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Dancing with the Stars - Season 11 Episodes

Dancing with the Stars - Season 11

Dancing with the Stars - Season 11

Season eleven of Dancing with the Stars premiered on September 20, 2010. The cast was announced during the August 30 episode of Bachelor Pad during a live press conference that included a Q&A session with host Tom Bergeron and co-host Brooke Burke and the new cast. There are twelve celebrity cast members this season. The pairs were announced on September 1.

Corky Ballas returned to the show for the first time since season seven. This is the first season to feature no new professional dancers, as each of the 12 pros has appeared on at least one previous season. Edyta Śliwińska, the only pro to have appeared throughout the entire run of the series, did not return this season. Len Goodman, Bruno Tonioli, and Carrie Ann Inaba continued as the judges.

Several changes were introduced this season including an "Acoustic Week," in which couples performed either the Rumba or the Argentine Tango, while the audience was brought closer to the dance floor, which was elevated and made circular, a "TV Theme Week" and a "Rock n' Roll Week", in which couples performed the Paso Doble or the Tango and danced in a Rock n' Roll marathon. Fan favorites from previous seasons also came back to judge the couples, who re-created their most memorable routines on the 200th episode; these guest judges were Hélio Castroneves, Kelly Osbourne, Emmitt Smith, Drew Lachey, Gilles Marini, and Mel B. Kristi Yamaguchi and Apolo Ohno also served as team captains for the team dances. Yamaguchi's team consisted of Rick & Cheryl, Kyle & Lacey and Bristol & Mark, while Brandy & Maksim, Jennifer & Derek and Kurt & Anna were on Ohno's team. Also scheduled was a week dubbed "Instant Choreography" in which the couples practiced their routines for a week and received the music for their Latin dances only 45 minutes before their live routines.

Dancing with the Stars S11E1
Episode 1

Week 1 - Season Premier

The buzz has been building to one of the most anticipated seasons ever of DWTS. Stars from every generation and walk-of-life, a veritable best-of group of professional dancers, and not a ringer in the bunch. Whoever takes home the Mirror Ball Trophy is absolutely going to have to work their butt off, and it looks like this group is taking the challenge very seriously.

Dancing with the Stars S11E2
Episode 2

Week 1 - Eliminations

This second week the dances are the Foxtrot for the Ballroom category, or the Jive for the Latin dance. Whoever danced a Latin dance last week will dance Ballroom this week, and vice versa.

Dancing with the Stars S11E3
Episode 3

Week 2 - Performances

The Hoff is off, which was really unexpected by the oddsmakers. Throw your predictions out the window, because anything goes this season. And tonight, the judges are full of surprises.

Dancing with the Stars S11E4
Episode 4

Week 2 - Eliminations

Well, when you start out in the dog house, it's not a good sign...

Dancing with the Stars S11E5
Episode 5

Week 3 - Performances

The remaining ten couples perform for America's votes and the judges' scores.

Dancing with the Stars S11E6
Episode 6

Week 3 - Eliminations

One couple is eliminated from the competition. Special guest performances and dancing round out the evening.

Dancing with the Stars S11E7
Episode 7

Week 4 - Performances

Piano, strings, acoustic guitars, accordion... and that's not the only change. It's the biggest alteration to the ballroom floor ever: a small, raised, circular dance floor, with the audience intimately close to the action.

Dancing with the Stars S11E8
Episode 8

Week 4 - Eliminations

It's Results Night, and the intimate ballroom-in-the-round is back for an encore.

Dancing with the Stars S11E9
Episode 9

Week 5 - Performances

We hit the middle of the season this week and returned to the regular ballroom with just one set of Judges' scores for each dance. For the first time, the remaining eight teams danced a mix of dances to television theme songs. By the time the night was done, there was a new dancer on top of the leaderboard.

Dancing with the Stars S11E10
Episode 10

Week 5 - Eliminations

Tonight featured a first for DWTS: The Mwano family, originally from the Congo, were in the audience: Mom Bernadette and her five sons. We saw a video explaining how the family escaped Africa where the boys' father was assassinated to move to the United States. The family has struggled, but the boys have always felt strength from their mother who did everything for her children, to keep them safe and to give them a chance.

Dancing with the Stars S11E11
Episode 11

Week 6 - Performances

Before the night of rockin' out on the dancefloor begins, Tom and Brooke revealed the Top 10 Dances of the First 10 Seasons, as voted on by you, the viewer.

Dancing with the Stars S11E12
Episode 12

Week 6 - Eliminations

Rock Week continued tonight with a spectacular performance by classic rock band Heart.

Dancing with the Stars S11E13
Episode 13

Week 7 - Performances

Tonight and tomorrow we celebrate 200 episodes of Dancing with the Stars. And the stars are back to celebrate with us!

Dancing with the Stars S11E14
Episode 14

Week 7 - Eliminations

Big night of music stars, big night of performance, and a surprise elimination make for a perfect 200th episode!

Dancing with the Stars S11E15
Episode 15

Week 8 - Performances

Brandy, Bristol, Jennifer, Kurt and Kyle. The Final Five celebrities in the final stretch of season 11.

Dancing with the Stars S11E16
Episode 16

Week 8 - Eliminations

With tonight's elimination the field is cut from 5 to 4. Next week is the semi-finals. We're this close to the awarding of the Mirror Ball Trophy. And we really have no idea who's going to win it.

Dancing with the Stars S11E17
Episode 17

Week 9 - Performances

90 minutes of cutthroat high-intensity everything's-on-the-line dancing. Each team danced two dances tonight, one Latin and one Ballroom. In their Latin dance, the celebrity was required to perform a solo.

Dancing with the Stars S11E18
Episode 18

Week 9 - Eliminations

A shocking elimination tonight showed the true power of fan voting.

Dancing with the Stars S11E19
Episode 19

Week 10 (NIght 1) - Freestyle

Tonight they tackled their "Redemption Dance," where the judges selected a dance style that the pairs didn't perform well earlier in the season and are given a chance to try again to redeem themselves (with a new song and new choreography.)

Dancing with the Stars S11E20
Episode 20

Week 10 (Night 2) - Finale

Last night each of the three finalists danced two dances. Then you voted.

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