensley's father. Kevin finally reveals that the passenger in his car was really a drug dealer paying him to cook meth but still insists he had nothing to do with killing the census worker. The dead body is found to have died from injesting a poison and Kevin admits that the worker came to the house when both he and the dealer, Tek were there. Tek hit the guy with a pipe and tied him up with a scarf containing rat poison pellets. Calleigh finds the scarf belongs to an illegal immigrant maid bening held in the house next door. The maid, Marie and Kevin were in love and Kevin was cooking meth to make enough money for the two of them to get away. She left the scarf in the house when she snuck away at one point to see Kevin. Horatio links the fingerprints found on the scarf to Tek and arrests him for the murder of the census worker. Kevin is arrested for the drug dealing and Calliegh helps Marie gain her freedom from the house she worked in. Natalie is feeling bad effects from the bomb blast but she refuses to go to the hospital or tell anyone about her condition.

CSI: Miami S8E11
Episode 11

Delko for the Defense

A homeless man is arrested for the brutal stabbing of a wealthy heiress, Summer Davenport. The team goes to investigate the crime scene and is surprised to find Delko is helping out the defense as their forensics expert and observing their evidence gathering process. The man, Zach Finley, admits to breaking into the house and staying the night but claims he never heard or did anything. They find his prints on the murder weapon and when they reexamine the scene, they discover Summer may have also been raped. Horatio tests Zach's DNA to see if it matches but they discover Zach lacks the certain parts to have done the awful deed. Going on the lead of what Summer's stomach contents were, they find another woman who was raped the week before. The one thing they had in common was being serviced by the same computer software repair company & when they question the woman she tells them after the rape it seemed as though it was a completely different man who tried to stab her. Horatio begins to suspect that Zach isn't so innocent as he claims and they track the woman's computer to find out the tech, Justin Porter was the one who worked on it and find him in a storage facility watching all the videos he took of his rapes. In questioning Justin, the team discovers both he and Zach were a team and that they met working together in the years prior. Zach admits to Horatio that he and Justin completed each other. Horatio puts them away so they indeed could be together forever.

CSI: Miami S8E12
Episode 12

Show Stopper

A pop star, Phoenicks, spontaneously erupts into flames at a surprise concert and dies. Comparing the medical records to the body during her autopsy, Horatio discovers that she wasn't the actual Phoenicks. Her manager finally admits that the real Phoenicks, Phoebe Nichols, wanted out months before and her back up dancer, Vanessa Patton, had been impersonating her ever since without anyone knowing the difference. Vanessa is the body lying before them. The team also discovers that she didn't die from the flames but from a heart attack. They find copper wires running through her dress that conducted electricity and the makeup she wore was extremely flammable making it easy for a stun gun to be shot at her, electrocute her and cause her to erupt into flames. Meanwhile Jesse and Calleigh search for Phoebe after being told by her mother and manager that she disappeared. When they search one of her properties they find that Phoebe was being held against her will, drugged and sedated since she left being Phoenicks and Vanessa took over. They discover her doctor was drugging her under orders from her manager. Both of them insist they had nothing to do with killing Vanessa. They just wanted to keep Phoebe in control when she finally decided to return. Calleigh finds a GPS tracking chip inside Phoebe which was put in by her mother. When they question one of Phoenick's fans they see on the concert footage ripping off a bracelet from her and finding a chip on it that matches a stun gun, he finally cops to finding out that she wasn't the real Phoenicks. Both he and Phoebe's mother planned to get rid of Vanessa in order to get Phoebe back to her right place in pop stardom.

Jesse finally reveals to Calleigh the real reason he came back to Miami - he's stalking a serial killer who killed his wife and other women in LA who has now moved to Miami and is living with a woman.

CSI: Miami S8E13
Episode 13

Die By The Sword

The team investigates the murder of Russell Turner, a high school teacher, who's body is found to be completely sliced in half. They suspect the weapon used was a samurai sword which leads them to the underworld of the Japanese mafia and their leader, Takashi Yamada. When Ryan and Natalia go with Tripp to investigate Turner's house, they discover a young Japanese man, wielding a samurai sword and attempting to escape. He tells them that he's Russell's son Kenny. When Horatio looks into the adoption they can't find any record or paperwork that supports his claim. They begin to suspect that he might have been bought off the black market. They match his DNA to Takashi Yamada and discover that Kenny is his son, something that Takashi is already aware of. When Tripp takes Kenny back to get his things, a woman tries to kidnap Kenny. This is Susan Lee who claims she's Kenny's mother. She maintains she has nothing to do with Takashi any longer but befriended Russell Turner long ago. She was pregnant with Takashi's child but didn't want him or her to be entrenched in the mafia world. She convinced Russell to take Kenny while she was in hiding. Before his murder, Russell had called her to tell her that Takashi had found Kenny and Horatio discovers the real reason Takashi looked for so long for his son and it had a lot less to do with reuniting his family and more to do with saving his own life with a liver transplant.

CSI: Miami S8E14
Episode 14

In The Wind

James Bradstone, a doctor on death row for 15 years convicted of killing his family is granted a stay of execution in the 11th hour when the eye witness's testimony is questioned. The only survivor, his son, was unconscious and barely alive and couldn't positively ID the killer. The team goes back through the evidence of the case and discover that the wife was having an affair with a man, Donald Newhouse, James was illegally selling prescription drugs to. They find he was there the night of the murder and becomes another suspect for them but he insists he didn't kill the wife or James' family. Through a series of back and forths and a closer look at the son's testimony, Horatio hits on a key detail that may make the eye witness's testimony not so impossible to believe.

CSI: Miami S8E15
Episode 15

Miami, We Have A Problem

A man falls from the sky seemingly from out of nowhere. Horatio and the team hypothesize that he must have fallen from a great height, having hit the branches of the tallest tree on the way down. A helicopter that flew the night before that fit his time of death was in the air with no flight plan but when they question the pilot, Beau Lendell, he insists he was out of town during the flight. Tom Loman inspects the body and discovers what happened to his internal organs could only have happened in zero gravity. The team rules out the victim as a NASA astronaut and find the only private space travel company in Miami, owned by a Keith Palmer. They discover the identity of the victim as Sam Gardner and place him on the space craft when he died but the three other passengers, including Beau Lendell who was coincindentally the pilot, and Keith Palmer, along with movie star, Dominic Cross, is taking responsibility for the murder. They all maintain that Sam went out of the space ship of his own accord and died in the vacuum of space. Walter and Jesse must go back up into space to zero gravity to figure out what really happened.

CSI: Miami S8E16
Episode 16


It is a beautiful Miami night and we are at a party for the Miami elite at Tony Enright’s breathtaking waterfront mansion. Anna Kitson (est. episode 809) and her friend Leslie Stoltz are given drinks by Tony Enright, Anna’s boyfriend. Coop Daly, Tony’s bodyguard is nearby. Anna and Leslie go into the screening room to compose themselves as they are extremely drunk and we learn later that Anna has been slipped a Roofie. A man in a mask (as all the party-goer’s were wearing) comes into the room and begins to rape Anna, while Leslie is in the bathroom. Leslie discovers this and he kills her with a fountain pen to the neck. We discover that there had been a murder case in L.A. two years prior and that Tony had killed his previous girlfriends, and Jesse’s Cardosa’s wife, Tracey. Jesse was framed for tampering and hiding evidence at the trial, and Tony got off. Horatio and Delko travel to Los Angeles to solve the murder and clear Jesse’s name. Fingerprint analysis confirms Coop Daly killed Leslie and raped Anna. Tony, a known spouse abuser drugged Anna so that Coop could have sex with her and Leslie got in the way. In L.A. we meet Darren Vogel, the high powered lawyer that got Tony off and continues to represent him and Captain Chris Sutter of the L.A.P.D. The team uncovers that Chris Sutter is on Darren Vogel’s payroll and he hid the evidence that Jesse took the fall for. They arrest Tony for pandering and possession of a controlled substance and they have a good shot of tying him to murder. At a press conference Chris Sutter apologizes on behalf of the city, his department, and the D.A.’s office and reveals the “found” evidence. Jesse’s name is finally cleared.

CSI: Miami S8E17
Episode 17

Getting Axed

Our team investigates the murder of a woman, Renee Dorsett, found axed to death with a fire ax then thrown into the elevator shaft of the building where she worked as a receptionist. Renee, considered as the “Office Nazi,” was known for ratting out her fellow employees to her boss. Everyone in the office is now a suspect, forcing our team to investigate each one of them. Dark secrets are revealed as we learn that one employee even lived in the crawl space above Renee’s desk in order to save money. The autopsy on Renee’s body indicates that she was slowly being fed poison in her bagel over a long period of time. Things get even more complicated when we discover that Renee was once a high paid VP at a major investment company and had to lay-off a number of employees. One of the employees was so distraught for being laid-off that she committed suicide. Unable to deal with the guilt, Renee left her job and decided to take a non-management job as a receptionist at another company and vowed to change her life and do what it took to protect the employees. However, what looked like Renee ratting her co-workers out was actually her covering for them when they would frequently slack off. Unfortunately, she paid the ultimate price for it and her past came to haunt. The boyfriend of the former employee who committed suicide tracked Renee down and got a job at the same company she worked at and sought out revenge.

CSI: Miami S8E18
Episode 18


Horatio and his son Kyle, in his army civilian casual uniform, are out to breakfast together. Kyle’s infantry buddy, Brian Nassir has gone missing so Horatio and Kyle go to Brian’s garage to hopefully find him. Upon arrival they discover the back storage shed is on fire and find a charcoaled body wedged inside a stack of smoldering tires. Horatio finds a red gas can near the scene. We learn from dental records that the burned victim is not Brian, it is Rahim Farooq. They go to see the Farooq family. Salumeh Farooq, Rahim’s wife’s finger prints match those that were found on the red gas can at Brian’s garage. We see a photo of their daughter Maya in the home. Kyle finally gets in touch with Brian who tells him he will explain where he has been but he cannot tell anyone, not even his dad, Horatio. Kyle meets up with Brian at a bus station and he is with Maya Farooq, who we learn is his girlfriend. From out of the crowd steps Horatio, Jesse, Tripp and uniformed officers to arrest Brian and now Maya. Horatio assures Kyle telling him was the right thing. Brian and Maya are booked and investigated at MDPD. They detect gasoline on Brian’s clothes and on Maya’s hands and arms. Turns out they were on the run after disobeying and getting into a physical altercation at Brian’s garage with Rahim. He was livid that his daughter Maya was with Brian when it was arranged for her to marry Amhad. His family has been shamed. Enraged, Rahim showed up at Brian’s with a can of gasoline and it spilled everywhere. They left the scene with Rahim unconscious up against a wall where he had hit his head. They insist that he was alive, but unconscious when they fled the scene. The team further analyses the crime scene and discovers two small holes in the ashes on the ground. They are identified as high heeled shoes and it is further determined that the holes were created after the fire. Maya’s shoe heels are not a match. Her mother Salumeh’s shoe heels are a perfect match. Seems she went to Brian’s to protect Maya knowing how infuriated Rahim was and fearing the worst. As Rahim was regaining consciousness she put tires around him so he could not hurt her or their daughter. Overcome with emotions she lit a match and set him and the shed ablaze, killing him. Salumeh is arrested for the murder of Rahim but finds solace in knowing that Maya is safe. Horatio and Kyle share a father-son moment before Kyle ships out to Eastern Afghanistan.

CSI: Miami S8E19
Episode 19

Spring Breakdown

During the crazy week of spring break week in Miami, our busy CSI’s are called to the scene of three separate murders. Our first victim, Brad Donner, fell from the hotel balcony and was impaled by a statue. Our second victim, Alex Wilkes, was found dead in an industrial size washer at a laundry service facility that the hotel uses to wash their linens. Our third victim, Paul Arnett, was buried standing up and alive in the sand. Brad was pushed off the balcony of the hotel, and while on his way down he was unintentionally hit by a flare gun shot off by a woman in a hotel room trying to ward off a drunk spring breaker who was hitting on her. Paul was buried up to his head at high tide and was at first knocked unconscious from being kicked in the head and then drowned. Alexis was bludgeoned to death with an iron and thrown in the laundry shoot where she was transported with the linen to the laundry service company. Our team questions everyone from the club bouncer to any spring breaker that may have had contact with our victims. Photos on a laptop reveal that our three victims were friends who made Miami their spring break destination. A video from last years Miami spring break reveals footage of Brad having sex with an obese blonde woman all while Alexis and Paul were hiding in the closet. Laughing and stumbling out of the closet, they completely humiliate the girl and later post the video on the internet. Our team goes through the arduous task of eliminating every blonde girl that our trio may have come in to contact with. We ultimately discover that our ugly duckling blonde girl had turned into a beautiful brunette swan and came back for revenge.

CSI: Miami S8E20
Episode 20


A house under construction yet inhabited by a fifteen year old boy, Patrick and his sole guardian Henry, his grandfather, is up in flames. Police and paramedics on site, Calleigh runs in to the burning house to try and save anyone inside, and she collapses and passes out from smoke inhalation. Patrick, home alone at the time, dies in the fire. From the turpentine and burns on Patrick’s hands the team assumes he set the house on fire. Throughout the investigation Patrick’s ghost appears to Calleigh pleading with her to find out who really set his house on fire. We discover at the end of act 2 that Calleigh is in a coma and everything we’ve seen of her throughout the investigation has been a dream. Our angry neighbor, Stephanie Hollister, was being driven completely mad by the ongoing construction noise and sleep deprivation. We discover that the incessant noise drove her to electrocute the plumber whom we find dead and plastered behind some dry wall. Calleigh wakes up and provides Horatio with very useful information that she dreamt of that ultimately leads us to our killer. Patrick’s grandfather, Henry, set the house on fire to collect money from the insurance company, as he was going bankrupt from the construction costs. Unbeknownst to Henry, Patrick had been skipping school to work on the house. Henry set fire to the house on a school day when he thought Patrick would not be home.

CSI: Miami S8E21
Episode 21


On a high speed chase Horatio is unable to track down the two masked thieves fleeing from high end jewelry story robbery when their motorcycles disappear in thin air. Our victim, Ben Rooney, was in the store to purchase an engagement ring but was brutally shot while attempting to apprehend the thieves. CSI locates the get away truck that the motorcycles disappeared into and discover Jake Berkeley, undercover cop and ex-boyfriend to Calleigh, was behind the wheel. While tracking down Jake we find him in a warehouse where a shoot out is taking place and Jake kills Joe Tepper, one of the masterminds who recently discovered who Jake really was. We enter a world of high stakes jewelry thieves who only want gold, not diamonds. With the price of gold skyrocketing our thieves steal gold, melt and remold and then sell them leaving no trace behind. From examining a memory card taken off Tepper, we discover a photo of the jewelry case key taken from a real estate office across from the store; which turns out to be owned by Ben, the man who was killed during the robbery. After interrogating Kayla, Ben’s girlfriend, we learn they had only known each other for three weeks. Natalia’s hearing aide is receiving a lot of interference and she shockingly discovers that Delko is wearing a wire as he is investigating the missing evidence case for the FBI under the guise of “helping out”. Seems expensive evidence from the evidence room has been disappearing for months one of it being an envelope of diamonds that our thieves left behind in their warehouse. In the end they uncover that the thieves are women; one of whom is Kayla, Ben’s girlfriend. He was just a mark that she actually fell for and in the end he dies heartbroken as they recognize each other during a scuffle right before her partner in crime shoots him.

CSI: Miami S8E22
Episode 22

Mommie Deadest

It is a perfect 20th anniversary party at the home of Laura and Chuck, the seemingly perfect couple and their two teenage children Cody, and Alyssa. After the party has come to an end, Laura’s temperament changes to intense anger at the broken light above their garage. Moments later she is brutally murdered in their driveway, and her family members are the suspects. With the help of a mini cam used to video tape the party, the CSI team is able to view the family’s Thanksgiving dinner that they recorded over for the party. We see in the video Laura forcing Alyssa’s head into the dog bowl as punishment for her “eating like an animal” at the table and discover that she is physically and mental abusing her children. Once the kids open up to the team about the abuse, we discover that Cory is terrified as he is going to be alone with his parents, in particular his mother, next year when Alyssa goes to College. In addition we discover that they had a younger brother Bradley, that Laura “accidentally” killed by making him drink lighter fluid as punishment for burning the rug, (which incidentally Alyssa did and never told her mother). At first Chuck confesses to killing Laura, in a desperate attempt to finally protect his children, and then Alyssa confesses. However we learn it is Cory who killed her with Alyssa’s boyfriend’s baseball bat, out of fear of living alone with her when Alyssa goes away to school. The team greatly sympathizes with this abused family, and we don’t know what will be next for them or Cory for having murdered his abusive mother; that is for the Jury to decide. Meanwhile Delko continues his FBI investigation of who is stealing evidence at CSI headquarters, Walter Simmons being the current suspect.

CSI: Miami S8E23
Episode 23

Time Bomb

Delko, who is working with Assistant State Attorney Rebecca Nevins, is on his way to meet her to go over the CSI evidence theft case that he’s been secretly working on. Unbeknownst to him, a suspicious Calleigh follows him after she catches him lying to her. A car bomb goes off and kills Rebecca Nevins. The remote controlled bomb is tracked to the car that was parked next to Nevin’s vehicle and it also happens to have come from MDPD impound lot. Relationships sour between the CSI’s and Delko as they realize that they are all suspects. Things get even more complicated when evidence of stolen diamonds are mysteriously traced back to Ryan’s condo. Ryan is taken into custody. The pieces start to fall together when they realize that Sully, retired CSI, commissioned an old criminal to plant a bomb to scare Nevins. Things went terribly wrong as she wasn’t supposed to die. There is a standoff where one of the uniforms behind Horatio shoots Sully. Sully will live but he is a fallen man, much to Horatio’s chagrin. Through further investigation and DNA results it is revealed that Ryan had nothing to do with evidence stealing and he indeed has been set up. There is a dirty cop within CSI. Proven through the same DNA test where traces of bacteria can be linked to specific individual we discover that our evidence thief is none other than IAB Sergeant Rick Stetler who was spearheading the entire investigation.

CSI: Miami S8E24
Episode 24

All Fall Down (1)

A serial killer taunts the CSIs by leaving them cryptic hints, and the longer it takes them to decode these puzzles, the higher the death toll rises.

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