Dark Angel

Dark Angel

Dark Angel - Season 1 Episodes

Dark Angel S1E1
Episode 1


As a child, Max was part of a highly classified genetic enhancement project. She and several other children were trained in a deeply secluded compound to use their superhuman powers. At a young age, Max and several others escaped the compound and made their way in the world. Now a beautiful young bike messenger and thief, Max is trying to find her lost "siblings" from the project, but at the same time, Max is trying to dodge capture from her former handlers led by Lydecker, and is aided in her quest by Logan Cale, an idealistic cyber-journalist.

Dark Angel S1E2
Episode 2


Max locates the woman who helped save her life during the escape from Manticore.

Dark Angel S1E3
Episode 3


Max goes above the law to secure medical supplies for her worsening seizures and winds up behind bars--and at the mercy of a warped warden with a link to Lydecker. But as Logan and Original Cindy race to the rescue, Max finds a kindred spirit whose abusive past helps her face down a former demon.

Dark Angel S1E4
Episode 4


When Max is thrown in prison, she attempts to stop the warden from abusing a young woman.

Dark Angel S1E5
Episode 5

411 on the DL

Max attempts to raise a large sum of cash when Vogelsang claims he can reunite her with a Manticore escapee.

Dark Angel S1E6
Episode 6


Terrorists seize hostages inside a hotel where a scientist delivers a paper on genetic research that could spell the end of all disease.

Dark Angel S1E7
Episode 7

Cold Comfort

Max and Zack enlist Lydecker’s help as they set out to rescue one of their own; the Jam Pony gang plays a trick on the company’s potential new owner.

Dark Angel S1E8
Episode 8

Blah Blah Woof Woof

Lydecker attempts to trap Max by distributing wanted posters throughout town and offering a reward for her capture.

Dark Angel S1E9
Episode 9


A criminal captures Logan and Sung in hopes of ascertaining Eyes Only’s identity; Normal’s significant other has a secret.

Dark Angel S1E10
Episode 10


A breed of seemingly unstoppable super-soldier closes in on Max as she guards an old nemesis preparing to testify against the mayor.

Dark Angel S1E11
Episode 11

Art Attack

Normal finds his life on the line when a delivery mix-up causes the loss of a Norman Rockwell painting; Max attends a wedding with Logan.

Dark Angel S1E12
Episode 12


Max resorts to extreme measures when the Reds take Original Cindy hostage.

Dark Angel S1E13
Episode 13

The Kidz are Aiight

When Lydecker tricks Zack into revealing the location of the other X5 escapees, Max must warn her friends of the danger before it’s too late.

Dark Angel S1E14
Episode 14

Female Trouble

Lydecker dispatches an X5 named Jace to eliminate a doctor who is using research gleaned from her years at Manticore to help Logan walk.

Dark Angel S1E15
Episode 15


While staying at a remote cabin, Logan searches for an ex-police officer involved in the murders of several protestors, while Max befriends a young boy haunted by his past.

Dark Angel S1E16
Episode 16

Shorties in Love

Max finds herself at odds with Original Cindy’s old girlfriend, Diamond, who believes she hasn’t long to live.

Dark Angel S1E17
Episode 17

Pollo Loco

Max pursues an X5 suspected of murdering several innocent people.

Dark Angel S1E18
Episode 18

I and I am a Camera

Max befriends an off-the-wall crime fighter as she investigates the strange deaths of several parolees, a search that puts Logan’s fortune at great risk.

Dark Angel S1E19
Episode 19

Hit a Sista Back

With some help from Max and Zack, Tinga battles Lydecker’s soldiers as she attempts to rescue her son, who possesses special powers.

Dark Angel S1E20
Episode 20


Max starts to feel the stress of being controlled by her genetic urges when she goes into her bi-annual feline DNA sexual urges.

Dark Angel S1E21
Episode 21

...And Jesus Brought a Casserole

Lydecker joins the X5’s in a plan to blow up Manticore.

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