Dog Bites Man

Dog Bites Man

Dog Bites Man - Season 1 Episodes

Dog Bites Man S1E1
Episode 1

Assignment: Bodybuilders

While in sexual harrassment training, the KHBX News team end up discussing some deep and very dark secrets. Then the team uncovers the world of professional body building when they attend the Iron Man Bodybuiding Competition.

Dog Bites Man S1E2
Episode 2

Assignment: Undercover Homosexual

In order to expose some of the prejudice in America, the news team investigates how homosexuals are treated. To do this, Kevin goes undercover as a homosexual.

Dog Bites Man S1E3
Episode 3

Assignment: Spring Break

During Spring Break, the news team goes to Panama City to prepare a report on some of the dangers that occur at Spring Break.

Dog Bites Man S1E4
Episode 4

Assignment: Republican Leadership Conference

The KHBX news crew goes to the Southern Republican Leadership Confrence. Kevin and Tillie try to further their carrers. Alan trys to petition the politicians that are attending the conference to get his mother out of jail.

Dog Bites Man S1E5
Episode 5

Assignment: Team Building

A focus group rates the news crew's newscast badly, so they attend an outdoor team building weekend.

Dog Bites Man S1E6
Episode 6

Assignment: Brighton. Florida

The news team gets to do a story on a national kidnapping story but a snow storm causes problems for the team.

Dog Bites Man S1E7
Episode 7

Assignment: Christian Convention

The news team covers two stories, a Christian rock concert and a gaming convention in attempt to raise ratings.

Dog Bites Man S1E8
Episode 8

Assignment: Gas Prices

The news team is in danger of losing their jobs after the station makes some budget cuts. The team prepares themselve for alternative careers.

Dog Bites Man S1E9
Episode 9

Assignment: Daytime Talk Pilot

Kevin has always dreamed of doing his own morning talk show. His dream comes true. The station gives him the opportunity to shoot a pilot episode of "Beekin and Eggs" but the team learns that producing a different show isn't easy.

Dog Bites Man S1E10
Episode 10

Assignment: Klan Rally

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