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CSI: Miami - Season 9 Episodes

CSI: Miami - Season 9

CSI: Miami - Season 9

Before the new season begins catch up where CSI: Miami left off. After chasing down a lead, Delko comes back to the lab to find that everyone has been poisoned. Who will make it through?

CSI: Miami S9E1
Episode 1

Fallen (2)

We pick up from where we left off last season with Horatio racing to MDPD when he figures out, from serial killer suspect Bob Starling’s recent clue, that something bad has happened to H’s.

CSI: Miami S9E2
Episode 2

Sudden Death

Our team investigates the murder of Kristen, a Miami bottle girl when her dead body is found floating in the pool outside a hot nightclub.

CSI: Miami S9E3
Episode 3

See No Evil

A teenage girl, Lindsey Peterson, is kidnapped from a bathroom at the beach and the only witness is a blind man.

CSI: Miami S9E4
Episode 4


MDPD continues to scour Miami by every means available looking for the remaining prison escapees.

CSI: Miami S9E5
Episode 5

Sleepless in Miami

Jason Reger finds himself in and out of consciousness, going between his bathroom and out in the everglades dismembering a male victim and burying his body parts. Horatio, Natalia and Ryan find Jason in the everglades, as unbeknownst to Jason, he called 911 to report a murder. Body is identified as Brandon Garrett, soon to be ex husband of Stacy Garrett, co owners of Black Opal spa. Upon investigating Jason’s home, the team finds a little fortune teller’s fish in his bathtub amidst the bloody evidence, with the name Elena Manus printed on it; a psychic’s business card. Horatio suspects that Stacy may have hired a hit on Brandon. Natalia goes undercover to meet with psychic Elena to see if she was somehow involved with the hit. During their session, Elana lights a candle to realign her aura and turns on ethereal music and begins chanting. Ryan and Horatio, listening in from a van nearby, realize the chanting and music is on a loop and something has happened to Natalia. Tracking her by GPS, they find her hallucinating in an abandoned warehouse (which is the lab in Natalie’s eyes), and firing her service weapon, which they successfully take away from her. Turns out, the smoke from the candle contained a drug that causes hallucinations. This is the same candle that was lit to put Jason under hallucination. We learn that Stacy wanted Brandon dead for financial gain and hired Elena to alter his energy so he would die. Elena (being a fraud) panicked during her session with Brandon when he suddenly dropped dead, thinking she actually killed him by sucking the life out of him. In actuality he was poisoned by Peter, Stacy’s lover and therapist at the spa, with a neurotoxin derived from a cone snail (housed in a fancy aquarium at the salon). Elena drugged Jason and instructed him to dispose of Brandon’s body. Peter dies in a police car chase trying to get away, Elena is charged with the murder, and Stacy walks away. Horatio replaces Natalia’s gun clip eliminating any evidence of her firing at Horatio and Ryan while under hallucination.

CSI: Miami S9E6
Episode 6

Reality Kills

Our team is called to the scene of the murder of Courtney Alderman, reality star to the hit show “The Burroughs take Manhattan, when she collapses and dies in front of a crowd of fans at her premiere party. Each cast member now a suspect in her murder. In the autopsy theater Calleigh and Dr. Tom are perplexed over Courtney's murder, not being able to locate her fatal injury. Upon further investigation they discover that she was stabbed through her ear, a small puncture in her ear drum that went straight through to her brain killing her instantly. Each cast member is interrogated and comparisons are made between the reality portrayed on the show and their real lives. We learn that Gabe unknowingly sold contaminated drugs so he would have a "thing" on the show, and a teenage boy who bought it is on life support as a result of it. They trace the bad drugs back to a rave-chic with a business sense who hung around the clubs. They get the ingredients of her toxic drug mix and save the boy just in time. We learn that Courntey was actually married and her husband, James, has been living in the room across the hall in the hotel from her since the cast arrived in Miami, and that she was pregnant with his baby. According to James, Courtney was supposed to quit the show and go home to Connecticut with him, and that she was contractually obligated to keep the marriage a secret. Next we learn that another star, Zachary "guns" Rittner, is a virgin and in a seminary student studying to be a priest. He made up the character and thought he could reach out to sinners through the show, and has been donating his earnings to the church. Walter and Natalia discover that the spike at the bottom of Statue of Liberty ice sculpture is broken off. They have found the murder weapon, albeit melted away. Upon close analysis of the ice sculpture they find remnants of ingredients in spray tanner in a tiny groove in the ice, near where the spike was broken off. Contents in the melted ice contain tanning spray elements leading us to Courtney’s co-star Shea, who happens to be launching her own tanning spray line. Shea, now unraveling reveals the truth, she could not bare Courtney leaving the show, potentially causing it to be cancelled; that the attention and popularity she garnered from the show was all that mattered to her and she did not want to lose it all. Now under arrest for murder her "fifteen minutes of fame" comes to an end.

CSI: Miami S9E7
Episode 7

On the Hook

We open on a man (mid-40’s), Brad Webb, fishing on his own on a boat on the canal. We see an African American man Shane Newson, (20), standing dangerously on the bridge over the canal as if about to jump. As Brad is calling 911 shots come seemingly out of nowhere and shoot up Brad’s boat, missing its target; Brad. The team investigates and learns shooter was hundreds of feet away. Walter finds the gun on a rooftop, and they bring it in to the lab. They bring Brad into protective custody, while they continue to figure out a motive as to who would try to kill him. While interviewing Shane it is clear he is anxious and paranoid, and is sure no one can help him. Through the lab work and DNA testing of the eye liquid found on the eyepiece of the rifle, they find a match; Dario Aquilar, third generation gang banger. Tripp gets a noise complaint from Shane’s apartment and discovers Shane in the midst of pulling apart his apartment looking pointedly for specific items. Shane amidst his frenzy tells them he heard Brad on the phone when he was by the bridge, talking about “Vig” and nickels and dimes and numbers. The team soon discovers that Brad is a bookie and maybe someone who owed him money may have wanted him dead. While still in protective custody at MDPD shots from a distance aimed at Brad are fired. Walter and Ryan search the origin of the shots at the nearby train station platform and discover many of the items they saw Shane pulling from his apartment. Makings of a home made rifle. They bring Shane in and learn that he as well as Dario was, is terrified of talking. Tripp and Horatio review their files for commonalities and discover they both have the same parole officer, Neal Perkins. Neal also happened to be a client of Brads as was over his head in debt. Neal threatened to put Shane and Dario back into prison if they didn’t follow through with his plan. Dario shot at Brad first, but Shane, growing a conscience, was there to distract him, to save Brad. Neal upset that Shane botched his plans to have Brad killed forces Shane to construct a homemade riffle and use it to kill Brad. Neal threatens the life of Shane’s 18 year old cousin Tracy. Tracy, also under jurisdiction has been secretly raping her. Having enough evidence including a handwriting match from the gun instructions and other documents of Neal’s, Horatio finds Neal and Tracy in a dilapidated trailer in the woods and stops him from hurting any further.

CSI: Miami S9E8
Episode 8

Happy Birthday

Our CSI’s investigate the attempted murder of a Heather Chapman, 8 months pregnant, when her badly beaten body is found near the restaurant she was just having lunch at. We discover that she was carjacked and brutally assaulted and her car is nowhere to be found. Horatio and Tripp track down the one of the two carjackers in a club and eventually find Heather’s stolen Mercedes. Ruben Franco was hired to rear end Heather’s car and it got carried away his accomplice assaulted her as well. The team also discover the car was recently keyed. Ruben admits he and his accomplice Sam Novak were hired to carjack the Mercedes and take it to a chop shop. Josh, Heather’s 16 year old stepson, works at this particular chop shop, and photos of Heather are discovered there as well. Josh keyed Heather’s car because he was angry that Heather got the new car his father promised him. After examining the photos from chop shop in the lab and the framed photo from the club (where Ruben was apprehended), there is an identical marking that matches Vicky Turner’s (day manager of club) digital camera display. Vicky was hired by Sam and leads the team to the motel he is hiding at. Sam is brought into custody and Gary, Heather’s husband, attacks him with a jackknife in the station, forcing Horatio to arrest Gary. Upon continued inspection of the Mercedes, Delko concludes that the air bag was pried out of the steering wheel as well as the tilting lever sawed off, with a specific tool. Turns out Gary manipulated the steering wheel to lock in the lowest position, as well as removed the air bag with the jackknife, and arranged the carjacking through club manager, Vicky. It turns out that Gary was behind the whole plot to hurt Heather. He was upset that she was having a baby and wanted the baby killed and Heather kept alive.

CSI: Miami S9E9
Episode 9

Blood Sugar

There is an unexpected huge explosion inside a sugar factory and our team has been called in along with emergency personnel to investigate and assess the fall out. The one fatality is Eduardo Santana, who has been buried under tons of sugar and his bones have been shattered. The team concludes that the sugar dust level was too high as a result of a safety door being closed and there was a dust explosion. We also learn that immigration officers randomly show up at the factory to round up illegal immigrants for deportation. They think the door was accidentally shut when the some of the workers ran out to hide from the immigration officers. The shut door may have contributed to the explosion. Nina, Eduarado’s fiance, as well as a factory worker is desperate to stop immigration from taking her illegal immigrant sister and deporting her. Horatio connects with Nina and tells her to let immigration officer detain Isabel, (they make an exception for Horatio letting her have 48 hours instead of 24), and he will make sure she is not deported. Delko and Ryan find a horse hair on the catwalk that they believe Eduardo fell from. This leads them to Luis the horses caretaker. It seems Roger Cavanaugh the owner of the sugar plant, handed over Luis son to immigration in order to keep Eduardo from being deported. We then learn that Eduardo is actually Roger’s son from an affair he had with Eduardo’s mother (deceased), who worked at the factory. Luis confronted Eduardo on the catwalk inside the factory, there is a fight and Eduardo falls backward over the railing. Luis tries to save him from falling into the sugar. His body weight and lack of proper factory ventilation causes the machine to backfire which instigates the explosion. As we think Luis is going to surrender he in turn shoots and kills Roger Cavanaugh. Horatio forces Roger’s daughter Christie, who tried to cut cost by shutting off the ventilation system, to create a college fund for her employees. Isabel is granted a student visa and can stay in the country as she will be the first recipient of the scholarship.

CSI: Miami S9E10
Episode 10

Match Made in Hell

Matthew Shaw is ripped to shreds and eaten by an alligator that has been baited into his swimming pool from a canal separated by a locked gate on his property. Whomever lured the alligator into Matthew's pool knew his gate's access code. Delko finds a unique piece of torn paper in the pool lining. Matthew belonged to high end Matchmaking service. Matalia meets Tandy King the millionaire matchmaker, and obtains the names of the six women has dated through her service. The one girl who does not repsond to their calls is Kate Pender; ther also being evidence on Matthew's sheets that they had had sex within the past 24 hours. They track her down through her car's GPS system at the mansion of competing matchmaker Paul Nicols, whose driveway is filled with fancy motorcycles and limos; he is hosting a matchmaking party. Loman finds an engagement ring in Matthew's robe. He also discovers a fresh 3rd degree burn on Matthew's palm which matches a muffler from a motorcycle belonging to Paul's bouncer/doorman Ricky Tobar. He also finds bits of paper, the same kind that Delko found at the crime scene, in the alligator's mouth. Ryan goes undercover posing as a millionaire client looking for a mate and gets into one of Nichols parties. There he finds Kate and pretends to be interested in her. Nichols suggests they go upstairs to one of the bedrooms clearly indicating that this is more than a matchmaking business. Late is prostituting herself, Paul being her pimp. Looking around a bookcase in a nearby room, with only minutes before someone approaches, Ryan is shot with a syring from behind one of Paul's security guards, rendering him paralyzed. As the security guard is drowning Ryan in the bathtub trying to find out who he is working for, Horatio and Delko bust in, shoot him dead and save Ryan. They find stacks of money in a secret space behind the bookcase and confirm Paul's pimping. Turns out, Matthew was a fraud millionaire, and he and Kate met through Tandy King and fell in love, and he was going to ask her to marry him. Kate was afraid that Nichols would kill her if she didn't continue to work for him. Matthew owed Tandy $50,000 and the bits of paper turned out to be another bounced check made out to Tandy. Tandy King accessed his gate code and lured the alligator into the pool. he admits that she would love millions if word got out that she was taken for a fool.

CSI: Miami S9E11
Episode 11


The team is called to the chaotic, flooding, street scene where two dead bodies with gunshot wounds to the head and neck, Rebecca (40’s), a women in a car that smashed a fire hydrant causing the flood, Marvin (40’s) a man lying dead in the rush of water. They retrieve the casing and gun from the scene and get it to Calleigh for investigation. After Dr. Loman analyzes the inside of Marvin’s skull they concludes that the bullet bounced around in his head then exited through the entrance point and hit Rebecca an innocent victim driving nearby, killing them both. After talking with Marvin’s wife Linda, they inspect his computer and uncover that he has been created a social networking profile, 19 year old “Sean”, and is having on line relationship with 17 year old “Ashley”. Horatio and Delko go to Ashley Chandler’s house and meet parents Larry and Diana to discuss Walter aka “Sean” whom Ashley knows nothing about. Finding gun powder on Larry’s hands, and his gun missing that matches the murder weapon, they take him in for questioning, although his alibi checks out. From searching the family computer they see another boy on line Justin, who is having an on-line relationship with Ashley. Asking him to meet, Justin knew it was not Ashley as the time of day was off, so he paid a guy to meet up with them. The team figures it out and tracks Justin down though a description and license plate and learns that he shot Marvin aka “Sean”, who to him was a creepy guy cyber stalking his “girlfriend” who he has not even met. Shooting Rebecca was a mistake. He and Ashley had made a plan, she stole her father’s gun and left it in his hotel room, and after he shot Marvin they were going to be together. From viewing the surveillance camera footage outside the Motel, the team discovers that it is Ashley’s mother Diana who dropped off the gun for Justin to kill Marvin with. She was using Ashley’s identity to live out a fantasy cyber courting these two boys. She had met Marvin in person and discovered they were playing the same game and although relieved, Marvin was livid and began threatening her life. She was scared her family would find out, and Justin was falling in love with “Ashley” and he offered to kill him for her. Desperate to not be discovered she executed the plan, playing Justin for a fool, and both now going to jail for murder.

CSI: Miami S9E12
Episode 12

Wheels Up

At trendy Roller Derby stadium, mid competition between the Miami Masochists and Loca Boca Ratons, superstar Connie Briggs is murdered in the locker room after a brawl on the rink. Connie went into the locker room with severe stomach pains after the brawl, and was discovered dead shortly thereafter. Loman examines her body and uncovers many old wounds healed over, indicating physical abuse. He later concludes that a shard of her rib that had been hanging on to her rib cage for sometime broke off from blunt force to her back and cut into a major blood vessel, causing her to bleed out. Vince Kessler, a groupie for the opposing team, is questioned and is a match for a mouth guard that Connie was wearing (molded from his mouth) filled with ipecac, a medicine used to induce vomiting. After meeting with Lucy Strickland, emergency contact, roommate and best friend of Connie’s, she tells them about a fight that our victim had with another skater, Tara Werner. We find Tara at a local rehab center and discover that she’s paralyzed from an injury inflicted by Connie; an accident during a competition. Vince Kessler shows up; he is her brother, and he wanted to get Connie back for what she did to his sister, so he put the ipecac in the mouth guard, but he did not kill her. Back to roommate Lucy who reveals that Connie used to date Jake McGrath, and he was abusing her but she feared he would hurt her too if she told. Horatio, Delko and Srg. Tripp arrest him and inspect his apartment for evidence. They find a heavy bag with identical indents from shoulder pads like that on Connie’s back. Jake tells them Connie and Lucy used to use heavy bag, not him. Turns out Lucy was jealous that Connie got into the Derby and she wasn’t good enough to make the team, and that Connie wasn’t around anymore to be with her like they used to. They discover upon inspection of her stuff that there is steel in Lucy’s elbow pads where plastic should be, as well as Connie’s blood. Lucy was in the locker room when Connie came off the rink. She smashed her elbow pad down on to Connie’s back while she was heaving and killed her.

CSI: Miami S9E13
Episode 13

Last Stand

The State Attorney is murdered by a drive by shooter during a press conference at a suburban cook house drug bust, uncovered thanks to a series of anonymous tips. The team identifies the shooter as Felix, member of the Mala Noche gang currently being run by Salazar. However, Felix has been recently answering to Memmo, former leader and recent prison escapee, after Memmo abducted his son. Memmo also is revealed to be the anonymous caller tipping authorities regarding cook houses in the area. Felix’s court appointed attorney gets her throat slashed right before she’s about to reveal to Horatio that Memmo is one controlling Felix. Memmo wants to regain his leadership and in doing so has set out to kill the current boss, Salazar. During an attempted bombing on a tour bus by Salazar to prove who is boss, he is shot by Memmo who is wearing an old man mask. Horatio and his team bust into Memmo’s hotel room where he’s holding court and also where Felix’s son is been kept and a shootout ensues. Felix’s son is unharmed however, Memmo was somehow able to escape. In the end, Horatio tracks Memmo down on a private yacht by leading him to believe that Salazar didn’t die from his bullet and wants to set up a meeting.

CSI: Miami S9E14
Episode 14

Stoned Cold

Blair Hawkins a renowned high school “mean girl” is stoned to death, and left tied to the high school football field’s goal post. The team learns that Blair was abducted the night before from a party where many students who would want to see her dead attended. There are two students in particular who have been affected deeply by her abuse, Nate Cordero who attempted suicide by hanging himself as a result of Blair’s extreme humiliation, tricking him into running naked through the halls in front of the whole school. Megan Wells, a shy new girl desperate for Blaire’s approval was at the party and Blaire manipulated her into having sex with 3 football players. The team discovers that the rope Nate used to hang himself is the same as the rope used to tie up Blaire. Further evidence yields that there are clearly two people who committed this murder. At the scene the team finds a broken cd and fabric that is also traced back to Nate. Autopsy results reveal that someone put a green ear bud in Blaire’s ear before she was killed. They find a cd player and second ear bud in her car. The lab is able to decipher some of the audio off the piece of the cd and it is different students (including Nate and Megan) speaking confidentially to the school Principal about what Blaire had done to them. The principal was secretly recording conversations he had with students about Blair’s bulling hoping to build a case against her. In the end, we learn that Nate and Megan’s parents killed Blaire. They intended to scare her by abducting her and tying her up to the goal post and forcing her to listen to the cd (which they got a hold of), but as Blaire continued to insult their children during this, they became irate and stoning her to death.

CSI: Miami S9E15
Episode 15

Blood Lust

Our team investigates the death of young female when her body is found strangled by her own bra in a foreclosed home. We discover a string of similar murders that fit the profile of a serial killer when all our victims have their fingernails removed. In the end we discover one of the victims who survived the attack as being the mastermind behind all the killings. In her madness she would get her husband to help her kill anyone whom she thought was trying to seduce him.

CSI: Miami S9E16
Episode 16

Hunting Ground

Our team investigates the death of an undocumented citizen when he is killed with a high end bow and arrow in the everglades. We discover the world where humans are being purchased from coyotes and then being hunted for sport. Enrique, a Cuban and Jean, a Haitian, have been smuggled into the country with the promise of freedom only to be separated from their families, branded with numbers and let out in the everglades to be hunted down by wealthy adrenalin junkies as they run for their freedom. Enrique is found dead, impaled by an arrow to a tree. The team is able to track down the bow and arrow to the shop from which it came. We learn that the shop owner, having wealthy thrill-seeking clientele, had a deal with a coyote who brings in the immigrants and sells the men to him for his customer’s prey.

CSI: Miami S9E17
Episode 17

Special Delivery

CSI: Miami S9E18
Episode 18

About Face

An escaped prisoner takes Natalia hostage and tells her a shocking secret about his crimes.

CSI: Miami S9E19
Episode 19


Horatio protects a mixed martial arts fighter from his brother who recently escaped prison.

CSI: Miami S9E20
Episode 20

Paint It Black

Monica Dow, a prominent art student, is the main suspect of an on-campus murder when her roommate, Corinne Palmer, is found dead in the university spa. Upon further investigation, Horatio discovers that Monica suffers from a cognitive disorder where she blacks out and when she wakes up she becomes a different person. Something so traumatic in Monica’s past forces her to suppress her pain by creating an alter. Our victim’s boyfriend also raises suspicion and we learn that Monica seduced him. Things get even more chaotic when Monica is attacked only to have our team discover that it was self inflicted by her original traumatized self, Alexis. Corinne was trying to help Monica/Alexis cope with her disorder but that would affect her art and that didn’t bode well for Monica/Alexis’ professor who had the most to gain by keeping Monica/Alexis sick.

CSI: Miami S9E21
Episode 21


Neal Marshall is an unassuming family man who looks a little out of place at a Miami hotspot. He winds up getting in a fight with a patron who is rude to the waitress Neal was trying to flirt with. Minutes later, the patron is dead and Neal is the last person seen with him. But by the time the CSI’s arrive, both Neal and the body are missing. Our CSIs journey down a twisty, rabbit hole to discover that Neal has been unwittingly pulled into a bizarre, role-playing game (the bar patron is alive) that was all part of Neal’s brother’s plan to make Neal man-up in their joint business. But the game takes a deadly twist when someone actually does wind up dead; the waitress from the bar, and this time the main suspect isn’t Neal, but his jealous wife.

CSI: Miami S9E22
Episode 22

Mayday (1)

After Horatio finally captures the last prison escapee, their transport plane crash lands, and the CSIs discover this fugitive has more planned than just a getaway.

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