Dallas - Season 8 Episodes

Dallas S8E1
Episode 1

Killer at Large

Following Bobby's shooting in his office, JR realizes that he wasn't the intended target.

Dallas S8E2
Episode 2

Battle Lines

Bobby informs Jenna that marriage is off the cards unless he manages to regain his sight. Cliff ends up being arrested for attempted murder.

Dallas S8E3
Episode 3

If at First You Don't Succeed

Pam vows to ruin JR. Jock finds out about his brother's death.

Dallas S8E4
Episode 4


Katherine is discovered attempting to kill Bobby and is taken off to jail. Jock meets his niece Jamie.

Dallas S8E5
Episode 5


JR is not convinced that Jamie is really a Ewing. Pam and Jackie see Mark's car.

Dallas S8E6
Episode 6

Shadow of a Doubt

After Pam receives some flowers from 'Mark' she wonders if he is still really alive.

Dallas S8E7
Episode 7


Pam decides to hire a salvage expert to find out what really happened to Mark in the plane crash.

Dallas S8E8
Episode 8

Oil Baron's Ball III

Pam is upset after she finds out about Bobby and Jenna's upcoming marriage plans.

Dallas S8E9
Episode 9


Miss Ellie ends up realizing that Clayton is still feeling sensitive about her past with Jock.

Dallas S8E10
Episode 10


Cliff believes that there is a conspiracy going on between JR and Wendell.

Dallas S8E11
Episode 11

Barbecue Five

Mandy ends up going on a lunch date with JR but only after Cliff approves to the idea.

Dallas S8E12
Episode 12

Do You Take This Woman…

Lucy ends up giving in to Eddie's charms in a deserted stable. Bobby ends up being jilted at the alter by Jenna.

Dallas S8E13
Episode 13

Deja Vu

Pam attempts to hide her happiness after she learns that Bobby's wedding was cancelled.

Dallas S8E14
Episode 14

Odd Man Out

Bobby finds it hard to come to terms with the fact that Jenna has married somebody else. Pam continues to look for Mark.

Dallas S8E15
Episode 15

Lockup in Laredo

J.R. is confronted by Jamie about his marital indiscretions. Lucy attempts to help Eddie.

Dallas S8E16
Episode 16

Winds of War

Lucy and Eddie begin working together. Bobby ends up being contacted about a ransom.

Dallas S8E17
Episode 17

Bail Out

Pam discovers the truth behind her search for Mark.

Dallas S8E18
Episode 18

Legacy of Hate

Mandy finds herself feeling torn between Cliff and J.R. Pam is out for revenge.

Dallas S8E19
Episode 19

Sins of the Fathers

Jenna is scared that she could have killed Marchetta.

Dallas S8E20
Episode 20

The Brothers Ewing

The Ewing brothers attempt to protect the family fortune. Sue Ellen takes a trip overseas.

Dallas S8E21
Episode 21

Shattered Dreams

Jamie is offered a job by Cliff. Pam admits that she's still in love with Bobby.

Dallas S8E22
Episode 22

Dead Ends

The search for Mark continues in Hong Kong. Jamie starts her new job.

Dallas S8E23
Episode 23

Trial and Error

Pam finally accepts that Mark is really dead. Ray becomes tired of Donna's oil business.

Dallas S8E24
Episode 24

The Verdict

The jury gives their verdict at Jenna's trial. Ray attempts to get Donna to agree to come back home. J.R. hopes to use seduction to get a well opened again.

Dallas S8E25
Episode 25


Bobby attempts to prove Jenna's innocence following her conviction J.R. blackmails a TEC member. Sue Ellen threatens to get a divorce. Cliff and Jamie grow closer.

Dallas S8E26
Episode 26

Terms of Estrangement

J.R. ends up pushing for Pam and Bobby to get back together. Lucy receives a letter from Mitch. Jamie receives an offer from Cliff. Some new evidence forces the prosecution to re-open Jenna's case.

Dallas S8E27
Episode 27

The Ewing Connection

J.R. and Bobby end up making a deal to save Ewing Oil. Lucy meets up with Mitch. Donna thinks about divorcing Ray. John Ross' medical emergency ends up seeing Sue Ellen taking a drink.

Dallas S8E28
Episode 28

Deeds and Misdeeds

J.R. promises Mandy that Sue Ellen will soon be out of the picture for good. Cliff and Jamie make wedding preparations as the Ewing family discover proof their claim to Ewing Oil is false. Lucy and Mitch start to become closer again. Donna wants to tell Ray about the baby she is expecting.

Dallas S8E29
Episode 29


J.R.wants Sue Ellen to be put in an institution. Pam and Bobby admit the way they feel. Cliff realizes Jack is working with the rest of the Ewing family. Mitch wants Lucy to move to Atlanta and remarry him. Bobby thinks he's found a way to get Jenna released. Donna and Ray continue to be at odds.

Dallas S8E30
Episode 30

Swan Song

Bobby feels torn between her and Jenna. Sue Ellen turns to Dusty for help as her drinking spirals out of control. Lucy remarries Mitch before leaving for a new life in Atlanta. Donna admits the truth to Ray about the baby. There is a dramatic end for Bobby.

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