Dynasty - Season 8 Episodes

Dynasty - Season 8

Dynasty - Season 8

Matthew Blaisdel threatens to kill Blake to insure Krystle's cooperation. Alexis is saved from certain death by a mysterious stranger, Sean Rowan. Dana and Adam fly off on their honeymoon. Alexis marries Sean, unaware that he is Joseph's son.

Dynasty S8E1
Episode 1

The Siege (1)

Matthew Blaisdel threatens to Kill Blake to insure Krystle's cooperation. Alexis is saved from a certain death by a mysterious and handsome stranger. Unaware of their families horrifying experiences, Dana and Adam fly off on their honeymoon. Meanwhile, Jeff finds Fallon's unconscious body abandoned in the desert.

Dynasty S8E2
Episode 2

The Siege (2)

Dex is rushed to the hospital while a search party scrambles to locate the missing Carringtons, who are being held captive in a bunkhouse. Fear of the deranged, Matthew forces Krystle to pretend that she still has feelings for him. Fallon's extraterrestrial experience in the desert confounds Jeff. Adam's plans to have a child surprises Dana on their honeymoon. Steven stabs Matthew in self-defense and the family's ordeal is over.

Dynasty S8E3
Episode 3

The Aftermath

The incident in the bunkhouse leaves Steven emotionally scarred and the police urge him to seek psychiatric help to deal with the trauma. Jeff and Fallon's unexpected homecoming helps everyone to put the tragedy behind them. Adam is suspicious when Dana keeps changing the subject when it comes to having children. Alexis hires Morgan Hess to find the man who rescued her. Fallon confesses her experience to Jeff, but he doesn't know how to handle it.

Dynasty S8E4
Episode 4

The Announcement

Steven turns down Blake's request to be his campaign manager. Adam is stunned by Dana's inability to bear children. Meanwhile, Alexis and Sean Rowan share an intimate afternoon. Blake announces his bid for governor of Colorado, as Alexis plots his downfall.

Dynasty S8E5
Episode 5

The Surrogate (1)

Sean accepts Alexis' job offer, immediately putting him at odds with Adam. Dana is tortured by a secret from the past explaining her inability to have children. Steven decides to buy Blake's football team, as Sammy Jo develops an interest for the roguish quarterback.

Dynasty S8E6
Episode 6

The Surrogate (2)

Alexis undermines Blake's public opinion with a viperous editorial in her paper. Leslie accepts Adam's job offer despite Dex's objections. Steven finds Sammy Jo and Josh Harris in an intimate embrace.

Dynasty S8E7
Episode 7

The Primary

A passionate weekend leads Alexis to accept Sean's impulsive marriage proposal. Sammy Jo gives in to Josh Harris' passionate advances. Adam tells Blake he is going to have another grandchild, as Dana masks her fear that she is losing Adam's love.

Dynasty S8E8
Episode 8

The Testing

Blake asks Steven to Run Denver-Carrington. Sammy Jo struggles with her lingering love for Steven and her passion for Josh, as Josh is consumed by his cocaine addiction; Sean vows to avenge the suicide of his father, Joseph, blaming Alexis for his death.

Dynasty S8E9
Episode 9

The Setup

Alexis schemes to prevent Dana from legally adopting Adam's surrogate child. Adam anonymously informs the press of drug problems on Steven's football team. Meanwhile, Steven discovers a powerful secret in Dana's past, as he plots to destroy the Carrington empire.

Dynasty S8E10
Episode 10

The Fair

Sean threatens to blackmail Dana unless she helps him gather incriminating information against the Carrington family. Josh Harris is devastated by Sammy Jo's rejection of his wedding proposal. Fallon asks Jeff for a divorce, making him vulnerable to Leslie's continued provocations. Krystle and Alexis get into it while attending Alexi's charitable event.

Dynasty S8E11
Episode 11

The New Moguls

After meeting with Cora Van Husen, Krystle obtains a copy of the scandalous video, proving Blake's innocence. Dex discovers Sean is involved with the characters proposing a multi-million dollar oil venture to Denver-Carrington. Jeff's pleas for a reconciliation are denied by Fallon, as the realization of her divorce fills her with sadness. Unwilling to succumb to a drug test, Josh quits the team and when Sammy Jo stops by his apartment she finds him unconscious from a drug overdose.

Dynasty S8E12
Episode 12

The Spoiler

Following Josh Harris' death, Sammy Jo realizes she must let go of Steven. Dana gives the notes of Denver-Carrington's board meeting to Sean, making him aware of Steven and Fallon's dissention.

Dynasty S8E13
Episode 13

The Interview

Sean uses Alexis' bid for governor to gain control of Colbyco. Sammy Jo and Jeff develop a deep friendship from their mutual loneliness. Dana tells Adam he was the father of her aborted baby. As Adams turns to Karen for solace, Dana wrongly suspects she is losing Adam to Karen. Krystle fills in to defend against Alexis' slanderous assaults and wonders if she can prove Alexis was directly responsible for Cecil Colby's apparent heart attack.

Dynasty S8E14
Episode 14


Krystle discovers damaging information regarding Alexis' marriage to Cecil Colby; Leslie follows Sean to his father's grave, learning his true identity as Joseph Aynders' son; Dana returns to Adam and the two quietly forget the past; Krystle threatens to reveal her damaging information to the press if Alexis does not withdraw her nomination.

Dynasty S8E15
Episode 15

The Rifle

Forced by Adam and Fallon's vote, Steven reluctantly agrees to authorize the Vitron oil deal. Krystle obtains a copy of Cecil Colby's original will, revealing it had been changed soon after Cecil's marriage to Alexis; fearing humiliation of a scandal if the events are made public, Alexis decides to withdraw from the election.

Dynasty S8E16
Episode 16

The Bracelet

Encouraged by her popular support after the shooting, Alexis decides to stay in the race. Meanwhile, Sean speeds his plan to use the Vitron oil deal to crush Alexis. Jeff realizes he is falling in the love with Sammy Jo. Alexis finds Leslie's bracelet under her bed, confirming her suspicions about Sean.

Dynasty S8E17
Episode 17

The Warning

Tired of Leslie's threats to expose his true identity, Sean plants a poisonous snake in her room as a warning on who she is dealing with. Jesse has second thoughts about accepting Adam's bribe to stay away from Karen, so he gives the money back. Concerned by Sean, he warns Jesse to keep their agreement to sue for custody of Karen's surrogate baby. Jeff demands a seat on the executive planning committee and all pipeline business, with Dex heading up the project.

Dynasty S8E18
Episode 18

Adam's Son

Karen is rushed to the hospital as she goes into labor. After Sean threatens Leslie, she confides in Dex about Sean's true identity. Then, Dex warns Alexis that Sean may be seeking vengeance against her. Jeff resigns as Blake's campaign manager, while his and Sammy Jo's relationship becomes more intimate.

Dynasty S8E19
Episode 19

The Scandal

Alexis warns Blake about Sean's true identity. Concerned for his family's safety, Blake and Dex go to Natumbe to uncover Sean's mysterious scheme involving the Vitron oil deal. Sammy Jo fears that her intimate relationship with Jeff will harm her friendship with Fallon. Adam discovers he really was the baby that was kidnapped from Blake and Alexis, making him truly a Carrington. Blake and Dex are locked in by Sean after discovering the illegal arms shipment in the hold of a tanker.

Dynasty S8E20
Episode 20

The Trial

Following the explosion in Natumbe, Blake is accused of dealing in illegal arms. Alexis uncovers proof that Sean paid Jesse to return to Denver so he could persuade Karen to keep Adam's baby. The pressure of the custody suit pulls Dana and Adam farther apart. Jeff is forced to tell Leslie that he has no romantic interest in her after she throws herself at him. Jeff returns as Blake's campaign manager.

Dynasty S8E21
Episode 21

The Proposal

Dana tries desperately to convince Adam how much she wants their son. She proposes that if they were a loving couple again, the judge would find in their favor. Still hurting from her outburst in court, Adam is cold to her pleas. Out of a job and money, Leslie comes to Alexis, asking for forgiveness. Amused by her change of heart but unmoved to compassion, Alexis sends Leslie away. Dana leaves Adam, making Jesse and Karen probable winners in their custody suit.

Dynasty S8E22
Episode 22

Colorado Roulette

Leslie calls Adam to say that Sean has taken the baby and is holding her captive. Finding the location of the call through a wire tap, Adam and Steven hurry to the mountain cabin. They find Leslie badly beaten, but Sean has already taken off with the baby. Adam and Steven find him and get the baby, but not before Sean is able to escape.

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