CSI: NY - Season 8 Episodes

CSI: NY - Season 8

CSI: NY - Season 8

In the eigth season of CSI: NY, we find a changed crime lab four months after Season 7 ended. After closing the book on his last unsolved case, Mac has decided to leave the force and work for a lab that processes DNA recovered from 9/11. He is also spearheading the 9/11 memorial. With the 10-year anniversary approaching, it is not just Mac, but

Episode 1


­Picking up four months after the finale left off, Mac has left the force and is currently working for a lab that processes DNA recovered after the fall of the twin towers on 9/11. He’s also spearheading the 9/11 memorial. Danny has become a Sergeant and Jo has begrudging taken over Mac’s job on an interim basis. With the 10th anniversary of 9/11 upon us, each character re-calls where they were that day while simultaneously solving the murder of bar bouncer.

Episode 2

Keep It Real

­When a college student is murdered in his apartment, the CSI team looks to his roommate and best friend after it’s uncovered that he’s been printing counterfeit money. However, when the evidence suggests that another party might be involved, the team follows the money trail and finds that a needy record store owner came to confront the student, demanding authentic cash, and then accidentally kills him after a struggle. Meanwhile, Jo is anxious about meeting her son’s new roommate and Danny deals with additional strain on his marriage.

Episode 3

Cavallino Rampante

A young woman is found dead and our CSIs discover she was part of a family car theft ring which leads to her demise when she unknowingly stole the car of one of the most wanted criminals in the world.

Episode 4

Officer Involved

An altercation with a drunk leads Danny and some of his team into a brawl outside of a bar. Danny is knocked unconscious but when he comes to, the drunken brawler is dead and Lauren, an off-duty uniformed officer is the one who shot him. She claims he had a gun, but there is no sign initally that the man had a gun. Soon Danny finds himself facing questions about his leadership ability. Why was he out with his subordinates? Why was he drinking? What is his relationship with Lauren? The heat gets turned up higher when it’s revealed that Lauren has lied about the facts of the shooting. When compelled to explain herself, Lauren says that Danny forced her to hide the truth. Now Danny’s career is on the line. He has to fight to save himself from the rookies he was trying to protect.

Episode 5

Air Apparent

Upon his release from prison, the troubled brother of a young basketball prodigy is implicated in a murder that threatens to shatter his younger brother’s dreams. Ultimately, the prodigy’s potential is the real motive behind the murder as it becomes clear that a hustler, wanting exclusive influence over the young star, decided to frame the troubled brother for murder.

Episode 6

Get Me Out of Here!

The CSI’s find themselves buried in crime—literally—after a fraternity prank goes awry, and a pledge master is left for dead in an open grave. Obtaining a confession from a group of grave robbers, the team is able to find two of the three missing pledges and it becomes clear that the third pledge is buried somewhere underneath the city.

Episode 7


A teenage girl is killed at a house party and what initially looks like an accident is soon found to be murder. Our CSIs find out the victim used social networking to torture other students until her sick games caused another student to strangle her to death. Jo is upset to hear that John Curtis, the DC based rapist who was released when she admitted that the evidence against him had been tampered with, is being accused of a new rape and this time it is in NY.

Episode 8


When a high profile judge is murdered in the midst of a huge trial, the team first suspects the head of a criminal organization. However, the team uncovers that as a juvenile court justice, the judge took kickbacks and, as a result, allowed two innocent childhood friends to be swallowed into the clutches of a cruel criminal justice system. One was able to overcome the miscarriage of justice and return to the path of good, the other took a path that led to revenge and murder.

Episode 9

Means to an End

The team investigates the murder of Ali Rand, who falsely testified against DC rapist John Curtis. Jo is dismayed to discover that Frank Waters, her old FBI partner who’s obsessed with bringing Curtis to justice, might have worked with Ali to frame Curtis, but then later killed her to cover his tracks when Ali’s testimony began unraveling in court. However, when new evidence points to Senator Matthews as the actual culprit, the senator confesses to stopping at nothing to get vengeance on the man who raped his daughter. Finally, Jo meets another of Curtis’ rape victims and comes face-to-face with the man himself.

Episode 10

Clean Sweep

When an MMA fighter’s body is found burned beyond recognition, the CSIs believe a stalker from his past finally caught up with him. Complicating matters is a distraught man who turns himself in covered in blood and gasoline and claiming not to remember the last 12 hours. While the team considers whether the evidence is linked or if they have two separate crimes on their hands, forensics reveals a surprising revelation – the body is not actually the fighter’s. The CSIs are forced to reassess the situation and realize their new victim means a new suspect – the fighter, who faked his own death to escape his stalker. Meanwhile, a flirty freelance journalist propositions Mac for a story she’s covering on police misconduct, but finds Mac less than willing to cooperate to her dissatisfaction.

Episode 11

Who's There?

When two armed intruders take hostage of a rich couple named Elizabeth and Ron Ferguson in their home, Ron is killed and Elizabeth wounded. At the crime scene, the CSI team find a fragment of a playing card on Ron’s corpse and an empty, unlabeled package box in the room. When Elizabeth heard a knock on the door, she saw the package and opened the door, allowing the intruders to enter. They stole the contents of the Ferguson’s safe and bound them, but Ron was able to tackle one of the intruders and take off his mask, allowing Elizabeth to see the criminal’s face. Their daughter, Megan, has an alibi—she was at the movies and has a ticket stub to prove it. Back at the lab, Lindsay finds remains of scented candles in the box, which she uses to track down customers from candle manufacturers, leading her to Mark Johnston, who matches the composite sketch perfectly. Mark explains that things got out of hand, but declares his innocence. Phillip Roth, Ron’s business partner, becomes a suspect when angry voicemails are found, and Roth reveals that Ron was ruining their business to stop Elizabeth from attaining any of his assets in the case of divorce. Adam discovers that the card comes from the same movie theater as Megan’s alibi and the truth is unraveled: Mark is Megan’s boyfriend and they robbed her parents so to run away together; Megan could not stand to live with the animosity of her parents. Elizabeth took advantage of the invasion and smothered her husband to death to avoid a messy divorce.

Episode 12

Brooklyn ‘Til I Die

The high profile kidnapping of a billionaire’s son and the murder of his girlfriend while they participated in a scavenger hunt game forces the CSIs to investigate the crimes in the middle of a ransom situation. Mac realizes the ransom drop is a distraction for the assailants’ actual plan to extract money directly from the source, the billionaire, and when their plan is foiled, the perps demand double the ransom. However, the CSIs land a breakthrough in the case when they link DNA evidence found on the murdered girlfriend’s dress to a NY macabre souvenir shop specializing in serial killers’ paraphernalia. When the team realizes their perps are on the customer list, they identify and apprehend the kidnappers and rescue the billionaire’s son. The perps later confess to being serial robbers who got in over their heads after they accidentally killed the girlfriend, who assumed they were part of the scavenger hunt and pulled a fake gun on them. Finally, Mac meets up with an old friend through his online profile page.

Episode 13

The Ripple Effect

Mac Taylor and his team of CSI’s arrive in Brooklyn’s scenic Prospect Park to find an arrow-pierced body floating among beautiful swans in the pond. And their subsequent investigation follows several ripples of evidence… all the way back to the one seemingly minor criminal act that started it all.

Episode 14

Flash Pop

Mac and the team are deeply affected as they must investigate the murder of one of their lab techs who found murdered on the stairs of a vacant brownstone. The building was the scene of an unsolved murder of a famous socialite in 1957 and the scene was staged so that everything matches the previous case. Also, Mac's relationship with Christine continues to grow as he joins her for a family party.

Episode 15

Kill Screen

A body dressed in a ref's uniform, found wrapped in a tarp that has the image of the victim printed on it leads our CSI's to a gaming tournament. Turns out the victim was a champion gamer who had organized the tournament. The prize was a chance to compete on the professional gaming circuit and when it appears there was cheating going on, our victim became the target.

Episode 16


Mac and his team work to find the murderer of a much beloved shopkeeper with Irish ancestry. The body parts have been strewn to mark the original boundaries of Hell's Kitchen and initial evidence seem to point to the murderer being a developer who is trying to buy out the old building owners to build new, larger shopping complexes. A counterfeit cigarette left behind at the crime scene, points our CSI's towards the Russian mob, who were running counterfeit cigarettes in markets in the neighborhood and their theory seems confirmed when a Russian courier and his car explode. Our CSI’s arrest one of the young neighborhood men who bombed the Russian as retribution for the shopkeeper’s death, but his confession suggests a more complex story to Mac. Mac realizes that a young bar owner pointed the bomber to the Russians when, in fact, he was responsible for the shopkeepers death. His father was part of the Irish mob and he wanted to not just maintain the old boundaries of Hell’s Kitchen, but restore power of the Irish mob and killing the shopkeeper and blaming the Russians allowed his "protection racket” to grow.

Episode 17


Kelvin Moore and his wife Elaine return to the apartment building where they grew up for a birthday party at Elaine’s sister, Alicia and Kelvin ends up being murdered in the hallway. Kelvin is somewhat of a local hero: he grew up in tough circumstances, got a degree in accounting and has made a good life for himself and his wife, but he never forgot his old neighborhood. Elaine’s account of the murder doesn’t quite add up and our CSI’s figure out she’s been having an affair with an ex-con. He seems like a good suspect, but as Mac and the team dig deeper, they figure out that some neighborhood drug dealers hid drugs in Alicia’s house and she ended up destroying them. In a series of mishaps, Elaine tries to help her sister, but the plan fails and the drug dealers kidnap Alicia’s daughter. Our CSI’s manage to unravel the case and rescue the little girl. Also Christine brings loads of presents to Lucy’s first birthday, endearing her to Mac’s team.

Episode 18

Near Death

Mac gets shot while investigating a series of bank robberies perpetrated by old men trying to pay for their retirement. As he fights for his life, Mac has "conversations" with the people in his past and present.

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