Doctors - Season 9 Episodes

Doctors S9E1
Episode 1

Barbie Girls

Doctors S9E2
Episode 2

Red, White & Blue

Doctors S9E3
Episode 3

Fairies At The End Of The Garden

Doctors S9E4
Episode 4

A World Away

Doctors S9E5
Episode 5


Doctors S9E6
Episode 6

Opportunity Knocks

Doctors S9E7
Episode 7

Social Disease

Doctors S9E8
Episode 8

Is You Is

Doctors S9E9
Episode 9

Bitter Medicine

Doctors S9E10
Episode 10

Born And Bread

Doctors S9E11
Episode 11

Paper Tiger

Doctors S9E12
Episode 12

Personal Services

Doctors S9E13
Episode 13

Fear And Loathing

Doctors S9E14
Episode 14

Bringing Up Baby

Doctors S9E15
Episode 15

Divided Loyalties

Doctors S9E16
Episode 16


Doctors S9E17
Episode 17

Sick Note

Doctors S9E18
Episode 18


Doctors S9E19
Episode 19

Ice in the Blood

Doctors S9E20
Episode 20

Green Pastures

Doctors S9E21
Episode 21


Doctors S9E22
Episode 22


Doctors S9E23
Episode 23

Without You

Doctors S9E24
Episode 24

Serving Time

Doctors S9E25
Episode 25

Made To Order

Doctors S9E26
Episode 26

Living With The Past

Doctors S9E27
Episode 27

Growing Pains

Doctors S9E28
Episode 28

See You In The Morning

Doctors S9E29
Episode 29

Play Your Cards Right: Part One

Doctors S9E30
Episode 30

Play Your Cards Right: Part Two

Doctors S9E31
Episode 31

Use Me

Doctors S9E32
Episode 32

Best Days Of Your Life

Doctors S9E33
Episode 33

Teenage Kicks

Doctors S9E34
Episode 34

Undying Love

Doctors S9E35
Episode 35

Out Of Control

Doctors S9E36
Episode 36


Doctors S9E37
Episode 37

Losing It All

Doctors S9E38
Episode 38


Doctors S9E39
Episode 39

Victim Support

Doctors S9E40
Episode 40

Bodies At Rest And In Motion

Doctors S9E41
Episode 41

Pennies from Heaven

Doctors S9E42
Episode 42

Straight Bat

Doctors S9E43
Episode 43

One Named Peter...

Doctors S9E44
Episode 44

First Impressions

Doctors S9E45
Episode 45

That's Amore

Doctors S9E46
Episode 46

Goat Or Donkey?

Doctors S9E47
Episode 47

A Sting In The Tail

Doctors S9E48
Episode 48

The Secret To Success

Doctors S9E49
Episode 49

Nightlife And Lowlife

Doctors S9E50
Episode 50

Feeling The Heat

Doctors S9E51
Episode 51

Raw Deals

Doctors S9E52
Episode 52

Just Deserts

Doctors S9E53
Episode 53

A Secure Relationship

Doctors S9E54
Episode 54

Innocence Lost

Doctors S9E55
Episode 55

There Was an Old Lady...

Doctors S9E56
Episode 56


Doctors S9E57
Episode 57

Someone To Care About

Doctors S9E58
Episode 58

The Naked Truth

Doctors S9E59
Episode 59

Desperate Measures

Doctors S9E60
Episode 60

Quid Quo Pro

Doctors S9E61
Episode 61

Deceptive Appearances

Doctors S9E62
Episode 62

For The Love Of Bob

Doctors S9E63
Episode 63

Sink Or Swim

Doctors S9E64
Episode 64

Blind Sided

Doctors S9E65
Episode 65

What The Eye Don't See

Doctors S9E66
Episode 66


Doctors S9E67
Episode 67

Invisible Enemy

Doctors S9E68
Episode 68

The Big Decision

Doctors S9E69
Episode 69

Next Door To Alice

Doctors S9E70
Episode 70

Dying To Please

Doctors S9E71
Episode 71

A Passing Phase

Doctors S9E72
Episode 72


Doctors S9E73
Episode 73

One Good Turn

Doctors S9E74
Episode 74


Doctors S9E75
Episode 75

Wedding Bells, Warning Bells

Doctors S9E76
Episode 76

The Weight of the World

Doctors S9E77
Episode 77

Flying Solo

Doctors S9E78
Episode 78

The Gift Horse

Doctors S9E79
Episode 79

Anything You Can Do

Doctors S9E80
Episode 80

Pills and Pork Scratchings

Doctors S9E81
Episode 81

The Agony and the Ecstasy

Doctors S9E82
Episode 82


Doctors S9E83
Episode 83

Que Sera Sera

Doctors S9E84
Episode 84

The Prodigal Son

Doctors S9E85
Episode 85

Hearts Of Stone

Doctors S9E86
Episode 86

Gloria's Gift

Doctors S9E87
Episode 87

Menage A Trois

Doctors S9E88
Episode 88

Flights of Fantasy

Doctors S9E89
Episode 89

Labour of Love

Doctors S9E90
Episode 90


Doctors S9E91
Episode 91

Compromising Positions

Doctors S9E92
Episode 92

One Life

Doctors S9E93
Episode 93

Just Nerves

Doctors S9E94
Episode 94

Pleasure Island

Doctors S9E95
Episode 95

Damage Limitation

Doctors S9E96
Episode 96

Boom Boody-Boom Boody-Boom Boody-Boom

Doctors S9E97
Episode 97

Bad Boys

Doctors S9E98
Episode 98

Up, Up And Away

Doctors S9E99
Episode 99

Truth Be Told

Doctors S9E100
Episode 100

Fast Girl

Doctors S9E101
Episode 101

Rebel, Rebel

Doctors S9E102
Episode 102

Baby Be Mine

Doctors S9E103
Episode 103

In A Hole

Doctors S9E104
Episode 104

A Nice Day Off

Doctors S9E105
Episode 105

Mr Woodson and the Avaricious Tortoise

Doctors S9E106
Episode 106

Off the Edge

Doctors S9E107
Episode 107

Brotherly Love

Doctors S9E108
Episode 108

Raising the Roof

Doctors S9E109
Episode 109

Bon Voyage

Doctors S9E110
Episode 110

Daddy's Girl

Doctors S9E111
Episode 111

Careers Day

Doctors S9E112
Episode 112


Doctors S9E113
Episode 113

New Balls Please

Doctors S9E114
Episode 114

Devil And The Deep Blue

Doctors S9E115
Episode 115

Come Dancing

Doctors S9E116
Episode 116

The White Queen

Doctors S9E117
Episode 117

Another Fine Mess

Doctors S9E118
Episode 118

The Human Touch

Doctors S9E119
Episode 119

Acting Up

Doctors S9E120
Episode 120


Doctors S9E121
Episode 121

Evil Spirits

Doctors S9E122
Episode 122

The Story of My Life

Doctors S9E123
Episode 123

No More Heroes

Doctors S9E124
Episode 124

Bonfire Night

Doctors S9E125
Episode 125

Background Noise

Doctors S9E126
Episode 126

Kiss And Tell

Doctors S9E127
Episode 127

Lost Property

Doctors S9E128
Episode 128

Angels And Shadows

Doctors S9E129
Episode 129

Remember, Remember

Doctors S9E130
Episode 130

Blanked Out

Doctors S9E131
Episode 131


Doctors S9E132
Episode 132

From Scratch

Doctors S9E133
Episode 133

Where The Heart Is

Doctors S9E134
Episode 134


Doctors S9E135
Episode 135

Out Of This World

Doctors S9E136
Episode 136

The Seeds We Sow

Doctors S9E137
Episode 137

Change The Record

Doctors S9E138
Episode 138

A Little Understanding

Doctors S9E139
Episode 139

Good Naked, Bad Naked

Doctors S9E140
Episode 140

Advice Fatigue

Doctors S9E141
Episode 141


Doctors S9E142
Episode 142


Doctors S9E143
Episode 143

Post Mortem

Doctors S9E144
Episode 144

Seize The Day

Doctors S9E145
Episode 145

Along The Way

Doctors S9E146
Episode 146

A precautionary Tale

Doctors S9E147
Episode 147

A Kiss Before...

Doctors S9E148
Episode 148

Home For Christmas

Doctors S9E149
Episode 149

The Big Issue

Doctors S9E150
Episode 150

Smells Like Teen Spirit

Doctors S9E151
Episode 151

Lost and Found

Doctors S9E152
Episode 152

Where Angels Fear to Tread

Doctors S9E153
Episode 153


Doctors S9E154
Episode 154

Hammer Blow

Doctors S9E155
Episode 155

An Inconsolable Loss

Doctors S9E156
Episode 156

Happy Returns

Doctors S9E157
Episode 157

No Way Out: Part One

Doctors S9E158
Episode 158

No Way Out: Part Two

Doctors S9E159
Episode 159

Before I Wake

Doctors S9E160
Episode 160

Sweet Surrender

Doctors S9E161
Episode 161

The Man Who Wasn't There

Doctors S9E162
Episode 162

Very Important Prisoner

Doctors S9E163
Episode 163

The Ties That Bind

Doctors S9E164
Episode 164

Boy Trouble

Doctors S9E165
Episode 165

Liar Liar

Doctors S9E166
Episode 166

Conflicts Of Interest

Doctors S9E167
Episode 167

Duvet Days

Doctors S9E168
Episode 168

And the Beat Goes On...

Doctors S9E169
Episode 169


Doctors S9E170
Episode 170


Doctors S9E171
Episode 171

All The Same

Doctors S9E172
Episode 172

Tread Softly

Doctors S9E173
Episode 173

Up Close And Personal

Doctors S9E174
Episode 174

The Cold Sweat Of Morning

Doctors S9E175
Episode 175

Something For The Pain

Doctors S9E176
Episode 176

Last Chance

Doctors S9E177
Episode 177

All The Lonely People

Doctors S9E178
Episode 178

Yesterday's News

Doctors S9E179
Episode 179

Jack the Lad

Doctors S9E180
Episode 180

Sound and Fury

Doctors S9E181
Episode 181

Perfect Fit

Doctors S9E182
Episode 182

Something's Gotta Give

Doctors S9E183
Episode 183

Tainted Love

Doctors S9E184
Episode 184

Parting Glances

Doctors S9E185
Episode 185

Stand Up And Be Counted

Doctors S9E186
Episode 186

Love And Moonlight

Doctors S9E187
Episode 187

Family Ties

Doctors S9E188
Episode 188

All In Its Own Time

Doctors S9E189
Episode 189

Never Too Late

Doctors S9E190
Episode 190

Re: Pete

Doctors S9E191
Episode 191

Two Out Of Ten

Doctors S9E192
Episode 192

Rescue Dog

Doctors S9E193
Episode 193

A Clip Round the Ear

Doctors S9E194
Episode 194

Ready Or Not?

Doctors S9E195
Episode 195

Groomed For The Game

Doctors S9E196
Episode 196

A Little Knowledge...

Doctors S9E197
Episode 197

Final Accounts

Doctors S9E198
Episode 198

Managing Expectations

Doctors S9E199
Episode 199

An Exercise In Truth

Doctors S9E200
Episode 200

Family Secrets

Doctors S9E201
Episode 201

Fears, Feats & the Frooms

Doctors S9E202
Episode 202

The Party's Over

Doctors S9E203
Episode 203

Mr 10 Percent

Doctors S9E204
Episode 204

Space To Breathe

Doctors S9E205
Episode 205

Mama Sings The Blues

Doctors S9E206
Episode 206

Gathering Light

Doctors S9E207
Episode 207

Hopelessly Devoted

Doctors S9E208
Episode 208

Out With The Bathwater

Doctors S9E209
Episode 209

Foreign Affairs

Doctors S9E210
Episode 210

Another Day

Doctors S9E211
Episode 211

Attack Of The Centorts: Part 1

Doctors S9E212
Episode 212

Attack Of The Centorts: Part 2

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