Decoy - Season 1 Episodes

Decoy S1E1
Episode 1


Casey moves into a rooming house to solve the murder of a sailor.

Decoy S1E2
Episode 2

Red Clown

Decoy S1E3
Episode 3

The Phoner

Casey investigates a series of threatening phone calls made to a woman.

Decoy S1E4
Episode 4

To Trap a Thief

A policeman is accused of stealing $10,000.

Decoy S1E5
Episode 5

Dream Fix

A teenage drug addict is the key to busting a narcotics ring.

Decoy S1E6
Episode 6

The Savage Payoff

The bankbook of a dead college basketball player indicates a possible involvement with racketeers.

Decoy S1E7
Episode 7

Deadly Corridor

A woman dies while in custody.

Decoy S1E8
Episode 8

Escape into Danger

Casey searches for a woman who thinks she has killed her husband.

Decoy S1E9
Episode 9

The Glass Necklace

Casey goes undercover as a wealthy socialite to investigate a series of jewel robberies.

Decoy S1E10
Episode 10

The Scapegoat

A woman, who's in jail for embezzling money to care for her mentally disabled son, escapes.

Decoy S1E11
Episode 11

Two Days to Kill

Casey must protect a teenage girl - the only witness to a murder committed by her ex-boyfriend.

Decoy S1E12
Episode 12

Queen of Diamonds

Casey goes undercover as a nightclub photographer.

Decoy S1E13
Episode 13

My Brother's Killer

Casey goes after an escaped convict responsible for a string of murders and holdups.

Decoy S1E14
Episode 14

Bullet of Hate

A teenage girl is accused of murder.

Decoy S1E15
Episode 15

Death Watch

A shoplifting investigation uncovers a "murder for hire" outfit.

Decoy S1E16
Episode 16

Odds Against the Jockey

Casey goes undercover at the racetrack after a gambler is murdered.

Decoy S1E17
Episode 17

Dressed for the Kill

A model is murdered in New York's garment district.

Decoy S1E18
Episode 18

An Eye for an Eye

Casey poses as a drug addict.

Decoy S1E19
Episode 19

The Challenger

Casey suspects that a boxer was drugged before his big fight.

Decoy S1E20
Episode 20

Across the World

A shipping executive is murdered and Casey goes undercover as the dead woman's niece.

Decoy S1E21
Episode 21

The Showplace

Casey poses as a nightclub entertainer.

Decoy S1E22
Episode 22

Reasonable Doubt

A man is falsely accused of robbery.

Decoy S1E23
Episode 23

Night of Fire

A warehouse fire may be arson.

Decoy S1E24
Episode 24

Saturday Was Lost

A young girl is found in a state of shock, and Casey wants to find out why.

Decoy S1E25
Episode 25

High Swing

Casey acts as bait in order to catch a mugger.

Decoy S1E26
Episode 26

Earthbound Satellite

Casey investigates a high-society gambling syndicate.

Decoy S1E27
Episode 27

The Sound of Tears

Casey is suspicious when a woman is accused of killing her fiancee.

Decoy S1E28
Episode 28

Ladies Man

Decoy S1E29
Episode 29

Cry Revenge

Casey becomes involved with the personal problems of the mother and daughter she is assigned to protect.

Decoy S1E30
Episode 30

The Gentle Gunmen

Decoy S1E31
Episode 31

Night Light

A movie star's chauffeur is suspected of stealing a necklace.

Decoy S1E32
Episode 32

Fiesta at Midnight

Casey must find the witness who can prove a Puerto Rican man is innocent of robbery and murder.

Decoy S1E33
Episode 33

The Lieutenant Had a Son

An Army officer is driven to violence by his ex-wife.

Decoy S1E34
Episode 34

Shadow of Van Gogh

Casey investigates art swindlers.

Decoy S1E35
Episode 35

Tin Pan Payoff

A philandering songwriter is murdered.

Decoy S1E36
Episode 36

Blind Date

Casey poses as an accident victim who was carrying stolen money.

Decoy S1E37
Episode 37

The Comeback

Casey attempts to expose the leader of a counterfeiting ring.

Decoy S1E38
Episode 38

First Arrest

Casey recalls her first case - looking for stolen gems at Coney Island's amusement park.

Decoy S1E39
Episode 39

The Lost Ones

Casey is suspicious when a teenager confesses to her own father's murder.

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