Damages - Season 1 Episodes

Damages - Season 1

Damages - Season 1

The first season of the FX legal drama series Damages premiered on July 24, 2007 and concluded on October 23, 2007. It consisted of thirteen episodes. Damages was created by brothers Todd and Glenn Kessler along with Daniel Zelman, each of whom served as executive producers and contributed seven scripts for the season, including the premiere and the finale.

Most of the season follows two different timelines. The primary timeline begins with Ellen Parsons' recruitment by Patty Hewes to "Hewes & Associates" and follows proceedings of a class action lawsuit against Arthur Frobisher by his former employees, whom Patty represents. The initial episodes follow Patty's attempts to capture potential witness Gregory Malina through Katie Connor. The arc further details Malina's involvement with Frobisher's lawyer Ray Fiske and the pressure Patty brings to bear on Fiske on Malina's subsequent death.

The narrative includes multiple flashforwards of the alternative timeline, set approximately six months after Ellen's appointment, until both timelines converge in the penultimate episode of the season. The alternative timeline details the attack on Ellen, her arrest for the murder of her fiancé David Connor, and the subsequent murder investigation.

Damages S1E1
Episode 1

Get Me A Lawyer

The nation's most revered and reviled litigator, Patty Hewes pursues corporate titan Arthur Frobisher with the help of young attorney Ellen Parsons.

Damages S1E2
Episode 2

Jesus, Mary and Joe Cocker

Ellen is poised to deliver her friend Katie as a key witness, but Patty has suspicions about her testimony. Mounting pressures on Frobisher have him contemplating extreme measures.

Damages S1E3
Episode 3

And My Paralyzing Fear of Death

Patty's resolve is tested when a mysterious threat arrives at her office that places the entire case in jeopardy. Ellen finds out about the demands of her new professional commitment.

Damages S1E4
Episode 4

Tastes Like a Ho-Ho

Patty?s team prepares a fragile Katie Connor for her impending deposition. Gregory is sitting on a piece of information that could be vital to the trial.

Damages S1E5
Episode 5

A Regular Earl Anthony

Frobisher pushes Fiske to take a more aggressive approach with Patty who is on shaky grounds with the clients. Tom reckons with his own career options and seeks the advice of a friend.

Damages S1E6
Episode 6

She Spat at Me

Patty cautiously pursues Gregory, eager to learn his secrets. An emboldened Frobisher attempts to salvage his legacy. Lila ominously reappears in David?s life.

Damages S1E7
Episode 7

We Are Not Animals

The Frobisher case now hinges on Gregory Malina?s deposition which has Patty committed to keeping him safe from the nefarious forces of the opposition.

Damages S1E8
Episode 8

Blame the Victim

With the key witness missing and Frobisher?s camp taking extra measures to keep the momentum, Patty must find a new strategy for the case. Ellen gets blindsided when her parents show up.

Damages S1E9
Episode 9

Do You Regret What We Did?

Both sides continue to fight for the upper hand as the mystery behind Gregory?s disappearance deepens. With Frobisher?s deposition nearing he and his team bring on a secret weapon.

Damages S1E10
Episode 10

Sort of Like a Family

Titans collide as Patty and Frobisher square off in his deposition. Ellen has been relegated to the sidelines where she contemplates risky moves that might get her back in the action.

Damages S1E11
Episode 11

I Hate These People

Pressure from the trial is talking its toll on Patty and Frobisher alike, as both sides intensify their tactics despite potentially dire ramifications.

Damages S1E12
Episode 12

There's No 'We' Anymore

The story of Ellen's incarceration for David's murder converges with the tumultuous events surrounding Patty's efforts to take down Frobisher.

Damages S1E13
Episode 13

Because I Know Patty

The season comes to its shocking conclusion.

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