Dallas - Season 10 Episodes

Dallas S10E1
Episode 1

Return to Camelot (1)

Pam is shocked when Bobby is alive in her shower and learns that his death was just a dream. Meanwhile, J.R. moves forward with the proceedings to divorce Sue Ellen and Ray and Donna continue to have marital problems.

Dallas S10E2
Episode 2

Return to Camelot (2)

As J.R. plots to get Donna out of Dallas, a disaster strikes at Ewing 12. Meanwhile, a new ranch hand is hired at Southfork.

Dallas S10E3
Episode 3

Pari Per Sue

While Sue Ellen goes out of her way to embarrass J.R., Donna and Ray's marriage continues to be strained by Donna's lobbying. Meanwhile, Cliff sets out to get Jack's portion of Ewing Oil.

Dallas S10E4
Episode 4

Once and Future King

J.R. must juggle trying to save the oil industry and dealing with Sue Ellen's lingerie business. Meanwhile, Miss Ellie makes a shocking discovery.

Dallas S10E5
Episode 5


Wes makes a shocking announcement to Miss Ellie. Meanwhile, Ewing Oil must seek out a loan.

Dallas S10E6
Episode 6

Trompe L'Oeil

Miss Ellie reveals that Wes claims to be Jock; April, Jack's ex-wife arrives in Dallas; and J.R. sets out to expand Ewing Oil.

Dallas S10E7
Episode 7

Territorial Imperative

While everyone looks into the shocking claim that Wes is Jock, Cliff goes after April's share of Ewing Oil. Meanwhile, Mandy and Sue Ellen pair up to embarrass J.R. and Donna suspects that Ray is having an affair.

Dallas S10E8
Episode 8

The Second Time Around

It's Bobby and Pam's wedding day, but Ray steals the spotlight when he makes an unexpected announcement.

Dallas S10E9
Episode 9

Bells Are Ringing

The shocking news that Jenna is carrying Bobby's baby stops the wedding. Meanwhile, J.R. continues to make the cost of oil rise.

Dallas S10E10
Episode 10

Who's Who at the Oil Baron's Ball?

Sue Ellen decides to turn her life with J.R. into a movie; Wes makes his claim very public during an Oil Baron's Ball.

Dallas S10E11
Episode 11

Proof Positive

Wes undergoes a lie detector test to prove that he is Jock. Meanwhile, Sue Ellen pressures J.R. and April continues to try to scheme Jack.

Dallas S10E12
Episode 12

Something Old, Something New

Bobby heads out to the site of Jock's crash looking for evidence that would contradict Wes' claim.

Dallas S10E13
Episode 13


The turmoil concerning Wes Parmalee sees J.R. and Clayton managing to find some common ground. Bobby shows up with the truth about Wes but someone else beats him to telling Miss Ellie the truth. Donna meets a charming senator. Pam forms a partnership with her brother. Jack manages to surprise Jamie.

Dallas S10E14
Episode 14

The Fire Next Time

Clayton goes looking for Wes Parmalee, Donna comes to a decision about her future with Ray. Jeremy Wendell makes Cliff an interesting offer. J.R. thinks the Middle East situation has calmed down.

Dallas S10E15
Episode 15

So Shall Ye Reap

With Cliff stalling over his offer, Jeremy teams up with April Stevens. J.R. hopes he can contain the situation with B.D. Calhoun. with her pregnancy making things increasingly tense, Jenna attempts to cut all ties with Bobby.

Dallas S10E16
Episode 16

Tick, Tock

Bobby thinks that Pam is being to overprotective of Christopher. Jeremy Wendell continues with his plot to take down Ewing Oil. Ray and Clayton work together in a new horse-cutting business attempting to forget their troubles. Calhoun contact s Sue Ellen, who's unaware of his true identity.

Dallas S10E17
Episode 17

Night Visitor

J.R.'s anxiety causes Bobby ro become suspicious that he's done something to put the family in danger. Cliff comes to a decision about Jeremy Wendell's proposal. April continues to try and gain a share of Ewing Oil.Ray wants custody of his and Donna's child.

Dallas S10E18
Episode 18

Cat and Mouse

J.R. admits the truth to Bobby about the B.D. Calhoun situation. Ray goes to Washington to spend time with a hospitalized Donna, but is upset when Senator Dowling visits her. There is concern that Sue Ellen is drinking again after she doesn't make it home one night. Cliff goes ahead with Jeremy's plan.

Dallas S10E19
Episode 19

High Noon For Calhoun

J.R. and Bobby take their families on a trip to California in an effort to avoid Calhoun's anger. Cliff'sdeal with Jeremy Wendell continues. Senator Dowling continues to make a play for Donna. Miss Ellie and Clayton start to reconnect.

Dallas S10E20
Episode 20


J.R. recovers from the shooting as Bobby fills in as head of Ewing Oil. Cliff wants to know where his sister's loyalties lay. Donna and Senator Dowling continue to grow closer. Charlie wonders why Ray is staying away from her mother and her.

Dallas S10E21
Episode 21

A Death in the Family

Jamie's death leaves ownership of 10% of Ewing Oil open to question. Ray wonders if he should smear Donna's name during the divorce proceedings. J.R. and April look for Jack. Sue Ellen employs a new Valentine Girl for her Dallas store.

Dallas S10E22
Episode 22

Revenge of the Nerd

Cliff announces that Jamie's 10% of Ewing Oil is his. J.R. accuses Pam of plotting with her brother. Ray decides how to best handle his divorce from Donna. Miss Ellie is not happy about the continued unrest at the ranch.

Dallas S10E23
Episode 23

The Ten Percent Solution

J.R. attempts to get Cliff blamed for Jamie's death and get her 10% of Ewing Oil at the same time.Cliff needs money to pay back Jeremy Wendell. Pam begins to doubts that their relationship can continue. Donna cools towards Senator Dowling.

Dallas S10E24
Episode 24

Some Good, Some Bad

J.R. and Bobby are gicen some surprising help towards aquring Jamie's 10% of Ewing Oil. Cliff is quizzed about Jamie's death and Pam finds out about his shady deal with Jeremy Wendell. Bobby is shocked after he goes to see Ray.

Dallas S10E25
Episode 25

War and Peace

Pam accuses her brother of having a revenge obsession against the Ewing famly. The court rules in the matter of who owns Jamie's 10% share of Ewing Oil. Ray attempts to adjust to life with Jenna and Charlie. Sue Ellen wants Mandy back at Valentine.

Dallas S10E26
Episode 26

Ruthless People

eremy Wendell attempts to gain revenge after J.R. and April con him out of 5% of Ewing Oil. Mandy makes a return as the Valentine Girl. Ray attends his child's birth.

Dallas S10E27
Episode 27

The Dark at the End of the Tunnel

J.R. gets his hands on Bobby, Ray, and Miss Ellie's shares of Ewing Oil. April wants revenge for all the past wrongs against her. J.R. is confronted by Clayton.

Dallas S10E28
Episode 28


A distraught Miss Ellie ponders the fate of both Clayton and Ewing Oil; J.R. must defend himself and his company against the Ewings; Mandy reveals the reason for her return to Dallas; Bobby persuades Senator Dowling to investigate the chances of saving Ewing Oil; Pam attempts to warn Cliff about Ewing Oil's uncertain future; Bobby meets Jenna by chance.

Dallas S10E29
Episode 29

Fall of the House of Ewing

Jenna gives birth to Bobby's baby. Christopher finds out that he is adopted. J.R. and Bobby continue to negotiate with the Justice Department. Mrs. Scottfield and Jeremy Wendell reveal their plans. Sue Ellen and Mandy fight over J.R. Pam is given some wonderful medical news and she she drives home to share the news with Bobby is in involved in an accident.

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