Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey - Season 2 Episodes

Downton Abbey - Season 2

Downton Abbey - Season 2

As the Great War rages across Europe, discord is sown even into the serene Yorkshire countryside. Simmering tensions behind the gates of Downton Abbey are beginning to come to a boil as the men and women of Downton do their part on both the front lines and the home front. What's more, the brutality and intensity of war seem to inflame more familiar passions--love, loss, blackmail, and betrayal. Dame Maggie Smith, Hugh Bonneville, and Elizabeth McGovern return to lead the stellar cast of familiar faces; and Maria Doyle Kennedy, Iain Glen, and Zoe Boyle arrive to add fresh intrigue to the second season.

Downton Abbey S2E1
Episode 1

Episode One

Downton Abbey Season Two begins with the Great War unsettling life at Downton and Isobel's surprising news about Matthew rocks the family further. A new maid, Ethel, ruffles O'Brien's feathers and Bates returns with life changing news for Anna.

Downton Abbey S2E2
Episode 2

Episode Two

Carson strives to keep standards high with disastrous personal consequences. Lady Rosamund is eager to unearth a secret. A death motivates some to see Downton in a different light, and is love in the air for both Edith and Mary?

Downton Abbey S2E3
Episode 3

Episode Three

Downton is turned upside down with the arrival of wounded officers. Branson intends to make Strutts visit a day no one will forget. Williams return results in a surprise. Could there be skeletons in Lavinias closet and is Bates back in Downton?

Downton Abbey S2E4
Episode 4

Episode Four

Tensions flare between Isobel and Cora. Theres worrying news about Matthew and William. Ethels flirting lands her in more trouble than she ever could imagine. Branson declares his feelings, and Robert goes out of his way to bring Bates back.

Downton Abbey S2E5
Episode 5

Episode Five

Robert receives some shocking news from the front. Daisys relationship with William moves faster than she would like. Veras return threatens to expose old secrets and Mary pays a high price for turning to Carlisle for help.

Downton Abbey S2E6
Episode 6

Episode Six

A wounded Canadian officer comes to Downton to recuperate and unsettles everything. Ethel learns some distressing news. Did Bates heed Roberts caution not to lose his temper with Vera? Is Carson leaving?

Downton Abbey S2E7
Episode 7

Episode Seven

As the storms clear will life ever be the same again at Downton? A new development stuns the family. How long can Sybil keep her secret? Carlisle puts Anna in a difficult position, Bates is reeling from news about Vera and Thomas embarks on a new scheme.

Downton Abbey S2E8
Episode 8

Episode Eight

With the wedding approaching theres excitement in the air. Spanish Flu reaches Downton and a desperate Thomas looks for a way to re-establish himself. A decisive Anna forces Bates to think about their future.

Downton Abbey S2E9
Episode 9

Christmas at Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey is hosting a Christmas party, yet tensions are rife and Batess situation has cast a shadow over the festivities. Mary has to consider her future following a contretemps at the shooting party and Rosamund's new suitor is not all he seems.

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