Donkey Kong Country

Donkey Kong Country

Donkey Kong Country - Season 1 Episodes

Donkey Kong Country S1E1
Episode 1

I Spy With My Hairy Eye

King K. Rool uses a robot double of Candy (the Candy Clone) to try to steal the Crystal Coconut.

Donkey Kong Country S1E2
Episode 2

The Big Chill Out

Donkey Kong and Diddy go into business, after accidentally making a cold drink, ""Coconut Chill"", during a hot spell on the island.

Donkey Kong Country S1E3
Episode 3

Bad Hair Day

In a parody of Samson and Deliah, K. Rool invents a robot Candy to be Deliah to cut Samson [DK]'s hair so he can be weak and they can steal the Crystal Coconut. Only faith in God and some bananas can make the good ol'ape strong again and save the day.

Donkey Kong Country S1E4
Episode 4

Raiders of the Lost Banana

Donkey Kong takes a golden banana from the Temple of Inca-Dinka-Do, the banana is cursed and causes trouble for anyone possessing it.

Donkey Kong Country S1E5
Episode 5

Ape Foo Young

Cranky makes a youth potion, to make himself younger. Donkey Kong, upon finding the potion thinks it's just a regular drink, and is turned into a baby.

Donkey Kong Country S1E6
Episode 6

Booty and the Beast

Captain Scurvy and his pirates come to the island, for the Crystal Coconut. Donkey Kong and Diddy get captured by the pirates, but are helped by a Klap-Trap.

Donkey Kong Country S1E7
Episode 7

Kong for a Day

During a day of truce, K. Rool tricks the apes into thinking Donkey Kong is causing trouble, which gets Donkey Kong banished.

Donkey Kong Country S1E8
Episode 8

From Zero to Hero

Cranky is having x-ray examinations for all the island, and his x-ray machine is on its last legs. Upon overhearing some of the conversation Bluster thinks Cranky means he doesn't have long to live, and goes around trying to be helpful (so-as to be remembered).

Donkey Kong Country S1E9
Episode 9

Buried Treasure

The island goes treasure hunt crazy. After Donkey Kong, Diddy and Funky find a map, and the others hear about it.

Donkey Kong Country S1E10
Episode 10

Cranky's Tickle Tonic

Eddie the Yeti, in a foul mood, keeps the whole island awake with his pounding. Cranky makes a potion to put Eddie in a better mood.

Donkey Kong Country S1E11
Episode 11

Get a Life, Don't Save One

After Donkey Kong saves Bluster, Bluster tries to be helpful to Donkey Kong, but causes more harm then good.

Donkey Kong Country S1E12
Episode 12

The Curse of Kongo Bongo

All the apes on the island receive notes, which have the curse of Bluebeard Baboon on them. If the curse is read twice the island will sink into the ocean!

Donkey Kong Country S1E13
Episode 13


K. Rool enters the ""Oranutango Dance Contest"", the grand prize being a wish from the Crystal Coconut.

Donkey Kong Country S1E14
Episode 14


Krusha gains intelligence, after being hit by a mine cart. He then makes his own plan to try to steal the Crystal Coconut.

Donkey Kong Country S1E15
Episode 15

Klump's Lumps

K. Rool has had it with Klump's failures, he strips Klump of his rank and banishes him. Dixie befriends Klump, so Klump decides to help her, and the other apes.

Donkey Kong Country S1E16
Episode 16

Bluster's Sale Ape-Stravaganza

Candy asks Cranky to do a commercial for Bluster. After Donkey Kong and Diddy visit Cranky they accidentally cause him to get sent all around the island (while he's asleep, from a sleep tonic).

Donkey Kong Country S1E17
Episode 17

Kong Fu

Kong Fu, a kung-fu ape, faces Donkey Kong in the ""Donkey Kong Challenge"".

Donkey Kong Country S1E18
Episode 18

Bug a Boogie

Cranky sends Donkey Kong and Diddy on a wild goose chase. Then things turn bad, as the pirates are coming, for the Crystal Coconut.

Donkey Kong Country S1E19
Episode 19

Watch the Skies

After hearing of ""interplanetary visitor dudes"" from Funky, Donkey Kong and Diddy think aliens really have come when they see a strange craft flying around the island.

Donkey Kong Country S1E20
Episode 20

Baby Kong Blues

Donkey Kong and Diddy have to baby-sit Baby Kong, but the carriage, with Baby Kong in it, rolls away and right into K. Rool's. K. Rool takes a liking to the baby and wants him to be his heir.

Donkey Kong Country S1E21
Episode 21

To the Moon Baboon

After a semi-suggestion by Donkey Kong, Cranky decides to make a Kongo Bongo time capsule, and send it to the moon.

Donkey Kong Country S1E22
Episode 22

Double Date Trouble

Donkey Kong has big trouble when he has to do triple duty: guarding the Crystal Coconut, being with Diddy and being with Candy.

Donkey Kong Country S1E23
Episode 23


After slipping on a banana peel and having a fall, Donkey Kong gets amnesia. During his memory loss, both Captain Scurvy and King K. Rool take advantage of him.

Donkey Kong Country S1E24
Episode 24

A Thin Line Between Love & Ape

Bluster makes a love potion, to use on Candy. The potion falls into K. Rool's hands and he uses it to have Candy get him the Crystal Coconut.

Donkey Kong Country S1E25
Episode 25

Barrel, Barrel ... Who's Got the Barrel

In an attempt to impress Candy, Bluster takes the Crystal Coconut. The Coconut accidentally gets into one of the Barrel Factory's barrels and is sent off in a rocket-barrel, ending up with Eddie the Yeti.

Donkey Kong Country S1E26
Episode 26

Legend of the Crystal Coconut

Everyone is in a mad-dash for the Crystal Coconut. When Donkey Kong, wanting to learn the secrets of the Coconut, gives it to Klump and Krusha, K. Rool has them take it back and the pirates have also come to get the Coconut.

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