CSI: NY - Season 7 Episodes

CSI: NY - Season 7

CSI: NY - Season 7

The seventh season of the hit procedural begins with "The 34th Floor," the conclusion to last season's thrilling cliffhanger that has Danny and Lucy held hostage. Also, a new member joins Detective Mac Taylor and his team. Sela Ward stars as Josephine "Jo" Danville, an experienced investigator from Washington, D.C. whose work is driven by her empathy for the victim. It's baptism by fire for Jo on her first day as she stumbles over a dead body in the crime lab.

Episode 1

The 34th Floor

The newest member of the CSI team, Jo Danville, a former FBI agent, is welcomed to her new job by stumbling upon the body of a young woman murdered somewhere in the building that houses the NYPD Crime Lab.

Episode 2

Unfriendly Chat

A young woman is strangled to death while participating in a live, online chat site with Adam. Adam witnesses the murder and Mac and the team try to figure out if what Adam saw was real or a hoax. Jo helps Adam recall details and clues within the unknow victim's apartment since according to the owners of the chat site, the victim could be located anywhere in the world. Items Adam remembers lead to an apartment in Manhattan where the team finds the victim's body. Stolen iPads and a partial palm print in the victim's apartment leads the CSIs to Torrey Powell; a career theif and the victim's boyfriend. Powell admits giving the victim the stolen iPads and the stolen laptop that was taken from her apartment by the killer. Powell stole the laptop from a corrupt employee, Christopher Garcia, who worked at a large financial firm that was under investigation by the FBI. Garcia stole the software for the firm's trading system and stored it on his laptop. When Garcia was about to sell it to a Venezualen contact, Powell stole his laptop. GArcia, being an IT expert, tracked down the laptop, killed the victim and took the laptop back. Unfortunately for Adam, Garcia saw him watching the murder and tracked him down as well. As Garcia attempts to kill the final witness to his crimes, Adam; Mac, Jo and the team race to rescue him.

Episode 3

Damned If You Do

A couple is brutally beaten in their home and the husband is killed. Mac rushes to the scene in time to get the wife to point out her attacker - her son, Billy Travers. Det. Flack immediately arrests Billy, who is shocked at his mother's accusation, and denies any involvement in the attack. Billy has no alibi and Mac thinks they have an open and shut case until Billy's mother recants her accusation. Further complicating things, and inmate at Riker's prison claims his cellmate confessed to the attack. Marvin Foster, who was serving a life sentence, escaped from prison and was recaptured the night of the murder near the Traver's home. Flack and Danny talk to Foster, who freely confesses to the crime and even tells them where he left the murder weapon but later find he lied. The team still suspects Billy but has no forensic evidence to support the case against him. Lindsay finds a unique type of glass chard at the scene which they trace to a local company whose employee, Paul Benson, used to live in the Traver's home. Paul was just released from prison after serving eight years for rape, primarily because his parent's testified against him. Paul wanted revenge but had no idea his parent's sold their home to the Travers. He attacked the Travers believing they were his parents. Mac finds Jo in his office looking through papers on his desk. Mac reassures her that what happened to her in D.C will not happen with this team. Jo opens up about the events which caused her to leave her post in D.C and both Jo and Mac gain a greater trust in one another.

Episode 4

Sangre Por Sangre

Pantro Torres, the leader of a powerful New York street gang El Puno, is found murdered; impaled and pushed from the balcony of his hotel room. Mac and the team must find the killer before the gang takes revenge and starts a bloody street war with their rivals the Mambas street gang. DNA at the crime scene leads them to a former rival gang member turned high-end escort, Hazel Ortega. Det. Flack tracks Hazel down and as he is driving her to the precinct they are ambushed by a pair of gunman. Hazel survives and tells Jo she was in the hotel room the night of Panthro's murder and saw someone else enter as she was leaving but is too scared to give Jo a name. The co-founder of El Puno, Luther Devarro, was just released from prison after Mac put him away 15 years ago. Mac goes to Luther for info and cooperation. Luther, trying to gain Mac's trust, tells him where to find the shooters that ambushed Det. Flack and Hazel. The team knows that the heads of El Puno are being targeted and decides to bring all remaining lieutenants in for questioning. In the process, the gang's main head quarters explodes killing the brains of the gang's business operations. Sid finds that she was shot and killed before the blast ever took place. A palm print at the scene of the explosion reveals that Luther is the killer. Mac finds Luther about to kill the last lieutenant, his brother Rick. Rick doesn't believe Mac's accusations of Luther guilt and gives chase; shooting Mac in the process. Mac is forced to shoot Luther but realizes Luther shot Rick to save Mac's life. Luther was ashamed that the gang he started to protect his neighborhood was now destroying it and followed the rules of the street to the end; even if it meant his own life.

Episode 5

Out Of The Sky

A man is murdered in his defense attorney's apartment during a daring heist by two professional thieves who were after millions of dollars in jewels. Danny's former partner, James Benson, was working as a bodyguard for the attorney and was shot during the robbery but survived. One of the thieves is found dead near the helicopter used in their rooftop escape. Mac and the team find a duffle bag near the body containing a nano chip tracking device. Knowing both thieves had duffle bags, Adam reverses the signal in order to find the other bag and potentially the other thief. All are surprised when the signal leads to the body of a John Doe in their building with the nano chip embedded in his shoe. The John Doe is identified as Heath Kirkfield, when his girlfriend comes into the precinct to report him missing. She tells them Heath brought the bag of jewels home after they literally fell out of the sky while he was walking home. He was on his way to turn the jewels into the police when he was murdered. Sand containing gunshot residue found at the scene of the robbery and the discovery of the second thief killed execution style leads back to Danny's former partner, Benson. Benson had a string of bad luck since being pushed out of the NYPD. He was determined to change his luck and devised a plan to steal the jewels from the boss he despised and committed quadruple murder in the process. Danny must bring him down, knowing Benson is on his way to kill Heath's girlfriend, Jenny.

Episode 6

Do Not Pass Go

The discovery of a badly decomposed body pits Mac and his team against an efficient killer using the parents of one of his victims to manipulate crime scenes. One of the victim's mothers received a voicemail message with directions on how to locate the body of their son, Jeremy Harris. The parents follow the detailed directions and in the process destroy physical evidence; which is the killer's intention. The body was not Jeremy but a second victim, Craig Anderson. Soon the mother receives another message and despite her husband's objections, follows the killer's demands and is almost killed in a fire before Jo saves her. Two key pieces of evidence at the scene, a bloody apron and snake skeletons, lead the team to the unsolved case of a bouncer shot at a local night club and killed. The girlfriend of the bouncer, Allison Scott, worked as a bartender at the club and was at the scene when her boyfriend was shot; his blood was on her apron. She blames the shooting on two men her boyfriend had a fight with that night, Jeremy Harris and Craig Anderson. Allison poisoned them with snake venom and watched them slowly die. She was recently arrested on drug charges and was afraid police would now match her prints to the crime scene so she paid a friend to make the calls to Jeremy's mother. Jo visits an unremorseful Allison is prison and gets Allison to tell her where Jeremy's body is. When Mac and the team arrive at the location they find Jeremy is still clinging to life. Jeremy survives and is reunited with his grateful parents. Jo's eleven year old son Ellie is having a hard time adjusting to life in New York City and this case definitely hits home for Jo, having two boys of her own.

Episode 7

Hide Sight

Our CSIs investigate a series of sniper shootings and Mac discovers their lead suspect is a former kidnap victim whom Mac rescued after three years of searching. Blood evidence at the scene of one of the shootings brings Mac back to the case of a missing boy he helped find over 15 years ago, Michael Reynolds. Mac knows Michael suffered severe trauma at the hands of his kidnapper but is shocked to think he is now a killer. The team goes back to Michael's parent’s home and find Michael dead, shot to death. Hair found at the sniper's crime scene matched Michael's mitochondrial DNA; Mac knows they the shooter is Michael's brother Tom. Tom felt like he was in Michael's shadow all of his life. His parents were always preoccupied with Michael and helping him get through his trauma but neglected Tom in the process. Tom's sadness turned to rage over the years and he now wanted to make himself known. Our team rushes to figure out Tom's next target and doesn't have to wait long when he begins shooting at innocent bystanders from the roof of a Midtown hotel. Mac tries to reason with Tom and bring a peaceful end to this tense standoff but when Tom shoots an officer, Mac must take a shot and hits a box of exploding ammo which immoblizes Tom. The team takes him into custody and save the officer's life.

Episode 8

Scared Stiff

Our CSI: NY Team investigates the death of a young woman in a part of Central Park that is known for having paranormal activity. The young woman appears to have been "scared to death" with no signs of trauma to the body that would indicate cause of death. The case takes another strange turn when Mac discovers a second female body in the park and gives chase to a hooded man who was trying to dig up the body after 15 years. The second victim, Roni Parker, is the sister of NYPD Chief Ted Carver (played by John Larroquette) who never reported Roni missing. Chief Carver tells Mac, Roni disappeared all the time and he thought she would one day return for her kids who he raised since her disappearance. The first female victim is found to have the DNA of a deceased ex-con on her body and mortician's make-up in her hair. The team traces the evidence to a closed family-run funeral home where the son of the original owner had a disturbing fascination with dead female bodies. He used to lure women to the funeral home, drug and gas them and then dress them to fit his fantasy. He always let the woman go but this time; our victim woke up, still in a hallucinogenic state and ran away. The anti-depressants he gave her, mixed with the gas, caused her to suffocate and die in the park. Mac and the team realize the case of Chief Parker's sister is unrelated to the first victim but Mac is unsettled by Chief Carver's demeanor during their investigation. When Mac learns that someone has been using Roni’s identity for the last 15 years, he knows something isn't right since anyone who stole her identity for so long likely knew she was dead. The investigation into Roni Parker's death will continue in a future episode.

Episode 9


The body of a woman who was beaten and shot is found to be the same woman who stole the identity of Chief Carver's sister 15 years ago. The bullet from the victim's body is linked to a gun registered to Chief Carver which adds to makes initial suspensions that Carver was somehow involved in his sister's murder. Carver claims he lost the gun years ago but never bothered to report it; Mac isn't buying it and knows he is hiding something. The team finds the victim's true identity, Marcella Gomez, and discovers she was an illegal immigrant who married an abusive man for a green card. She stole Roni's identity to stay in the country and ran from her abusive husband. The team tracks the husband down and he admits to murdering Marcella. He claims that he used the gun from her purse to shoot Marcella but has no idea who Roni Parker is. Hitting a dead-end, Mac decides to re-examine the forensic evidence from Roni's body and finds the DNA from the chewing gum found with her body matches to her son. Roni was an abusive mother and her son Jay had enough and planned her murder. Carver knew what happened but also knew that Roni's children suffered horrible abuse and he never stepped in to help them. He took the children in and raised them like his own and buried the secret to protect Roni’s son Jay. Carver gave Marcella, Roni's identity to help her run from her abuse situation. Mac is relieved his colleague is innocent of the murder but knows Carver will be disgraced and fired for doing what he thought was right for his nephew.

Episode 10

Shop Till You Drop

It's wintertime in New York and Jo is dragging Mac through the streets to make it to an annual window display unveiling at a renowned department store in Manhattan. In the crowd, Mac eyes a pickpocket and gives chase, annoying Jo since she really doesn't want to miss the display. They catch the pickpocket and the display is presented only to reveal a man's dead body among the hung ornaments and gift boxes in the window. The victim, Richard Grossman, was a not-well-liked store manager whose employees despised him. Only one employee, who Grossman fired shortly before his death, had a prior record for assault, Pascal Denton. Denton, who was engaged to another employee Alena Maybrook until six months ago, tells the team he is innocent but is glad Grossman is dead and the team finds his story checks out. The team finds the pickpocket had blood from the scene on his jacket and he tells them a young woman rushing out of the store in a hurry bumped into him. Surveillance footage from the store reveals the woman who bumped into our pickpocket is Alena Maybrook and the blood evidence left in the store's bathroom in linked to her as well. It turns out, Maybrook had recently found out she was dying from cancer and was stealing from the store to try an help a fellow co-worker. Grossman caught her on tape and threatened to expose her if she did not start a sexual relationship with him. Alena reluctantly agreed but that night she stood up to Grossman and said no to his advances. Grossman attacked her but Maybrook was able to get her hands on a metal rod from the display and hit Grossman over the head, killing him.

Episode 11

To What End?

The show opens with a clown putting on make-up, walking down a NY street, and up to a brownstone. A man opens the door and greets the clown, whereupon, the clown pulls out a gun and shoots him. The trail is lost, however, because the clown had posted an ad on Craig’s list, inviting people to come to the location of the murder, dressed like a clown to win a prize, in order to mask his escape. Our CSIs follow the evidence and find the shooter, it turns out he was in witness protection in Kansas; he was an innocent witness to a crime and had to leave his entire life, including his pregnant girlfriend behind. Someone had ordered a hit on him and he managed to capture the hired gun, torture him to find out the name of the man who hired him. He then heads to New York, killing the man who took out a contract on his life. He was an innocent man who gave up his life to “do the right thing” only to be a target anyway which made him want to take back his life. It’s somewhat of a personal case for Flack, since he was the detective who persuaded our suspect to testify and go into WitSec. In the end, Flack gives the suspect a chance to visit with the son he never met, before Flack takes him to jail.

The FBI gets involved in the case and we have our first encounter with Jo’s ex-husband, who happens to be the agent assigned to the investigation.

Episode 12

Holding Cell

When an affluent Spanish club promoter is found dead in his NY apartment, the case goes international. Mac must battle bureaucracy with the head of Barcelona’s Crime Lab and put together the pieces of this puzzling case, proving money truly doesn’t buy happiness.

Episode 13

Party Down

Our CSIs investigate the deaths of several people who were killed when the semi-truck they were partying in crashed into the Hudson River. The team finds that the big rig was purposely sent into the River but the question remains - who drove the rig? In order to find out, Mac and the team must discover who the intended targets are and what they have in common. It turns out, one of the supposed targets may actually be the murderer who planned it all.

Episode 14

Smooth Criminal

A handsome man (played by Ne-Yo) chats up a beautiful woman in a packed NYC lounge when he suddenly pulls a glock out of his shirt and murders two patrons and a bartender in the lounge and kidnaps the beautiful woman. Mac and the team work to find the link between the victims and the killer and rush against the clock to find the woman before she is murdered. Our CSIs find the two patrons were terminally ill patients with a high level of uranium in their system. Finger prints at the scene are linked to the woman kidnapped who happens to be an old friend of Sheldon's, Camille Jordanson. Camille was a nurse at a local clinic and was recently fired for stealing medications from her patients. When our team searches her home they find hundreds of meds and also discover the two patrons were her patients. They determine the killer kidnapped her in order to find the whereabouts of another of patient. The case takes a dramatic twist when we find out the doctor who runs the clinic was actually selling the patients placebos laced with uranium to make a profit and Camille was stealing these placebos as evidence against her. The doctor hired the contract killer to murder the patients Camille had evidence on and also kill Camille. Mac and the team move in and take down the killer, who spares Camille's life after he begins to feel a connection to her, and the doctor who orchestrated all the murders.

Episode 15


911 gets a call from a male reporting a murder that's just about to happen. Using case-to-case DNA evidence, they determine the murder victim is the previously unidentified suspect know as the "Prospect Park rapist". Given the evidence, Mac and the team start questioning victims of the rapist to see if any of them have male relatives who might want vengeance. Trace evidence suggests one of the rape victims was present at the murder, however, she gets a lawyer quickly and refuses to answer any questions. When another sex offender is killed while their first suspect is in custody, our CSIs start expanding their search. The team then determines that their "male" caller/killer was using a voice modulator and it was actually a female caller. They are able to reverse the modulation and get a voice print of her two calls which they then match to 911 call recordings. It's found that the two killers (one a lawyer who used to defend rapists) met at a rape counseling center and decided to work together to seek vengeance on behalf of their fellow victims.

Episode 16

The Untouchable

Tessa was a beautiful but troubled woman, who had been in contact with Mac about a murder she claimed to witness, but her information was too cryptic and Mac could never determine an actual murder had taken place. But now Tess has shown up dead of what appears to be of a drug overdose, but the CSI’s quickly determine the OD was staged and Tessa was murdered. Using the memories of Mac’s meetings with Tessa and the clues she left behind, Mac is determined to solve not only Tessa’s murder but also the one he now believes she witnessed. Little does he know, he is dealing with people so powerful, they will stop at nothing to keep their secrets hidden.

Episode 17

Do or Die

When a popular student and star pupil at Manhattan’s most elite private school is murdered inside the school, the CSI’s find themselves immersed in the highly competitive world of over-privileged youth. The CSI team investigates the death of the senior class valedictorian who was also the most popular girl at an elite private school on the Upper East Side. Just as the investigation appears to hit a dead end, Mac notices that an empty water bottle which was found among the victim’s belongings is actually an elaborate cheat sheet. Did our victim die because she confronted a cheater? Or would she do anything to maintain her grades and busy schedule?

Episode 18

Identity Crisis

A murder on a subway takes us into the adventurous world of the "Confidence Game". What appears to be a dead old man is actually a young woman in prosthetics and make-up. The trail gets even stranger when trace from a German U-boat and a frozen gunshot wound is found on the victim. Mac and the team find the killer and realize he had no idea the old man and young woman were not the same person. Jo makes a tough choice and decides to tell her adopted daughter, Ellie, who her real mother is - a woman sentenced to life in Federal prison - and the most difficult part is to tell Ellie that Jo was the one who put her away.

Episode 19

Food For Thought

Hawkes and his girlfriend order a meal on a local gourmet food truck only to see it explode in front of them, killing the young chef inside. Our CSI team finds the truck exploded due to a homemade bomb and discover the food trucks were actually a front for a lucrative prostitution ring which could have made the young chef some significant enemies. As our team follows the trail of evidence, it leads to the son of a local hot dog stand owner who was tired of watching his father struggle against the food truck competition; especially when he realized what dirty business the trucks were really involved in. He placed the bomb to eliminate his father's competition.

Episode 20

Nothing For Something

In solving the case of a murdered woman, our CSI’s end up catching a serial killer who then points them to another victim whom he didn’t kill. The woman left her husband and is found dead, making her husband the prime suspect. Our CSIs trace her last days and find she was staying with a male friend before he murder that is found to be a serial killer. He claims that he didn't kill his friend and that her husband is the real killer in her case. Also an ex-con that Mac and a former partner Hunt (played by Peter Fonda) put in jail ends up stalking Mac; Mac reaches out to his old partner for answers but realizes he is hiding something.

Episode 21

Life Sentence

We left episode #720 with the man stalking Mac, Raymond Harris, arming himself with a large cache of weapons. We open this episode on a normal day at the crime lab with Mac sitting at his desk when Hunt (played by Peter Fonda) enters, claiming he received a text from Mac to meet him in the lab. Mac claims he never sent a text then suddenly the glass windows behind Mac's office shatter in a hail of bullets being fired at him and Hunt from a vacant floor in the building across from the lab. The shooter flees but our CSI team find trace evidence in a duffel bag and weapon left behind. The evidence leads Mac and Hunt to the apartment where they arrested Harris on drug charges 17 years ago. When Mac and the team storm the apartment they end up in a shootout and kill the occupant of the apartment; but the man wasn’t Harris. Utilizing spatter science, Mac discovers the truth behind Harris' rage - Hunt. Hunt stole money from Harris the night he was busted. We soon find out Harris' girlfriend was also murdered while he was in prison by Hunt. We race to a standoff between Mac, Hunt and Harris where someone doesn't survive.

Episode 22

Exit Strategy

When a near death experience has Mac Taylor contemplating whether it’s time to end his career, he becomes determined to close his last remaining unsolved case so that he can be at peace with his ultimate decision. Mac originally thinks the nine year old unsolved case relates to a convenience store robbery gone wrong. Hawkes re-examines the DNA evidence at the scene and finds that a young girl, who was reported missing the night of the robbery/murder, actually witnessed the murders in the convenience store that night then was kidnapped by the two suspects. Mac searches for the girl and the team catch a break after they publish a postcard an ex-girlfriend of one of the suspects gave them with the suspects distinctive handwriting. They discover the girl is still alive and one of the suspects is raising her as his own. Mac and the team track them down but the suspect isn't giving her up easily. After closing the book on his last unsolved case, Mac contemplates the idea that maybe he has done all he can here at the CSI Crime lab.

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