Dallas - Season 11 Episodes

Dallas S11E1
Episode 1

After the Fall: Ewing Rise

Pam is taken to the hospital with third-degree burns leaving Bobby feeling grief-stricken. J.R. starts a new comany called J.R.E. Industries. Jenna enjoys bonding with her new baby. Cliff is concerned that he's let down the memory of his father.

Dallas S11E2
Episode 2

After the Fall: Digger Redux

Cliff meets Dandy Dandridge, who reminds him of his late father. J.R. manages to get his hands on a copy of Pam's will to plan in case she dies. Bobby is offered support from April. Sue Ellen is approached with help for her business. Miss Ellie feels Clayton is doing too much.

Dallas S11E3
Episode 3

The Son Also Rises

Christopher runs away desperate to see Pam. Charlie wants Jenna and Ray to get married. J.R. meets a potential new business partner. Clayton continues to be at odds with Miss Ellie.

Dallas S11E4
Episode 4

Gone with the Wind

Bobby flies a specialist in to help Pam. Nicolas Pearce and Sue Ellen take a business trip together. J.R. pushes Casey Denault into action. Cliff attempts to find Dandy.

Dallas S11E5
Episode 5

The Lady Vanishes

The search for Pam gets under way, with Bobby and Cliff working tgether to find out exactly what's happened. Nicholas Pearce ups his plan for Valentine Lingerie. Serena Ward returns to town wanting help from J.R. Jenna thinks about her future with Ray.

Dallas S11E6
Episode 6

Tough Love

Bobby has to explain to Christopher why Pam has disappeared. Jenna attempts to reach out to Bobby. Dandy has a surprise for Cliff. Nicholas Pearce comes up with the idea that Sue Ellen works with April. J.R. receives information about Wilson Cryder from Serena.

Dallas S11E7
Episode 7

Last Tango in Dallas

Bobby and Christopher enjoy spending time with Lisa Alden. Jenna and Ray grow closer. Clayton is concerned about Miss Ellie. J.R. gets the dirt on Weststar and meets Nicholas Pearce. Cliff attempts to appease Dandy Dandridge.

Dallas S11E8
Episode 8

Mummy's Revenge

Clayton's heart problem sees him ending up in the hospital. Casey Denault becomes fed up with his relationship with Marilee Stone. Sue Ellen comes to a decision about taking April on as a partner. J.R. investigates Wilson Cryder's wife. Bobby ends up receiving a surprise from Pam.

Dallas S11E9
Episode 9


Bobby is surprised by Christopher's reaction to Pam wanting a divorce. April looks into Nicholas Pearce's past. J.R. is involved in a run-in with Kimberly Cryder. Jenna comes to a decison about Ray's proposal. Cliff continues to try and placate Dandy Dandridge.

Dallas S11E10
Episode 10

Bedtime Stories

Ray and Jenna announce their engagement.; Cliff decides that he has had enough of Dandy Dandridge. Bobby ens up cutting all ties with Lisa Alden. J.R. pursues Kimberly Cryder and plots revenge against Weststar.

Dallas S11E11
Episode 11

Lovers and Other Liars

Dandy Dandridge becomes violent after Cliff closes down their drilling. Lisa ends up stalking Christopher. Ray worries that Bobby doesn't want him to marry Jenna. Sue Ellen finds out that J.R. has been unfaithful again.

Dallas S11E12
Episode 12

Brothers and Sons

Ray wants Bobby to be his best man at his and Jenna's wedding. Christopher learns that he's Lucas' half-brother. There is tension at the Ewing barbecue. April hits a roadblock in her investigation of Nicholas. Lisa Alden ends up springing a surprise.

Dallas S11E13
Episode 13

Brother, Can You Spare a Child?

Bobby gets ready to fight Lisa's lawsuit. Sue Ellen eats with the Cryders. Casey Denault plots against J.R. Charlie ends up getting busted with her boyfriend.

Dallas S11E14
Episode 14

Daddy's Little Darlin'

Christopher and Bobby are worried about his adoption but each of them for very different reasons. Ray punishes Charlie's boyfriend. Cliff's natural gas operation ends up hitting a snag. Sue Ellen attempts to make J.R. jealous.

Dallas S11E15
Episode 15

It's Me Again

J.R. wants Kimberly to prove herself to him if he's to leave Sue Ellen for her. Jenna might not be over Bobby. Clayton meets the model from the painting. Charlie is discovered fooling around with Randy again. Nicholas embezzles money from Sue Ellen. Cliff receives a buyout offer.

Dallas S11E16
Episode 16

Marriage on the Rocks

Ray attempts to make some headway with Charlie. Kimberly's worried that J.R. might not be as serious about leaving Sue Ellen. Claytongoes out for diner with the painting model. April and Bobby go out on a date. Lisa Alden wants Cliff to help her gain custody of Christopher.

Dallas S11E17
Episode 17

Anniversary Waltz

J.R. hits an obsticle in attempting to reacuire Ewing Oil. April's investigator worries about Nicholas' mob connection. Clayton's preoccupation with Laurel starts to affect him. Bobby learns the true source of the custody battle.

Dallas S11E18
Episode 18

Brotherly Love

Bobby's fury over J.R.'s treachery ends up frightening the rest of the family. Sue Ellen and Nicholas grow closer. Casey asks Sly out on a date. Charlie and Ray fall out again. Clayton attempts to make things up to Miss Ellie.

Dallas S11E19
Episode 19

The Best Laid Plans

Sue Ellen wants to work with Bobby against J.R. Charlie looks for assistance in dealing with Ray. Laurel Ellis' ex-boyfriend arrives in Dallas. Christopher's custody trial could be cancelled.

Dallas S11E20
Episode 20

Farlow's Follies

Miss Ellie ends up reacting to Clayton's indiscretions. Kimberly and J.R. attempt to pull the trigger on their scheme. Ray and Jenna attempt to work with Charlie. April lets Bobby know that she is being blackmailed.

Dallas S11E21
Episode 21

Malice in Dallas

Christopher's custody trial gets under way. April discovers the truth about Nicholas' real identity. Miss Ellie has trouble dealing with Clayton's actions. Charlie's scholastic performance concerns Jenna and Ray.

Dallas S11E22
Episode 22

Crime Story

April ends up bing intimidated by Nicholas' thugs.J.R. wants Cliff to keep hold of his Weststar holdings. Bobby mixes business with pleasure with Kay Lloyd. Miss Ellie goes to see Lucy. Clayton is blackmailed. Charlie's bad behavior continues.

Dallas S11E23
Episode 23

To Have and to Hold

April's apartment is broken into. Miss Ellie confronts Clayton. Cliff self-medicates. Charlie has to face the repercussions from her actions.J.R. asks Ray to buy into Weststar. Kay Lloyd shows up in Dallas to see Bobby.

Dallas S11E24
Episode 24

Dead Reckoning

Bobby continues to see Kay. Jenna begins to have some second thoughts about sending Charlie to boarding school. Ray attempts to help a woman in distress. Cliff and Casey Denault meet; Clayton attempts to explain Laurel Ellis to his wife. Nicholas warns away April.

Dallas S11E25
Episode 25

Never Say Never

J.R. makes a move on Laurel Ellis as the rest of the family attempts to rally around Clayton. Sue Ellen starts to become suspicious of Nicholas. Bobby is introduced by Kay to a powerful senator.

Dallas S11E26
Episode 26

Last of the Good Guys

J.R. discovers some crucial evidence in Clayton's homocide case. Kimberly attempts to stop the Weststar takeover bid. Ray goes out with Connie. Casey attempts to partner with Cliff. Bobby and Kay continue to see each other.

Dallas S11E27
Episode 27

Top Gun

Cliff's drug addiction gets worse. J.R. looks forward to running Weststar unaware of the surprise that awaits him. Bobby feels Kay's career is more important to her than he is. Laurel informs Clayton about the blackmail scheme.

Dallas S11E28
Episode 28

Pillow Talk

J.R. is determined to gain revenge against Sue Ellen for screwing him out of Weststar. Bobby and Kay attempt to keep their relationship going. Ray attempts to cut Connie loose. Miss Ellie decides on how to handle Clayton. Cliff offers a gas field to Jeremy.

Dallas S11E29
Episode 29

Things Ain't Goin' So Good at Southfork, Again

Lucy and Jenna both return to Southfork. Sue Ellen attempts to get her son from J.R.'s clutches. April and Cliff work with Casey. Kay is hesitant to leave Washington for a new life in Dallas. Bobby manages to make some progress in being allowed to use the Ewing name for business again.

Dallas S11E30
Episode 30

The Fat Lady Singeth

Clayton intervenes on Sue Ellen's behalf in an effort to help her gain custody of John Ross. Lucy meets Casey. Ray and Jenna think about their future together. Jordan Lee claims that he has seen Pam. J.R. and Nicholas are involved in a violent struggle over Sue Ellen.

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