CSI: NY - Season 4 Episodes

CSI: NY - Season 4

CSI: NY - Season 4

This season on CSI: NY, the detectives encounter the Statue of Liberty bleeding, a undersea crime scene, "Bluetooth burglaries," and the CSIs go high-tech when the murder of a young woman sends Mac Taylor and his team into Second Life, the Internet-based virtual world. Series creator Anthony E. Zuiker will launch the CSI: NY virtual world, where viewers can continue the CSI experience with monthly crimes, meta-games, and a cyber theater that screens episodes. The CSIs will also debunk the Amityville horror myth while investigating a mass murder at the house on the south shore of Long Island, New York.

Episode 1

Can You Hear Me Now?

Mac returns from his trip to London with Peyton to a jarring image: the Statue of Liberty’s face stained with blood. Inside the statue the CSIs find the body of a female security guard. When Mac looks through a Liberty Island viewfinder, he sees a second victim positioned across the water, with “2 More Will Die” written in blood on his shirt. But this case isn’t the only thing that has Mac shaken. Mac received a series of phone calls while in London, each one at precisely 3:33 am, followed by a hang-up. Clearly someone has a message for Mac, and it’s personal.

Focusing on the Liberty case, the team races to process the clues, which ultimately lead to an unsolved murder of a young concert pianist named Marie Casimira. A killer is exacting revenge on neighbors who turned a blind eye, and a third victim is soon found. But the case goes deeper than that: it turns out that Marie's closest friend, another concert pianist, witnessed the crime and was being taunted by Marie's killer. The case reaches a crescendo when the CSIs take down the vigilante, who remains a dedicated fan of Marie, and Marie's murderer.

Episode 2

The Deep

A sailboat race to Staten Island takes an unexpected tack when one of the boats nearly collides with a dead scuba diving instructor. Autopsy reveals this was no accident and trace evidence leads the CSIs underwater to an artificial reef made of discarded subway cars stacked up at the bottom of the Hudson where they find the dead diving partner of the first victim. Tissue analysis reveals both were killed near a shipwreck from the 1700s. Danny and Hawkes explore the sunken vessel and find evidence leading them to two young students who tricked the scuba diving instructors into helping them navigate the waters under the guise they were looking for a sunken treasure. When Mac and Stella go to question these students, they stumble onto something much larger; a plot to blowup a helipad along the East River where a controversial foreign official will be landing before heading to speak at the United Nations.

Episode 3

You Only Die Once

The CSIs investigate a James Bond-esque gang of thieves who use high tech methods to steal personal account info from computers and phones before fleeing the scene in a customized Batmobile-type car. When one of the thieves turns up dead, Mac and the team have to determine if one of the gang’s victims sought retribution or if it was a double cross by one of the thieves. Meanwhile, Chief Sinclair finds himself in the hot seat after the “James Bond” gang hits his home and the investigation exposes a sexual harassment email sent to a female clerk.

Episode 4

Time's Up

When a man covered in blood falls dead shortly after claiming he is from the future and that he kills someone tomorrow, the CSIs believe the man is crazy until they find his time machine and his murder prophecy comes true. Separating the science from the science fiction, the CSIs discover the “mad” scientist was really a math genius with a brain condition that made him think he was seeing the future instead of mathematically predicting it. Meanwhile, Stella and Danny investigate a twisted case of death by orgasm.

Episode 5

Down the Rabbit Hole

The team investigates the murder of a woman. They find out that she was going on a date with someone who she met in an online game called Second Life. Her character is soon being impersonated by the killer. Her boyfriend accuses her and she kills him. They find out that a high official is her next target. She kills him and runs from Mac and the team. She escapes in the final scene of the show

Episode 6


It’s Halloween as the CSIs are called to a multiple homicide at a house in the Village of Amityville that is believed to be possessed by evil spirits ever since a man killed himself, and shortly after his death his daughter disappeared. While encountering creepy events in the house, including a bleeding wall and an old woman who appears out of nowhere, the CSIs ultimately debunk the Amityville horror and learn the real reason behind the daughter’s disappearance years ago. Back across the East River, the creepiness continues when a flash mob of zombies invades midtown and in their wake a man is found dead.

Episode 7

Commuted Sentences

The CSIs investigate a wealthy man found stabbed to death in Madison Square Park. Across town, the rest of the team investigates the shooting death of a woman found outside the Metropolitan Museum of Art. A makeshift ballistic experiment, using an improvised slingshot and a slug reveals that the victim was actually shot in the chest and that she herself was the attacker in the crime. In an unexpected twist, evidence collected at both crime scenes links the stabbed man and the female victim. This ultimately leads Mac and the team to delve into the lives of two seemingly unconnected, high-powered female CEOs, who share the pain of being former victims. Both women commuted daily on the train from the suburbs into Manhattan, a routine that resulted in a long lasting relationship and a bond that lead the women to conspire to avenge two recent high profile cases in which the female victims’ attackers were acquitted.

Episode 8


A model on a live billboard in Time Square is found dead from an apparent signage electrocution. But upon closer examination, the CSIs discover she ultimately met her demise at the tentacles of a microscopic but lethal Irukanji jellyfish, which was planted by a bitter, female advertising executive exacting revenge on her male counterpart who stole her idea for the ad-campaign. Following a robbery-turned-homicide at a restaurant, the CSIs only witness to the crime is rushed to the hospital to await brain surgery and potentially help them ID the killer. But her chances of survival take a turn for the worse when the brain surgeon’s brother is held hostage by the killer and won’t be released until the surgeon “accidentally” lets his patient die in surgery.

Episode 9

One Wedding and a Funeral

A suspected bomb left on Stella’s car is discovered to be a box full of puzzle pieces stained with blood. The pieces are formed into the shape of a ticking clock. As the CSIs put the pieces together, Mac realizes the puzzle is of a building significant to his own life and this could be the work of the mysterious “333” caller who has been stalking him since his trip to London. When a second puzzle turns out to be the Tribune Tower in Chicago, Mac’s hometown, Mac has no choice but to get on the next flight to Chicago to solve the biggest mystery of his life. Meanwhile, the CSIs get an unceremonious invitation to the wedding of the year in Central Park when the groom is found dead and the wedding party and guests are engaged in the most absurd brawl ever.

Episode 10

The Thing About Heroes...

Mac chases the 333 stalker to Chicago and evidence leads him to the Chicago Tribune Building, where he finds a thirty-year-old corpse. Mac learns the victim is the man who killed his closest childhood friend: a murder Mac witnessed when he was a teenager in room 333 of a hotel, and could have prevented. Back in NYC, while Stella and the team investigate a subway conductor’s body found on the train, the train speeds off on a wild ride with the team inside. In a close call, they bring the train to a stop. As they piece together evidence, they discover Stella’s so-called admirer Drew is the 333 stalker and the brother of Mac’s murdered childhood friend. Upon Mac’s return to NYC, he is ambushed by Drew and taken to an abandoned City Hall train station. Realizing Drew blames Mac for his brother’s death, the CSIs race to find him before it is too late.

Episode 11

Child's Play

The CSIs go on the hunt for a bodega robber when events take an emotional turn after they discover the victim of a stray bullet shot during the robbery is a young boy. Danny is devastated when he realizes the neighborhood kid is the same boy Danny took that morning to church for the “blessing of the bikes,” an annual gathering of New Yorkers who have their motorcycles, tricycles and such blessed. Meanwhile, following the murder of the Bronx manufacturer who originally invented Sea Monkeys, X-Ray Specs and many other mail-order novelties, the CSIs investigate the crime only to find a heartbroken killer who decades ago lost a friend to one of the flimsy inventions.

Episode 12

Happily Never After

The CSIs take the case of a woman’s body crushed under an ice castle sculpture with only her glittering red shoes visible, a la "The Wizard of Oz." The victim, a hotel owner, is known around town as the “Wicked Witch of the Upper East Side” and to find the killer, the CSIs must investigate a list of enemies including a fired concierge with too much heart and a brainless charity CEO. In another case, the dead body of a teenage girl is found on top of a school bus. To solve the case, the team delves into the world of "Wildgarten": clandestine pop-up parties where New York’s Prep School students turn Manhattan’s kindergarten classrooms into their version of Neverland, complete with the latest designer drug.

Episode 13

All in the Family

Tragedy strikes when a teenage girl, her boyfriend and the boyfriend’s brother come home to find her father, a Family Court judge, brutally bludgeoned to death. After shaking down some lead suspects, the CSIs unearth a well-concealed trail of evidence and ultimately learn the daughter’s boyfriend and his brother are not who they appear to be. When they were younger, the brothers were removed from their father’s custody based on the judge’s ruling. The decision altered the trajectory of their lives and sent them on a downward spiral that led to murder. Meanwhile, feeling guilty over his young neighbor’s murder, Danny is put in a tough spot when the boy’s mother decides to get revenge and steals his gun to do it.

Episode 14

Playing with Matches

When a drowning victim spills out a self-cleaning public restroom, it first appears to be a freak accident. Unfortunately, the CSIs soon discover it was foul play. The victim was a pen-pal to a convicted felon, and using “Wila” writing, or miniaturized writing hidden on the backs of postage stamps, the two hatched a plot to spring the felon from prison. However, in a bizarre twist, their plan backfired when the victim was accidentally killed in a plot by a rival public restroom company. Meanwhile, when a flame-engulfed body comes out of nowhere and slams into the windshield of a responding FDNY fire truck, the team is hurled into the world of street-luging--an extreme sport where a thin wooden “sled” and a few inches of air are all that separate life and limb from flesh-ripping asphalt.

Episode 15

DOA For A Day

An Anonymous Tipster responding to a “New York Crime Catchers” segment on the evening news takes our CSIs to an abandoned warehouse, where they hope to find one of the city’s most wanted criminals; Suspect X, the beautiful trained assassin who evaded Mac’s clutches (from episode #405). In a surprising turn of events, the CSIs find the lifeless body of Suspect X, but later come to learn the victim isn’t Suspect X but instead is an innocent woman, who was made over to look like Suspect X. The CSIs ultimately discover Suspect X’s next target is The Mayor's Criminal Justice Coordinator, Jordan Gates, who Mac has helped before. In an action packed game of cat and mouse, Mac tries to capture his prey before she escapes again.

Episode 16

Right Next Door

When fire breaks out in Stella’s building, she heroically rushes to the aid of an adolescent neighbor boy and gets him to safety. Shockingly, the fire was not a household accident, but arson set by the very same boy that Stella rescued. It was his misguided attempt at a cry for help because the boy’s seemingly devoted mother, Stella’s neighbor, is actually his kidnapper, and unfortunately not her only victim. Also, still grieving over Ruben’s death, Danny finds comfort in the arms of another woman – Rueben’s mother.

Episode 17

Like Water For Murder

When the body of New York’s top real estate agent washes up on the shores of Rockaway Beach along with several dead sharks, Mac and Inspector Quinn Shelby uncover a twisted trail of evidence that includes a shark-topsy and a decadent chocolate fashion show. The evidence grows when a second real estate agent turns up dead, connecting the deaths to an attorney, who was murdered a few months back. Mac and the team soon realize they’re after a serial killer, a cab driver who moonlights as a predator. Now they have to stop him before his next victim could be the next person who rides in his cab.

Episode 18


Following a ritzy private high school dance, the body of a guidance counselor is found with his face melted off. Through the science of Photosynth, make-up and mace, the CSIs find their perpetrator. It's one of the students who attended the dance. When the team tracks him down they come upon a disturbing discovery: The youthful looking student is not eighteen, rather in his thirties. He has been working in collusion with another predator to lure unsuspecting coeds into their lair culminating in the ultimate betrayal. Meanwhile, Mac gets pressure from above to catch the “Cabbie Killer” as the killer starts hunting his next victim.

Episode 19

Personal Foul

When the “Cabbie Killer” leaves another fatal fare floating in fountain, the city and its transportation system are increasingly paralyzed by fear. As the CSIs follow a forensic trail including body carvings, wild parrot flocks, and the DNA gathered from a literal “hole in the wall,” they get much closer to arriving at the killer’s identity. But are they too late to stop Reed from getting into his cold-blooded cab? Meanwhile, it’s the “kiss of death” for one rabid NBA Playoff fan who gets a shot at one million bucks if he can sink a basket from the half-court line at halftime… only to sink to the floor dead moments later.

Episode 20


When the body of a New Jersey cop is dumped from a cab outside the NYC police station, the CSIs suspect the "Cabbie Killer" has stepped up his game. However, in a shocking twist, Mac discovers that the cop was moonlighting as a taxi driver, and after being wrongly identified in a blog as the "Cabbie Killer" his coworkers took justice into their own hands. Later, when Mac discovers that Reed was responsible for the blog and ultimately the death of an innocent man, he rails on Reed. However, before Mac can make things right, Reed is abducted by the real "Cabbie Killer" and his only hope of survival is to send Mac clues to his location as he blogs in real time on the killer's post-mortem mutilation of his most recent victim.

Episode 21


When a heist goes bad and a bank manager is shot dead, a frantic gunman takes the entire bank hostage and issues an unusual demand: he won’t release the hostages until CSI comes in to prove he didn’t kill the victim. As the gunman grows more frantic, Mac works to both solve the murder and secretly send information about the gunman back to the team in an effort to identify him. But when the evidence doesn't add up, the gunman makes a shocking disclosure: the hostage taker is actually a hostage himself and the original robbers are holding his family at gunpoint until he recovers incriminating evidence they left behind. As Mac teams up with the hostage to take a valiant trip to rescue the man’s family, there’s one more twist: he lied to Mac about not being one of the bank robbers and now Mac has just become his hostage. To be continued...

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