Damages - Season 3 Episodes

Damages - Season 3

The third season of the FX legal drama series Damages premiered on January 25, 2010 and concluded on April 19, 2010. It consisted of thirteen episodes, bringing the series total to 39. Damages was created by brothers Todd and Glenn Kessler along with Daniel Zelman, each of whom served as executive producers and contributed four scripts for the season, including the premiere and the finale.

The season picks up one year after the events of season two. Louis Tobin, patriarch of the famously wealthy Tobin family, has just confessed to orchestrating the largest Ponzi scheme in Wall Street history and the U.S. Government has assigned Patty Hewes and Tom Shayes to find the Tobins' hidden money and uncover any evidence that other Tobin family members had prior knowledge of the fraud. Ellen Parsons has taken a job at the District Attorney's office but as the story unfolds, she finds herself being pulled further and further back into Patty's orbit. Tom, meanwhile, learns that he unwittingly invested with Louis Tobin and has lost 70% of his net worth. He struggles to keep his personal issues from interfering with the case and with keeping his secret from Patty.

Damages S3E1
Episode 1

“Your Secrets Are Safe”

Patty Hewes (GLENN CLOSE) has been appointed by the U.S. government to recover billions of dollars lost to the largest investment fraud in Wall Street history. The new case pits Patty against the powerful Tobin family, which includes Joe Tobin (CAMPBELL SCOTT), Marilyn Tobin (LILY TOMLIN), and the family's trusted attorney Leonard Winstone (MARTIN SHORT). Meanwhile, Ellen Parsons (ROSE BYRNE) adjusts to the challenges of her new job, and life, away from Patty Hewes.

Episode 2

“The Dog is Happier Without Her”

Patty Hewes digs deeper into the secrets of the Tobin family. Meanwhile, Ellen Parsons provides valuable assistance to Tom Shayes.

Episode 3

“Flight's at 11:08”

Patty Hewes races to prevent a key witness in the Tobin case from fleeing the country. Ellen learns a dark family secret.

Episode 4

“Don't Throw That at the Chicken”

Patty Hewes grills Louis Tobin about his fraud, while Joe Tobin is faced with a decision that will determine his family's fate forever.

Episode 5

“It's Not My Birthday”

Patty Hewes squares off with the D.A. over access to a key witness. A job candidate at Hewes & Shayes asks Ellen for insight into Patty.

Episode 6

“Don't Forget To Thank Mr. Zedeck”

Under pressure to make progress in the Tobin case, Patty strikes a bargain with an unlikely source. Ellen uncovers new evidence about Louis Tobin's death as Tom starts to crack from his financial woes.

Episode 7

“You Haven't Replaced Me”

Patty sends Tom out of the country to follow the money trail of the Tobin fraud. Ellen must choose between her new boss and Patty. Leonard Winstone leaves the city under mysterious circumstances.

Episode 8

“I Look Like Frankenstein”

When Carol Tobin vanishes, Patty and Ellen have to track her down. Arthur Frobisher returns to launch his new Foundation.

Episode 9

“Drive It Through Hardcore”

Patty tracks down Carol Tobin and forces her to reveal the truth about Thanksgiving. Ellen's family life is turned upside down. Frobisher begins to make his movie.

Episode 10

“Tell Me I'm Not Racist”

Patty faces a professional disaster when her clients want her thrown off the Tobin case. A risky move by Tom Shayes could cost Ellen her job with the D.A.

Episode 11

“All That Crap About Your Family”

When her star witness is arrested, Patty strikes an unusual deal with the D.A.'s office. Arthur Frobisher shows off, and reveals a little too much of his past.

Episode 12

“You Were His Little Monkey”

Patty and Ellen set out to tear the Tobin family apart. When Tom Shayes' job and marriage unravel, he strikes up a deadly alliance.

Episode 13

“The Next One's Gonna Go In Your Throat”

Ellen and Tom take matters into their own hands in an attempt to win the Tobin case as Patty Hewes is haunted by the true price of her success.