Dark Angel

Dark Angel

Dark Angel - Season 2 Episodes

Dark Angel S2E1
Episode 1

Designate This

Max escapes from Manticore and triggers Operation Pale Face that causes Manticore to self-destruct, in order to cover all trace of its existence.

Dark Angel S2E2
Episode 2

Bag 'Em

A clean-up operation begins and all the transgenics that escaped from Manticore are the targets. Max feels responsible and attempts to save them.

Dark Angel S2E3
Episode 3

Proof of Purchase

Max tracks Joshua to Sandeman’s former residence. Lydecker discovers a secret archeological dig of a Kiloma Indian burial site that is somehow connected to Manticore. Alec is captured and about to be excecuted by White, and Max must save him.

Dark Angel S2E4
Episode 4

Radar Love

Lonely, and frustrated that they cannot be together, Max and Logan reach out to their friends. Manticore creates a pathogen that can target and kill a specific race of people, aiming to wipe out transgenics.

Dark Angel S2E5
Episode 5


Max spends a wacky Halloween with other transgenics, chasing a headless body in an attempt to foil an assassination plot.

Dark Angel S2E6
Episode 6


A creature called a man-dog is killing cops, and Max discovers that one of Joshua’s brothers is behind the attacks; Alec gets hired at Jam Pony, and runs into trouble when his black market business selling synthetic hormone riles local thugs.

Dark Angel S2E7
Episode 7

Some Assembly Required

Max discovers that her brother Zack is alive and living with a group of Steelheads, but he is not the same Zack as she remembers.

Dark Angel S2E8
Episode 8

Gill Girl

When a group of fisherman find a girl with gills in one of their nets, they believe they’ve caught a mermaid. But Max and Alec soon realize the mermaid is actually another Manticore escapee, and they set out to rescue her.

Dark Angel S2E9
Episode 9

Medium is the Message

Eyes Only agrees to help a a woman find her kidnapped son, but Logan and Max are stunned to learn that the woman is Ames White's wife; trouble arises when Alec takes advantage of Joshua's apparent talent as an artist.

Dark Angel S2E10
Episode 10


After an S1W cell is busted, Max discovers a man named Brainiac who seems able to predict the future.

Dark Angel S2E11
Episode 11

The Berrisford Agenda

Alec stumbles across a troubling reminder of his past as a Manticore agent and is haunted by memories of the girl he fell in love with—and killed.

Dark Angel S2E12
Episode 12

Borrowed Time

Max finds a temporary cure for the virus that targets Logan; Joshua discovers that a Manticore-made “sniffer” is loose.

Dark Angel S2E13
Episode 13

Harbor Lights

Max is shot, and rushed to a hospital, where her blood work reveals some strange anomalies that tip Ames White to her presence.

Dark Angel S2E14
Episode 14

Love in Vein

Max stumbles upon a group of apparent transgenics who survive by drinking their leader’s blood. Alec covertly assigns Joshua to make deliveries for him.

Dark Angel S2E15
Episode 15


When Logan asks Max to help him get a mob accountant to become a police informant, she runs into a fellow Manticore alum with unusual powers.

Dark Angel S2E16
Episode 16


After Logan traces a call, he and Max find Ames White's son, Ray, in a mysterious school.

Dark Angel S2E17
Episode 17

Hello, Goodbye

Logan touches Max and nearly dies from the virus; Alec is arrested for murder; White discovers the transgenics are immune to his cult’s snake blood, and arranges to have the Manticore experiment exposed.

Dark Angel S2E18
Episode 18

Dawg Day Afternoon

With Ames White’s help,the news is full of reports on transgenics. When Joshua leaves his house to see Annie, he is spotted, and further chaos erupts.

Dark Angel S2E19
Episode 19

She Ain't Heavy

As their secret identities are revealed, Max, Joshua, and Logan decide to leave town for Terminal city; White captures a transgenic that he thinks is Max, but is actually her clone.

Dark Angel S2E20
Episode 20

Love Among the Runes

An escapee from an insane asylum infiltrates the transgenic society in Terminal City. White’s operatives discover a way to identify transgenics in a crowd.

Dark Angel S2E21
Episode 21

Freak Nation

After Max and other transgenics are surrounded by police in Jam Pony, White brings in a special team sent by the Breeding Cult, intending to kill Max and all the others.

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