Drawn Together

Drawn Together

Drawn Together - Season 1 Episodes

Drawn Together S1E1
Episode 1

Hot Tub

In the first episode, the eight characters arrive and get to know one another. Princess Clara immediately creates a conflict by thinking Foxxy Love must be one of the servants because she's black. Clara continues to make things worse with her ignorant comments until Foxxy finally feels sorry for her and starts exposing Clara to new experiences. Meanwhile, Toots falls for Xandir, and begins looking for ways to separate him from his girlfriend.

Drawn Together S1E2
Episode 2

Clara's Dirty Little Secret

Jealous of everyone else's contentment, Toots decides to make trouble by convincing Princess Clara that Foxxy has gotten her pregnant by kissing her. After Foxxy sits everyone down for a lesson on where babies really come from, Clara tearfully reveals that her vagina has been cursed by her evil stepmother, making it impossible for her to have sex with anyone until she finds her one true love. While Foxxy tries to help Clara find her true love, Ling Ling grows increasingly upset that nobody else is washing the dishes.

Drawn Together S1E3
Episode 3

Gay Bash

Xandir comes to terms with who he really is, while Spanky sees a way to make a profit off Ling-Ling's sewing skills.

Drawn Together S1E4
Episode 4

Requiem for a Reality Show

A contest designed by the Producers reveals just how far the house-mates are willing to go for, or with, food.

Drawn Together S1E5
Episode 5

The Other Cousin

Clara is embarrassed when she gets a visit from a family member, while Wooldoor, Toot and Xandir can't stop licking Ling-Ling.

Drawn Together S1E6
Episode 6

Dirty Pranking Number 2

Spanky introduces Clara to the joys of pranking, much to her father's displeasure.

Drawn Together S1E7
Episode 7

The One Wherein There Is A Big Twist (1)

The housemates have had enough and decide it’s time to rise up against the dreaded “Reality TV Twist” in this Comedy Central original animated reality show.

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