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Doctor Who - Season 2

Doctor Who - Season 2

David Tennant emerges as the regenerated Doctor Who in the second season of this updated sci-fi classic. In this new season catch the Doctor and Rose (Billie Piper) as they battle a cadre of cybermen, take on an army of ghosts and visit "the new Earth," among many other out-of-this-world adventures.

Doctor Who S2E0
Episode 0

Attack of the Graske

Doctor Who S2E0
Episode 0

The Runaway Bride

No sooner has the Doctor said a tear-stained farewell to Rose Tyler than he finds himself face-to-face with a woman, played by comedienne Catherine Tate, dressed in a fluffy white wedding frock. Who is she? Who is she supposed to be marrying? And how did she get on board the TARDIS?

Doctor Who S2E1
Episode 1

New Earth

The Doctor and Rose board the Tardis for new adventures in time and space. But when they visit mankind's new home, far in the future, they find gruesome secrets hidden inside a luxury hospital. And an enemy thought long since dead, the paper-thin Cassandra, is out for revenge...

Doctor Who S2E2
Episode 2

Tooth and Claw

The Doctor attempts to take Rose to Sheffield in 1979 to see Ian Dury in concert, but ends up in the Scottish moors in 1879. They encounter a carriage carrying Queen Victoria, who has been forced to travel by roads to Balmoral Castle as a fallen tree has blocked the train line to Aberdeen. The Doctor poses as Dr. James McCrimmon using his psychic paper, and the Queen invites him and Rose to join her as they travel to the Torchwood Estate to spend the night. Sir Robert MacLeish, owner of the Torchwood Estate, greets the guests though encourages them to continue, but Queen Victoria insists on staying, as the estate was a favourite of her late consort, Prince Albert. Sir Robert gives the Queen, the Doctor, and Rose a tour of the estate, including the Observatory built by his father, a polymath skilled in both science and folklore and who was fascinated by local stories of a werewolf. The guests are invited to dinner by the Steward of the house, and the Doctor tells Rose that she should change into more appropriate garb for the meal, and has her led to a wardrobe.

Doctor Who S2E3
Episode 3

School Reunion

Mr. Finch, the headmaster of Deffry Vale School, has been changing the school to improve the students' performance; his changes include free lunches with special chips. The Doctor, under the alias "John Smith", is undercover as a science teacher in the school and is shocked by the uncommon intelligence of the students. His companion, Rose Tyler, is working undercover in the school's canteen. Both the Doctor and Rose relate the mysterious events around the school to the chips: Rose observes that the chip oil has an adverse effect on the other kitchen staff, while the Doctor notes that the chips themselves are making children more intelligent.

Doctor Who S2E4
Episode 4

The Girl in the Fireplace

The TARDIS arrives in a derelict spaceship, which is fully functional yet motionless and without a crew. The travellers —the Doctor, Rose Tyler, and Mickey Smith— are further baffled to find an 18th century French fireplace. Looking through the fireplace, the Doctor sees a young girl. He asks who she is, and she replies that her name is Reinette, and that she lives in Paris in the year 1727. The fireplace is a "time window", allowing direct access to another time and place; passing through the window, the Doctor arrives in Reinette's bedroom, although months have passed here, rather than mere seconds in the Doctor's time. Examining the room, the Doctor discovers a nightmarish ticking humanoid under Reinette's bed. The Doctor tricks the creature back through the time window to the spacecraft, where he and his companions learn that it is actually an android made of intricate, beautiful clockwork. Returning to Reinette's bedroom, the Doctor finds that she is now several years older. She remembers him, and her charm and intelligence entrances the Doctor; they kiss, but she runs off to answer a summons for "Mademoiselle Poisson". The Doctor realizes she is Jeanne-Antoinette Poisson, also known as Madame de Pompadour, the mistress of King Louis XV, uncrowned Queen of France and a historic figure he admires greatly.

Doctor Who S2E5
Episode 5

Rise of the Cybermen (1)

As The Doctor and Rose reminisce about a past adventure while the TARDIS is in-flight, Mickey begins to feel upset that the two take him for granted. However, before they can comment, the TARDIS is rocked by a huge explosion and goes dark. The Doctor determines that they have fallen out of the time vortex into the void, and have landed somewhere, but that the TARDIS appears dead. They find themselves on Earth in London, but in a parallel universe; zeppelins fly in the skies and Rose spots an advertisement featuring Pete Tyler as a successful business leader, even though her real father Pete had died in her universe. The Doctor notes that the TARDIS can only operate on power from its own universe, and spots a dim but glowing power cell in the bowels of the ship. The Doctor breathes into it, giving away 10 years of his life but allowing the cell to start to recharge, a process that will take about 24 hours after which they should be able to return to their universe. Given the wait, Rose is anxious to see Pete, even though she was never born in this universe, while Mickey goes to see if his grandmother, who had died in his universe, may still be alive. The Doctor, worried for both, ends up chasing after Rose.

Doctor Who S2E6
Episode 6

The Age of Steel (2)

As the Cybermen attempt to delete the Doctor, he uses a charging TARDIS power cell to send tendrils of energy which disintegrate them. Pete wants to go back for Jackie, but the Doctor tells him she is dead. Pete reveals that he is the source of the Preachers' inside information on Lumic and that he only joined Lumic to feed information to the Security Services. The Doctor tells the Preachers that they need to get to the city and tell the authorities about Lumic.

Doctor Who S2E7
Episode 7

The Idiot's Lantern

In the middle of a rain storm, Mr Magpie, the owner of Magpie Electricals, does his books while on the black and white television set in the background a female continuity announcer speaks. Outside, odd pink lightning strikes the telelevision aeriel, and she begins speaking to him. More of the lightning grabs hold of his face, and pulls him at the screen towards the announcer(pictured above).

Doctor Who S2E8
Episode 8

The Impossible Planet (1)

The TARDIS materialises inside a "Sanctuary Base" meant for deep-space expeditions. The Doctor and Rose discover an inscription scribbled on the station wall which the TARDIS is unable to translate.

Doctor Who S2E9
Episode 9

The Satan Pit (2)

The three Ood advance towards Jefferson, his guard and Rose. Jefferson gives the order to open fire on the Ood, killing them. In the control room, Zack announces that the planet's orbit is stabilising around the black hole again. Danny reaches the others, warning them that the rest of the Ood are on their way. The pursuing Ood kill the female guard with a translation sphere before Jefferson opens fire again.

Doctor Who S2E10
Episode 10

Love & Monsters

"Love & Monsters" is framed around a video recording of a young ELO fan, Elton Pope, in his bedroom describing his story of his encounters with The Doctor, with flashbacks interspersed throughout his confession.

Elton first describes a recent encounter with The Doctor, having spotted the TARDIS near an abandoned factory. As he investigated the nearby factory, he was almost attacked by an alien creature, a Hoix, but the Doctor and Rose Tyler were able to stop it. The Doctor seemed to recognise Elton, but before he can ask more, Elton ran away. Elton describes that that was not first encounter with the Doctor; when he was four years old, he had been woken by a noise downstairs and discovered the Doctor, looking exactly the same as he saw him at the factory. Elton also states that that wasn't his first exposure to aliens: he was in the thick of the Auton attack on London ("Rose"), witnessed a spaceship fall into the Thames ("Aliens of London"), and saw a huge spaceship hang over London ("The Christmas Invasion").

Doctor Who S2E11
Episode 11

Fear Her

The TARDIS materialises on Dame Kelly Holmes Close on the day of the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games in between two garbage dumps, with the door facing the side of one, which prompts the Doctor to close the TARDIS and turn it around. On the street, concern is divided between preparation for the Games, as the torchbearer on the final leg, and the continued disappearance of children from their gardens. Cars break down on the street, something which a council worker, Kel, states have been happening all day.

The source of the problems is a small girl, Chloe, who is able to cause people to disappear by drawing them. The Doctor is able to deduce from detection of residual energy and the carbon nature of a scribble that had attacked Rose that the problem is coming from an alien influence.

Doctor Who S2E12
Episode 12

Army of Ghosts (1)

The episode begins with Rose Tyler narrating how her life changed when she met the Doctor, and that she thought it would last forever. But then came the ghosts, Torchwood, and the war, and begins to tell how her travels ended.

The TARDIS materialises on the Powell Estate so Rose can visit her mother, Jackie Tyler. Jackie shows the Doctor and Rose, to their surprise, that ghosts have been regularly visiting since they last left. After watching various television programmes, the Doctor and Rose find out that the ghosts started visiting several months before, and over time humanity accepted them. Disturbed by both the ghosts and their appearances being scheduled, the Doctor traces the "ghost shift" to One Canada Square, the secret base of the Torchwood Institute.

Doctor Who S2E13
Episode 13

Doomsday (2)

The episode's opening continues from the final scene of "Army of Ghosts"; Dr Singh (Raji James), Mickey Smith (Noel Clarke) and Rose Tyler (Billie Piper) are trapped in a sealed room within Torchwood Tower. Four Daleks, accompanied by a device known as the "Genesis Ark", have emerged from the void ship.[2] A Dalek Supreme called Dalek Sec extracts information about Earth from Singh. He discovers that a separate invasion is in progress, and sends Dalek Thay out to investigate. The Cybermen, who took control of Torchwood, detect the Dalek technology and offer an alliance. They decline, and the two species declare war on each other.

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