Deadliest Warrior

Deadliest Warrior

Deadliest Warrior - Season 2 Episodes

Deadliest Warrior - Season 2

Deadliest Warrior - Season 2

DEADLIEST WARRIOR returns with explosive vengeance: 13 all-new match-ups pit the greatest fighters across history in even bigger battles to the death. From the ancient world's bloodiest military leaders to a firefight between today's top special forces.

Deadliest Warrior S2E0
Episode 0

Back for Blood

Deadliest Warrior S2E1
Episode 1

SWAT vs. GSG-9

An epic match-up featuring SWAT, the elite special forces of U.S. law enforcement, against Germany's GSG-9, the ultra-secretive paramilitary arm of the German Police.¿ Utilizing sniper rifles, shot guns and paralyzing stun tools two of the world's toughest police forces will go head-to-head in an historic, never-before-seen firefight to the death.

Deadliest Warrior S2E2
Episode 2

Attila The Hun vs. Alexander The Great

Attila the Hun, the barbarian horseman who terrorized Europe, battles Alexander the Great, history's greatest military tactician. In this historic match-up, two of history's most brilliant military minds will fight to the finish using skull-crushing axes, limb-severing swords, horseback archery and catapults.

Deadliest Warrior S2E3
Episode 3

Jesse James vs. Al Capone

Deadliest Warrior is unprecedented, non-scripted series that pits history's greatest warriors against one another to determine, once and for all, who reigns supreme.

Deadliest Warrior S2E4
Episode 4

Aztec Jaguar vs. Zande Warrior

Aztec Jaguar, the ruthless ritual warrior of North America battles the Zande Warrior, a blood-thirsty killer of Central Africa. In a fight to the finish, these two pre-gunpowder tribal fighters will face off using Razor-sharp obsidian swords, jagged-edged spears and flying blades of death.

Deadliest Warrior S2E5
Episode 5

Nazi SS vs. Viet Cong

The Nazi SS, Adolf Hitler's homicidal shock troops of WW II , battle the Viet Cong, the murderous masters of jungle warfare. Two of the most lethal foes ever faced by American GIs square off in a bloody showdown using machine guns, flesh-burning flamethrowers, and flying poison spikes.

Deadliest Warrior S2E6
Episode 6

Roman Centurion vs. Rajput

Worlds collide when a Centurion, commander of Rome's bone-crushing army, takes on a Rajput, India's greatest fighter. In a fight to the finish, these two warriors face off using a chest-splitting javelin, a snake-like coiled sword, and a relentless battle-tank.

Deadliest Warrior S2E7
Episode 7

Somali Pirate vs. Medellin Cartel

Somali Pirates, modern-day, RPG-blasting hijackers of the high seas battle the Medellin Cartel, Colombia's most notorious drug lords. In this extraordinary matchup, these two brutal crime gangs will face off with machine guns, machetes and stunningly explosive car bombs.

Deadliest Warrior S2E8
Episode 8

Persian Immortal vs. Celt

A Persian Immortal, the professional killer that drove a 6th century BC war machine, battles a Celt, the giant Iron Age European clansman. Horse-drawn chariots rush to a deadly showdown with brutal sword beat-downs, spears, clubs and battle-axes.

Deadliest Warrior S2E9
Episode 9


The week's Aftermath takes a closer look at what happens when the secret forces of the U.S. and Soviet governments collide.

Deadliest Warrior S2E10
Episode 10

Vlad the Impaler vs. Sun Tzu

We take a closer look at what happens when The Art of War legend takes on the real life inspiration for Dracula.

Deadliest Warrior S2E11
Episode 11

Ming Warrior vs. Musketeer

Deadliest Warrior S2E12
Episode 12

Comanche vs. Mongol

Deadliest Warrior S2E13
Episode 13

Navy Seal vs. Israeli Commando

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