Dark Blue

Dark Blue

Dark Blue - Season 1 Episodes

Dark Blue - Season 1

Dark Blue - Season 1

LAPD Lt. Carter Shaw (Dylan McDermott) and his special undercover task force understand that to collar criminals, one must first get on their level. They also know that going undercover may require cutting ties with those who mean the most. Adrift, isolated and frequently faced with situations that strain the line between right and wrong, these officers know that all that matters is loyalty to each other and to the task at hand: bringing down the bad guys. From Jerry Bruckheimer Television (the CSI Trilogy, Without a Trace, Cold Case) comes another edgy and atmospheric series about dedicated law enforcers operating in the shadows and leading double lives. Omari Hardwick, Logan Marshall-Green and Nicki Aycox also star.

Dark Blue S1E1
Episode 1


After an undercover FBI agent’s body is dumped on the side of the road, all eyes turn toward Dean Bendis, an undercover LAPD officer currently embedded with the gang believed to be responsible for the FBI agent’s murder. Dean’s boss, Carter Shaw, is determined to bring the gang leader down while also ensuring that Dean has not turned and switched loyalties. Carter sends in Ty Curtis, who must leave his life as a newlywed to return to the seedy underbelly of the criminal world and get Dean out. Meanwhile, Carter recruits and trains the latest member of his team, Jaimie Allen, a patrol cop who has successfully fabricated her entire past.

Dark Blue S1E2
Episode 2

Guns, Strippers and Wives

Team leader Carter has less than 12 hours to wrangle $100,000 in order to save the life of one of his undercover officers.

Dark Blue S1E3
Episode 3


A ruthless drug dealer with a background as a lawyer proves a difficult target for the team, especially when the sting operation’s deadline gets pushed up. It takes some quick thinking and legally questionable moves on Jaimie’s part to make the arrest.

Dark Blue S1E4
Episode 4


Ty and Dean go after a major Korean gang into everything from drugs to counterfeiting. Their target is known as President Lee, an old-school mob boss who doesn’t take lip from anyone. But their biggest problem might be more internal, as Ty and Dean butt heads over every aspect of the case, with Ty being too cautious and Dean throwing caution to the wind.

Dark Blue S1E5
Episode 5


Carter’s unit races against the clock to save a kidnapped woman, and it’s up to Ty as a gangbanger, Dean as a security guard and Jaimie as a potential victim to track down the woman’s whereabouts. But the situation is not helped by the fact that the FBI are involved in the case, dredging up a deeply personal grudge Carter has against the feds.

Dark Blue S1E6
Episode 6


Carter and his team try to take down a major criminal ring that launders money through diamonds. As Ty tries to make inroads with a club owner interested in pulling a diamond heist, Dean and Jaimie pose as a married couple in order to forge a connection with the biggest fence in the business. Meanwhile, Ty begins to second-guess the danger he faces on the job after Melissa tells him she wants to start a family.

Dark Blue S1E7
Episode 7


Carter taps into his collection of friends in low places to target a highly decorated, extremely corrupt cop. But working to bring down a fellow officer weighs heavily on Ty, especially after his wife drops a bombshell in his lap.

Dark Blue S1E8
Episode 8

Venice Kings

The team inserts itself into a turf war between the Crypts and a new gang, the Venice Kings, who will stop at nothing to take over the heroin market. Dean goes under as a member of the Kings, working with an informer to bring down the new and, according to Carter, far more dangerous gang. Meanwhile, Ty’s troublesome sister needs $7,000, which Ty and Melissa don’t have to give.

Dark Blue S1E9
Episode 9


The team goes after a major smuggler running the biggest ring on the West Coast. In order to get into his operation, Jaimie has to go undercover as her former self, Jaimie Anderson, and hook up with an old acquaintance from her shady past. She also has to ask a favor of her boyfriend, the Assistant District Attorney, to get what the team needs to make their case work.

Dark Blue S1E10
Episode 10

Shot in the Dark

Carter is the prime suspect in the killing of an undercover DEA officer, with Jaimie, Ty and Dean as witnesses to the shooting. But Carter’s recollection of the event involves a third person in a blue car, something none of the others remember seeing. Meanwhile, Melissa starts pressuring Ty to leave the undercover unit so they can start a family. And Jaimie’s boyfriend, Scott, gets a new job in San Francisco.

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