Curb Your Enthusiasm

Curb Your Enthusiasm

Curb Your Enthusiasm - Season 8 Episodes

Curb Your Enthusiasm - Season 8

Curb Your Enthusiasm - Season 8

In Season 8, as 'Single Larry' continues to navigate the L.A. dating scene, a faulty alibi lands him back in his hometown of NYC for an extended stay -- where he proves that faux-pas and character assassinations can occur just as easily in the Big Apple.

Curb Your Enthusiasm S8E1
Episode 1

The Divorce

Larry learns his lawyer isn’t kosher, and rescinds a cookie order from the Girl-Scout daughter of a beleaguered sports owner.

Curb Your Enthusiasm S8E2
Episode 2

The Safe House

Larry becomes an unlikely role model for battered women; Richard Lewis’ relationship with a burlesque performer is put to the test; Leon survives a case of mistaken identity.

Curb Your Enthusiasm S8E3
Episode 3

Palestinian Chicken

Larry plays “social assassin” to the hilt at a dinner party, on the golf course, and at a Palestinian restaurant with chicken to die for.

Curb Your Enthusiasm S8E4
Episode 4

The Smiley Face

Larry vows to topple a sacred dating taboo, and regrets making concessions to his new office neighbor; Jeff’s alibi to get out of a dinner backfires.

Curb Your Enthusiasm S8E5
Episode 5

Vow of Silence

A failed alibi has coastal consequences; the Greenes’ dog is denied a last meal; Larry (Larry David) confronts a buffet-line transgressor.

Curb Your Enthusiasm S8E6
Episode 6

The Hero

Larry plays the hero in the sky and underground; Jeff’s (Jeff Garlin) courtship of Ricky Gervais is sabotaged by a nosy waiter.

Curb Your Enthusiasm S8E7
Episode 7

The Bi-Sexual

Larry competes with Rosie O’Donnell for the same woman, explores the nuances of Japanese bows, and refuses lunch with an LA acquaintance.

Curb Your Enthusiasm S8E8
Episode 8

Car Periscope

Larry and Jeff weigh an investment opportunity; Wanda Sykes preempts Larry’s training schedule.

Curb Your Enthusiasm S8E9
Episode 9

Mister Softee

An ice-cream truck triggers a painful childhood memory for Larry (Larry David) that impacts a softball title game, a therapist’s fees, Bill Buckner’s legacy and his new girlfriend’s travel preferences.

Curb Your Enthusiasm S8E10
Episode 10

Larry vs. Michael J. Fox

Larry accuses NYC neighbor Michael J. Fox of harassment; Jeff (Jeff Garlin ) takes a bullet for Susie (Susie Essman); and Larry is scolded for giving an inappropriate birthday gift to Jennifer’s (Ana Gasteyer) son, Greg (Edward Schweighardt).

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