Designing Women

Designing Women

Designing Women - Season 5 Episodes

Designing Women S5E1
Episode 1

A Blast From the Past

Sugarbaker's is beset by tourists when the building's Civil War foundation puts it on the Tour of Historical Homes, Mary Jo opens her heart to an old friend eager to make good on a marriage pact they once entered into.

Designing Women S5E2
Episode 2

Papa Was a Rolling Stone

Charlene aims to make Anthony's 30th birthday a memorable one -- by hiring a private detective to find his long-lost father.

Designing Women S5E3
Episode 3

Working Mother

Resentment builds between Charlene and Mary Jo when Charlene wants to take a year off to look after her baby. The decorators cater to the whims of a rich, insufferable 10-year-old client as Mary Jo and Charlene ponder the joys and pitfalls of working mothers.

Designing Women S5E4
Episode 4

Miss Trial

Julia's dinner plans with former President Jimmy Carter and his wife are put on hold when her slow-moving jury gets sequestered.

Designing Women S5E5
Episode 5

The Bachelor Auction

When organizational confusion leads to Suzanne winning a date with Anthony in a bachelor charity auction, the two reluctantly try to make the best of a very awkward situation.

Designing Women S5E6
Episode 6

Charlene Buys a House

As the proud new owner of a grand but ghostly mansion, Charlene hires the decorators to give the place a facelift -- not mentioning that it's haunted.

Designing Women S5E7
Episode 7

Old Rebels and Young Models

Charlene's baby, Olivia, auditions for a modeling job, Mary Jo finds one of her former teachers in a nursing home.

Designing Women S5E8
Episode 8

Nowhere To Run To

Mary Jo takes up jogging, and inadvertently helps turn Julia into a fitness zealot.

Designing Women S5E9
Episode 9

A Class Act

Anthony buys in to become a full partner; new student Charlene fends off an amorous psychology professor.

Designing Women S5E10
Episode 10

Keep the Homes Fire Burning

With her husband away on a mission, Charlene guiltily draws close to a man in her support group for military spouses who wife is also away. Meanwhile, lottery fever sweeps Sugarbakers.

Designing Women S5E11
Episode 11

My Daughter, Myself

Mary Jo forbids her nearly 18-year-old daughter to date a 34-year-old, then dates him herself, Julia is forced to crash the men's room at a football stadium.

Designing Women S5E12
Episode 12

And Now, Here's Bernice

After Bernice gets a local public-access cable TV show, Mary Jo has her heart broken by a client and decides that Bernice's show is the ideal arena to air her views on men.

Designing Women S5E13
Episode 13

Pearls of Wisdom

Mary Jo borrows and loses a string of pearls flaunted by Suzanne, subbing as a lifestyles reporter for local TV news. Meanwhile, a recurring dream about Julia upsets Anthony.

Designing Women S5E14
Episode 14

High Noon in a Laundry Room

Anthony, concerned with his masculinity after working with the women so long, tries standing up to his bullying neighbor, and is further humiliated when the women come to his rescue.

Designing Women S5E15
Episode 15

How Long Has This Been Going On?

Everyone at Sugarbakers is baffled to discover that sensible Julia has covertly been singing evenings at a nightclub, Anthony tries to muster the nerve to ask out a girl who works at the bookstore.

Designing Women S5E16
Episode 16

The Emperor's New Nose

Bernice gets an extraordinarily bad eye tuck and rhinoplasty from a plastic surgeon whose work leaves something to be desired.

Designing Women S5E17
Episode 17

Maybe, Baby

Mary Jo, wanting a baby, turns to her friend and former beau; Suzanne takes up smoking as a way to diet.

Designing Women S5E18
Episode 18

This is Art?

Amateur painter Julia inadvertently becomes the darling of Atlanta's art scene when someone tries to buy her handbag while she's attending a gallery opening; Suzanne inadvertently glues her lips shut.

Designing Women S5E19
Episode 19

Blame it on New Orleans

When the gang attends a convention in intoxicating New Orleans, Mary Jo unwittingly sleeps with a married man.

Designing Women S5E20
Episode 20

I'll See You in Court

Mary Jo runs across the man who mugged her the year before, but faces horrendous judicial red tape to bring him to trial.

Designing Women S5E21
Episode 21

The Big Circle

Julia tries coping with her boyfriend Reese's death by looking after Randa Oliver, the supremely spoiled child of a client couple on an extended vacation.

Designing Women S5E22
Episode 22

Friends and Husbands

Charlene, readjusting to married life upon Bill's return from the Middle East, quits her and Mary Jo's children's-book project.

Designing Women S5E23
Episode 23


Suzanne is jealous when Anthony is invited to be the first black (i.e., token) in the previously all-white Beaumont Country Club.

Designing Women S5E24
Episode 24

The Pride of Sugarbakers

Mary Jo and Julia demonstrate different coaching styles when their firm sponsors a Little League team.

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