Dog the Bounty Hunter

Dog the Bounty Hunter

Dog the Bounty Hunter - Season 4 Episodes

Dog the Bounty Hunter S4E0
Episode 0

A Man Called Dog

Dog the Bounty Hunter S4E1
Episode 1

The Mystery of Mona Lisa

Dog usually takes his job personally, but this time a case really hits home. First, he and Beth receive a special gift--a painting of Dog's recently deceased daughter, Barbara Katy. Everyone on the team needs to take a moment to recover from the emotional impact of that. But when Lyssa points out that the fugitive in Dog's next case has the same birth date as Barbara, Dog takes a special vow to capture the young woman so he can persuade her to avoid the same mistakes his daughter made.

Dog the Bounty Hunter S4E2
Episode 2

Rusty Cuffs

A Hawaiian surfing hero is on a wave to nowhere and it's Dog's turn to play lifeguard. "Buttons," known throughout the islands for his prowess on the waves and his daring 360's, has wiped-out on the rocky shoals of drug addiction. This troubled legend has been losing his struggle with the "Big H" and Dog's search to find him is a voyage through the murky waters of homelessness and despair.

Dog the Bounty Hunter S4E3
Episode 3

Make a Wish

Dog shows his love of justice and children in this poignant episode. He begins by giving encouragement to a group of handicapped children and making them honorary members of his posse. Dog and the team then start their search for Jacob, a fugitive who's abandoned his wife and children. When the hunt leads Dog to a meeting with Jacob's family, he asks Jacob's kids a question: If he could grant them one wish, what would it be? They wish for Dog to bring their daddy back. But can Dog do it?

Dog the Bounty Hunter S4E4
Episode 4

Tough Love

Michael is out on bail for drug sales, theft, and violation of parole. Dog's after him for failing to appear in court and his only lead is Jen, his co-signer and girlfriend. When they hit her house she's nowhere to be found but her brother informs them he's worried because Michael has a history of abusing women and fears for his sister's safety. This news puts Dog on a mission to save Jen. Surprisingly the biggest hurdle to bring Michael in is convincing Jen to help the team! Working with Beth, Dog tries a clever variation of "good cop, bad cop" to win her over. Will the team succeed, or will the mysterious power Michael seems to hold over Jen keep her from doing the right thing?

Dog the Bounty Hunter S4E5
Episode 5

Surprise Ending

Today, Dog and the boys are going after a fugitive with a serious price tag. Tim failed to appear in court on a $25,000 bond and has a string of theft charges behind him. When the team hits his apartment, they find a boot print on the door -- a souvenir of a police raid from only days earlier. Tim managed to evade the cops, but Dog is determined to put this fugitive behind bars. To get the job done, he'll find himself on an unusual journey before a unexpected tip leads to a surprising finish.

Dog the Bounty Hunter S4E6
Episode 6

The Big Wipe-Out

A Hawaiian surfing hero is on a wave to nowhere and it's Dog's turn to play lifeguard. "Buttons," known throughout the islands for his prowess on the waves and his daring 360's, has wiped-out on the rocky shoals of drug addiction. This troubled legend has been losing his struggle with the "Big H" and Dog's search to find him is a voyage through the murky waters of homelessness and despair.

Dog the Bounty Hunter S4E7
Episode 7

You Can Bet on It!

Kristine had a string of gambling and forgery charges before she jumped bail leaving Dog "holding the bag" -- in this case a $20,000 bond. Now it's time for Dog to call in some chits of his own, getting the help of trusty informants he's helped out over the years. Their tips will send him and the team on a multi-day tour though the low-rent hotels and illicit gaming houses of the Hawaii few tourists ever see. As the hunt stretches out, Dog amps up the pressure putting the squeeze on the very gaming rooms Kristine frequents. But when the hand plays to a close, Dog is in for a surprise when he discovers that he and Kristine share a common past.

Dog the Bounty Hunter S4E8
Episode 8

Fly Boy

Dog told him not to go, but Charles went anyway, skipping to Oregon against the terms of his bail. Now Dog has a tip that Charles plans to slip back into Honolulu. With $30,000 on the line Dog knows he can leave little to chance. He needs someone Charles won't recognize to track him inside the airport when his plane lands. The team decides that Baby Lyssa is it, so with a little help from Beth and a sexy brunette wig, the team is soon barreling towards the airport with the brand new weapon: a petit brunette in sunglasses who even Dog doesn't quite recognize.

Dog the Bounty Hunter S4E9
Episode 9

Guns & Ice

Dog's got a twofer on his hands, but the cases couldn't be more different. The first is a woman whose family wants her back in jail, the other is a former choirboy whose family ties are strong. Darlene's been busted for third degree promotion and her sister, fed up with her behavior, wants off the bond. Dog will do his best to straighten her out but he has his doubts about making a difference. The following day is Dog's birthday but that won't stop him from chasing a fugitive named Fred who is facing firearms charges. Dog doesn't relish the thought of going after an alleged gunslinger on his birthday but he's never one to avoid a challenge. Dog's hunch is that Fred is a mama's boy, and while he has some doubts, in the end will his instincts pay off?

Dog the Bounty Hunter S4E10
Episode 10

The Good Fight

Dog and Beth have to be at the state capitol bright and early to receive an award for their fight against ice in Hawaii. Afterwards, they're inspired to start the hunt for Shanna, an alleged ice user and identity thief with $80,000 in bonds. Working two informants Dog and the posse begin to close in on their target. And with good tips and some hard work, Dog finds Shanna and her boyfriend living in a van next to a cemetery just as the sun is going down. Can Dog convince Shanna to give up her bad habits before her graveyard address becomes permanent?

Dog the Bounty Hunter S4E11
Episode 11

The Last Call

Dog and the team face many challenges with this hunt. They are forced to revoke the bond of a woman who’s co-signer which is her ex-boyfriend has just committed suicide. She turns herself in but when the deceased man’s mom comes to console her…sparks erupt.

Dog the Bounty Hunter S4E12
Episode 12

The Smackdown of Baby Lyssa

A pregnant co-signer has been threatened by the man she bailed out. She goes to Dog to revoke the man’s bail and get him off the streets. Dog and the team devise a plan, but things go drastically wrong leaving a member of the team vulnerable.

Dog the Bounty Hunter S4E13
Episode 13

A Friend in Need

A close community harbors a fugitive that has a rap sheet detailing 27 arrests. This fugitive has no desire to go back to prison so he hides in his close community. Dog and the team jump hurdle after hurdle to locate this fugitive.

Dog the Bounty Hunter S4E14
Episode 14

Your Lying Eyes

A fugitive leaves his wife and four kids behind as he jumps bond on Dog. With fast women and fast cars drawing the fugitive in, Dog looks to answer in the heart to guide him on this journey.

Dog the Bounty Hunter S4E15
Episode 15

Crime Don't Pay

Dog the Bounty Hunter S4E16
Episode 16

Twisted Love

Dog the Bounty Hunter S4E17
Episode 17

Where the Wild Things Are

Dog the Bounty Hunter S4E18
Episode 18

No Love Still

Dog the Bounty Hunter S4E19
Episode 19

Day of the Dog

Dog the Bounty Hunter S4E20
Episode 20

The Time to Cry

In this hour long episode, Dog and the gang hunt Kimo. Come court day there is no trace of him, Dog sets out to find him with little to go on. With the girlfriends help, can Dog and the team find their fugitive before it's too late?

Dog the Bounty Hunter S4E21
Episode 21

Up on the Roof (1)

Today Dog is going to make one of the most exciting arrests of his career. On his search he'll encounter a felon with history of violence and an affection for sawed-off shotguns, and a desperate addict crying for help.

Dog the Bounty Hunter S4E22
Episode 22

Up on the Roof (2)

Dog visits the home of a couple of brother and sister fugitives as the begin tracking. Dog's instinct tells him not to believe the kid's mother when she says she has not seen them recently.

Dog the Bounty Hunter S4E23
Episode 23

Family Business (1)

Dog and the Chapman clan start their hunt today with another well-established bail bonding family. And in fact as Dog's fame has grown, so have his responsibilities.

Dog the Bounty Hunter S4E24
Episode 24

Family Business (2)

Dog helps a fellow bondsman when a fugitive from Washington state comes to Hawaii for a vacation.

Dog the Bounty Hunter S4E25
Episode 25

Felons Interrupted (1)

Today Dog is back in Hawaii confronted with two alleged felons who are in crisis. Family and friends of these bondees are convinced that they are getting into further trouble while awaiting trial.

Dog the Bounty Hunter S4E26
Episode 26

Felons Interrupted (2)

Dog and his team must race against the airport when a fugitive is found to have booked a flight to Florida.

Dog the Bounty Hunter S4E27
Episode 27

Let It Snow

Christopher is barely 21, already has history of domestic abuse and assault, and now he's facing major time in a room without a view. This hunt won't be easy for Dog and the posse has to confront a freak April blizzard as well.

Dog the Bounty Hunter S4E28
Episode 28

Rush from Judgment

Facing hard time for forging checks, Melissa pulled a vanishing act at her sentencing hearing, bolting from the courthouse in broad daylight. Lucky for her bondsman, Dog and his posse are in Colorado and ready to help.

Dog the Bounty Hunter S4E29
Episode 29

Burn & Return

Dog is busy. He's after a fugitive who is allegedly an expert in the game of "burn and return" - shoplifting goods to return them for cash refunds. But he's not easy to track.

Dog the Bounty Hunter S4E30
Episode 30

Stormy Weather

Going after two fugitives in one day is tough enough without the facing Colorado's notoriously unpredictable weather. Today it's the threat of severe thunderstorm, hail and area wide tornado warnings.

Dog the Bounty Hunter S4E31
Episode 31

One For The Money

It hurts Dog to see people who after years of walking the straight and narrow, suddenly lose their way. But today's case is a member of the law enforcement community who has recently gone astray, and that truly troubles the Dog.

Dog the Bounty Hunter S4E32
Episode 32

Reality Check

Dog is back in Denver and in hot pursuit of a woman wanted for identity theft. The sad reality is that the identify which has been robbed is her own. She's traded in a bright future for a life on the wrong side of the law.

Dog the Bounty Hunter S4E33
Episode 33

No Piece of Cake

Being hunted by the Dog is a lousy way celebrate your birthday but that's exactly the spot that Robert finds himself in today. He's missed his court date, quit his job, and vacated his last know address.

Dog the Bounty Hunter S4E34
Episode 34

Prayers and Mace

Today Dog's stepping into other people's business, bail bonds business that is. Both brother Tim and fellow Honolulu bondsman James need Dog's help to track down their hard to find fugitives.

Dog the Bounty Hunter S4E35
Episode 35

New Dog in Town

It's Beth's birthday and Dog knows just what she needs, whether she know it or not! He surprises Beth with Delilah, a Papillion puppy small enough to sit in the palm of her hand.

Dog the Bounty Hunter S4E36
Episode 36

Trick or Treat

It's Halloween, and before Dog and Beth can help the kids carve their pumpkins, they have some business to attend to. It involves knocking on doors, and meeting the neighbors but instead of hunting for treats they're on the search for a fugitive.

Dog the Bounty Hunter S4E37
Episode 37

Girl Trouble (1)

Dog and the team have girl trouble in this case. Krystal jumped bail and seems to have vanished into the high plains of Colorado. To make matters worse, she's running with her lover (and bond co-signer) Carrie.

Dog the Bounty Hunter S4E38
Episode 38

Girl Trouble (2)

Dog the Bounty Hunter S4E39
Episode 39

Seeing the Light

Today Leland and Dog make a quick visit to the police supply store to get some new gadgets for the team. But they can't linger because they've also got a fugitive to catch.

Dog the Bounty Hunter S4E40
Episode 40

When a Stranger Calls

When an offender with a long record ducks his day in court, Bobby Brown knows whom to call--The Dog! And knowing that few souls can resist Beth's clever persuasion, Dog gives her the job of luring the fugitive in.

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