Deadliest Catch - Season 3 Episodes

Episode 0

“Behind The Scenes”

Episode 0

“Best of Season 3 (2)”

Episode 0

“Best of Season 3 (1)”

Episode 1

“A Tragic Beginning”

Welcome back to Dutch Harbor in Alaska, where we will board the Northwestern, the Cornelia Marie and the Time Bandit for the 2006 Red King Crab season.

Episode 2

“The Unforgiving Sea”

The season starts off on a deadly note, as boats must endure another search and rescue. Sickness strikes a greenhorn.

Episode 3

“Pain and Paybacks”

After a deadly start, the Bering Sea is still claiming victims as injuries and jailtime looms on the horizon.

Episode 4

“Cheating Death”

As the workload takes it toll, the crews must deal with tiredness, injuries and damaged equipment making the fishing even more dangerous.

Episode 5

“Bering Sea Salvation”

The end of the king crab season is drawing near and Captain Johnathan and crew start dropping gear. The Time Bandit is back, and Captain Sig hauls in huge pots of keepers. The Wizard's crew struggles to bring the last haul.

Episode 6

“The Last Lap”

When the 2006 RKC season ends, Sig and his crew on the Northwestern finally finish a 30 hour shift and can finally head home. Phil on the Cornelia turn his boat home without injury.

Episode 7

“New Beginnings”

Opilio crab season opens, and the greenhorns feels the brutal Bering Sea and bone-chilling weather.

Episode 8

“Caught in the Storm”

As a major and deadly storm wreaks havoc on the fleet, Captain on Time Bandit, Andy, calls his crew off deck. Which proves to be a lifesaver.

Episode 9

“Crossing the Line”

The Northwestern has a string of bad luck that puts the crew a week behind schedule; Captain Sig drops all of his gear far north of the rest of the fleet and crosses his fingers.

Episode 10

“Trials of the Greenhorns”

The Bering Sea can be a beautiful and majestic place, but when the weather gets bad, it makes crab fishing one of the most difficult jobs on the planet. Several greenhorns must find out the hard way whether or not they’re capable of doing the job as a career, though some fare better than others.

Episode 11

“Ice and Open Water”

The crews weigh the risks of the dangerous waters against the possibility of a rich haul.

Episode 12

“A Frozen Finish”

The 2007 opilio crab tally is in and a winner is declared. Meanwhile, some of the greenhorns have become successful, but others will not return. The season ends in the arms of happy families, and in the wake of those who didn't make it.