Double Trouble

Double Trouble

Double Trouble - Season 2 Episodes

Double Trouble S2E1
Episode 1

If We Can Make It Here

Double Trouble S2E2
Episode 2

Do You Believe in Magic?

Kate takes a job as an assistant to Rollo The Great.

Double Trouble S2E3
Episode 3

Dream Girls

Kate auditions for rock star Nick Rush and lands a job as his backup singer. Kate goes on a 7 - week tour, leaving Allison on her own in New York.

Double Trouble S2E4
Episode 4

Episode 2.4

Double Trouble S2E5
Episode 5

Episode 2.5

Double Trouble S2E6
Episode 6

The Boy Next Door

Margo is nominated for an award, but after losing so many times, she choses to send Billy in her place. He chooses Allison as his ""friend"" date, but both come home wondering if they could be more than just friends.

Double Trouble S2E7
Episode 7

Episode 2.7

Double Trouble S2E8
Episode 8

Two Girls for Every Boy

Kate meets a popular New York DJ at a restaurant and immediately starts planning a wedding only to discover she is not the only Foster girl he is interesting in.

Double Trouble S2E9
Episode 9

The Write Stuff

Allison is asked to write an article for her school newspaper. With much help from Margo, the article is published and receives rave reviews making Allison think her future is as a writer, not a fashion designer. When she sets out to write a profile of Mr. Arrechia, her future as a writer is in jeopardy.

Double Trouble S2E10
Episode 10

Commercial Break

Kate auditions for a commercial for Maxi Burger. After a week of rehersal (driving her housemates insane) she loses her voice the morning of the audition. Allison agrees to go in her place and wins the job. When the real Kate arrives to shoot the commercial, she is fired for not being ""shy"" enough.

Double Trouble S2E11
Episode 11

Old Movies

Double Trouble S2E12
Episode 12

September Song

As her wedding anniversary approaches, Margo is feeling sad and unappreciated by the girls. To make Margo feel better, the girls, with their limited budget, take her to a rustic cabin in the mountains. The cabin turns out to be a little more rustic than they had imagined and a sudden snow storm alters everyone's outdoor plans.

Double Trouble S2E13
Episode 13

Funny Girl

Everyone in Allison's design class loves the new, rich girl Janie Blakemore until she steals Allison's ideas and presents them as her own. Allison soon finds out Janie is only in the class because her parents want her to have a 'respectable' profession. Her real love is stand-up comedy. Kate agrees to help Janie get her career started by using her as a warm-up act in an Amateur Night perfomance.

Double Trouble S2E14
Episode 14

The Day of the Rose

Allison dates an older man, only to find they don't have much in common.

Double Trouble S2E15
Episode 15

Where's Poppa

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