Diff'rent Strokes

Diff'rent Strokes

Diff'rent Strokes - Season 5 Episodes

Diff'rent Strokes S5E1
Episode 1

Shoot-Out at the O.K. Arcade

Arnold is determined to defeat brother Willis at his own game and dethrone him as local video game champ, but in doing so Arnold's passion becomes a destructive "addiction" that could have serious consequences.

Diff'rent Strokes S5E2
Episode 2

In the Swim

Willis is completely supportive of Kimberly's transfer into his public school, until his sister's "innocent" actions begin getting him into hot water.

Diff'rent Strokes S5E3
Episode 3

Cyrano De Jackson

Arnold's on the outs with his best friend Dudley after he innocently offers to help his bashful buddy win the heart of a young lady -- who falls for Arnold instead.

Diff'rent Strokes S5E4
Episode 4

Big Brother

Arnold's got a "can't lose" plan for curing a new classmate's loneliness -- sharing big brother Willis -- but his kind of intentions leave Arnold feeling like the lonely, only child.

Diff'rent Strokes S5E5
Episode 5

The Peacemaker

Willis' personal safety is in jeopardy when his noble attempt to mediate a feud between rival gangs backfires, forcing him to take a drastic step to insure his protection -- purchasing a handgun.

Diff'rent Strokes S5E6
Episode 6

Substitute Teacher

Arnold and his buddies fabricate a "little white lie" in an attempt to get rid of an overly-conscientious substitute teacher, but their tell tale could result in more than just removing the teacher from the classroom -- it could destroy his entire career.

Diff'rent Strokes S5E7
Episode 7

The Older Woman

A false I.D. and a false bravado create real problems for Willis and a beautiful "older" woman when an evening on the town doesn't go quite as he had planned.

Diff'rent Strokes S5E8
Episode 8

A Case of Overexposure

Arnold must face the bare facts -- his chances of winning a prestigious school election seem desperately slim, thanks to an "overexposed" candid campaign photo taken by sister Kimberly.

Diff'rent Strokes S5E9
Episode 9


A long lost trunk returned to the boys contains a tape recording of their deceased mother which brings to the surface a previously unrecognized problem that triggers uncharacteristic behavior from a usually happy-go-lucky Arnold.

Diff'rent Strokes S5E10
Episode 10

Push Comes to Shove

Arnold's unexpected confrontation with the new building manager's son leads to a chilling series of events that could get the entire Drummond family evicted.

Diff'rent Strokes S5E11
Episode 11

The Executives

Willis learns that even a little power in the wrong hands can be dangerous when he oversteps the bounds of his authority in his afterschool job at his father's office.

Diff'rent Strokes S5E12
Episode 12

Santa's Helper

Arnold falls innocent victim to a beguiling street-corner Santa who has an ulterior financial motive for hiring him as a holiday "helper."

Diff'rent Strokes S5E13
Episode 13

A Growing Problem

At 16, Willis thinks he's man enough and old enough to "top" a few drinks with the guys, but Drummond's objections send Willis storming out of the house intent on proving his father wrong.

Diff'rent Strokes S5E14
Episode 14

Parents Have Rights, Too

Drummond's plans for a quiet and private weekend "alone" don't quite work out as he had intended, when a storm sends Arnold, Willis and Kimberly home from a camping trip early -- catching him off guard in a compromising situation.

Diff'rent Strokes S5E15
Episode 15

Independent Woman

A new job and a handsome new boss add up to trouble for an innocent Kimberly when her new employer starts displaying a more than casual interest in her -- hoping that his "special attention" will help land him a position within Drummond's prestigious company.

Diff'rent Strokes S5E16
Episode 16

The Bicycle Man (1)

Unaware that he's being lured into the carefully crafted trap of a child molester, Arnold eagerly agrees to perform a simple task in return for an overly generous reward from a "friendly" neighborhood merchant.

Diff'rent Strokes S5E17
Episode 17

The Bicycle Man (2)

Arnold and Dudley's "friendship" with a local merchant reaches a dangerous turning point when, unbeknownst to the boys, the man, who is actually a child molester, is about to make his move.

Diff'rent Strokes S5E18
Episode 18

Family on Ice

Kimberly is overjoyed when Olympic Gold Medalist Dorothy Hamill sees great promise in her as a competitive figure skater, but she's even more astounded when Drummond agrees to let her leave the New York "nest" to train full time with the award-winning skater -- in Los Angeles.

Diff'rent Strokes S5E19
Episode 19

Hall Monitor

Arnold's good intentions backfire when his efforts to help his handicapped friend Kathy adjust to life in public school cost him the esteem of his classmates and the friendship of pals Dudley and Robbie.

Diff'rent Strokes S5E20
Episode 20

The Cricket

To try to curb Arnold's run of bad luck, Drummond gives him a pet cricket, but the Japanese "good luck charm" brings nothing but sleepless nights and dreams of "pesticide" to the rest of the household.

Diff'rent Strokes S5E21
Episode 21


The household's turned upside down when Drummond becomes Arnold's roommate for a week.

Diff'rent Strokes S5E22
Episode 22

The Reporter

Determined to prove he didn't fabricate a story about drug abuse in his grade school just to win a journalism contest, Arnold takes his article to the New York City newspaper sponsoring the competition, and when they run his story on the front page, Arnold receives some unexpected more support from First Lady Nancy Reagan.

Diff'rent Strokes S5E23
Episode 23

Romeo and Juliet

Arnold's Romeo is steeped in more turmoil than Shakespeare ever intended when he's tricked by his "best friends" into playing opposite arch-nemisis Lisa's Juliet.

Diff'rent Strokes S5E24
Episode 24

My Fair Larry (aka My Fair Lady)

School "thug" Larry coerces Willis into teaching him how to "make it" with girls, but things go from bad to worse when Larry's first target is Willis' sister Kimberly.

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